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Hey everyone! Manpreet here. After the success of numberdyslexia and printableshub, I’m back with another informational website and this time focusing on students entering, studying and passing out high school. Read more about our team:-

Manpreet Singh, Co-Founder & Managing Director

An Engineer, Maths expert, Online Tutor, and animal rights activist. I have more than 5 years of teaching experience and have worked closely with students with learning disorders. I have worked with special educators, counselors, and experts in dealing with common issues that students face during their academic journey. I founded an informational website, NumberDyslexia that provides important resources for kids with learning disabilities like dyscalculia and dyslexia. I am also the founder of Smartynote -‘The notepad app for dyslexia’,  An app that I specifically made for dyslexic people for assistance in note-making. You can follow me on FB and Twitter.


Meet our team of hardworking professionals working tirelessly to bring the best high school resources and informational content to you :-

Pratiksha Bhatt, Senior Editor & Expert Panel Member

I am Pratiksha Bhatt. I like writing on topics that cover various aspects of a child’s informal and formal education. Having experience of more than 7 years in content writing in the wellness niche, I strive to learn and reinvent myself to keep with changing readers’ sensibilities. My strength includes in-depth research and reader-friendly content writing. I have been associated with startups and blogs as a content contributor and enjoy being a ‘work from home’ content specialist. Being a mother of two growing kids, I get to learn a lot and that reflects in my writing through which I provide easy, feasible, and practical tips on various topics of general interest. At TheHighSchooler, l strive to employ my experience in delivering high-quality guides, listicles, and several learning materials which are interesting to read and easy to follow.

Dr. Ambika Handoo , Senior Editor & Expert Panel Member

Dr. Ambika Handoo is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and background in medical sciences. She has worked with a Shimla-based NGO Umang foundation during her graduation days which caters to people with physical disabilities. It also aims at free and inclusive education for blind students and has helped many visually challenged students attain post-graduate and above qualifications. She has used these experiences and has been writing about the educational needs of people with Dyscalculia and other learning disabilities for a few years now. She herself has given multiple competitive examinations and has used her experiences as a student competing in a stressed educational environment in her writings. Thus, her prolonged personal involvement with student-related trials and tribulations as well as her earlier content development in the educational niche provides an opportunity to share her views on the educational setup and the resource guides thus generated at high school level and the changes that are the need of the hour.

Mrs. Rupa Marwah , Senior Editor & Expert Panel Member

Having a 10+ years of experience in teaching little budding learners, I am now working as a soft skills and IELTS trainers. Having spent my share of time with high schoolers, I understand their fears about the future. At the same time, my experience has helped me foster plenty of strategies that can make their 4 years of high school blissful. Furthermore, I have worked intensely on helping these young adults bloom into successful adults by training them for their dream colleges. Through my blogs, I intend to help parents, educators and students in making these years joyful and prosperous.changes that are the need of the hour.