28 Motivational High School Sports Quotes

High school sports quotes

The word ‘sport’ comes from an old French word for ‘leisure’. While it sure is an enjoyable and adrenaline-inducing activity, it is anything but easy. Serious sports require hard work, perseverance, discipline, and will to succeed. The same holds true not just at the national and international levels but even at the high school level. … Read more

55 High School Related Anime To Watch

Think of Anime and you think of Japanese cartoons! And why not? After all, Japanese animations account for 60 percent of the world’s animations. Anime has been able to cross-cultural and language barriers to mesmerize the Western world.  Particularly captivating are high school anime with young themes of romance, drama, science fiction, etc. Choosing an … Read more

100+ Awesome Teacher Names For Stories

Teacher name for stories

Teachers are an integral part of school life and the many nostalgic stories we weave around it. Often, teachers also become part of literary stories. And they require names to make them memorable characters in these stories.  Choosing such a name that brings justification to the character might feel like a creatively challenging task at … Read more

75 High School Names Ideas

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare is known to have famously asked. A lot we would like to answer. Maybe things worked differently in 16th century England, but in this age of 2-minute YouTube videos and Snapchat, getting the first impression right is essential if you aim it to be everlasting. Thus, choosing a high school … Read more

10 Awesome Chemistry Experiments for High School Students

The subject of chemistry is one subject that sends shivers down the spines of students, and sometimes even parents(maybe when they remember their own high school days). Yet chemistry is everywhere, right from the food we eat to the pharmaceuticals we use and the cosmetics we are so fond of. Therefore, performing certain fun-filled experiments … Read more