7 Fun Robotics Activities for High School Students

Robotics Activities for High School Students

From self-checkout machines at grocery stores to smartphones to self-driving cars, robots are becoming increasingly present in our daily lives. This presence of robotics in various industries is expected to grow in the future along with the advancement of technology. This leads to an increasing demand for skilled professionals in this field.  Robotics is an … Read more

Helpful Tips And Activities For Substitute Teachers

Tips and activities for substitute teachers

The profession of a teacher requires hard work, perseverance, and consistency. The job is not just restricted to schedules and curriculum, but also being an inspirational figure the children can look up to.  Imparting education requires an engaging and learning environment. More than that, it requires consistency and continuity. This flow can be at risk … Read more

10 Inspirational Closing Activities For High School Goers!

Inspirational closing activities for high school

In every facet of education, the last minutes of a lesson hold great significance akin to morals at the end of stories. These ending or closing moments provide a chance to students to reflect on their understanding and identify the key areas that need more effort and practice. However, from an educator’s point of view, … Read more

8 Prayer Activities For High School Students

Prayer Activities

When educators help in fostering spirituality in high school students, it turns out to be a rewarding journey for society. It is full of opportunities that help in personal growth and introspection. Spirituality helps develop bonds and deepen the existing ones. Such experiences help enrich students’ mental and emotional well-being and also instill a sense … Read more

9 Exciting Indoor Physical Education (PE) Games for High School Students

Exciting Indoor Physical Education (PE) Games for High School Students

The job of a school is to ensure the overall development of the kids – from academics to personality development to physical fitness. As such, physical education has become an indispensable part of school curriculums everywhere. So much so that gym classes have become mandatory in several schools across the United States and if you … Read more

8 Effective Social Psychology Experiments & Activities For High School Students

Social psychology experiments and activities for high school students

In school, social interaction plays a crucial role and forms the core of one’s academic life. Have you ever been curious about what others are thinking? Have you ever found yourself wondering about the thoughts and opinions of others? This is something that crosses everyone’s mind. The study of social psychology gives you a peek … Read more

10 Fun Psychology Games & Activities For High School Students

Psychology games and activities for high school students

High school is a time especially when students find themselves surrounded by innumerable fields and opportunities. Psychology too, is an emerging field in today’s world. As immersive as the subject is, we understand how it can be confusing to figure your way out through it. Psychology is a field with widely spread divisions and paths, … Read more

8 Interesting Sunday School Games and Activities For Youth

Sunday School Games and Activities for Youth

“The most important thing we learn at school is the fact that the most important things can’t be learned at school.”  This quote by the famous writer Haruki Murakami highlights education’s true purpose: to equip your kids for life so they contribute positively to society. Sunday school is a place that makes children ready to … Read more

8 Fun Nutrition Activities For High School Students

Nutrition Activities for High School Students

In the hustle and bustle of high school life and in the anticipation of what lies ahead, students often forget to focus on their nutrition. According to a 2023 report[1], less than 15% of high school students in the United States consumed food rich in micronutrients such as fruits, veggies, legumes, and nuts. Not just … Read more