21 Architecture Summer Programs For High School Students To Apply

Architecture summer programs for high school students

“You are a high school student who is fascinated by the art of designing buildings and structures” “You are looking to explore your creative side and gain valuable experience before college” “You are craving to learn from experienced architects and industry experts” If you could resonate with any of the points above, you’re definitely someone … Read more

First Day Of School Checklist For Teachers [PDF Included]

First Day School Checklist For Teachers

Be it the first day at school after a long vacation, say a summer break or a winter break, or the first day of a new academic session, both are a mixed bag of emotions for teachers and students. Holidays can provide an enthralling experience and usually come as a much-needed break after term examinations … Read more

100+ Survey Questions For High School Students

100+ Survey Questions For High School Students

Struggling to understand the world of high school students’ perspectives and experiences? Look nowhere else! A thorough set of over 100 survey questions created especially for high school students has been developed by us. This collection includes both humorous and light-hearted suggestions as well as serious and thought-provoking ones.  Prepare to delve deeply into the … Read more

8 Helpful High School Blogs To Follow Right Now

High School Blogs

Welcome to the world of high school blogs, where the creative minds of students, teachers, and education enthusiasts come together to share their ideas, insights, and experiences with the world. From math riddles and science to English and social studies, these blogs cover a wide range of subjects and offer a fresh and irreverent perspective … Read more

List Of Effective Attention Signals For High School Students

Attention Signals For High School Students

Hey there, high school teachers! We all know that high school can be a crazy time – between navigating social dynamics, managing extracurricular activities, and handling academic stress, it’s easy for students to become distracted and lose focus in the classroom. That’s why using attention signals can be an effective tool for keeping your high … Read more

7 Must-apply Scholarships For Freshman In High School

Scholarships For Freshman In High School

As the cost of higher education continues to rise, more and more families are looking for ways to offset the expenses associated with attending college. While scholarships are often associated with high school seniors and current college students, there are actually a number of opportunities available for incoming high school freshmen as well.  By applying … Read more

35 Political Debate Topics For High School Students

Political Debate Topics For High School Students PDF

Have you ever witnessed a healthy and heated political debate that made you think critically about important issues? Political debates are not only engaging but also provide an excellent opportunity to teach high school students valuable skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, and active citizenship. However, selecting the right topic that captures students’ interest … Read more