75 High School Names Ideas

“What’s in a name?”

Shakespeare is known to have famously asked. A lot we would like to answer. Maybe things worked differently in 16th century England, but in this age of 2-minute YouTube videos and Snapchat, getting the first impression right is essential if you aim it to be everlasting.

Thus, choosing a high school name can be a significant decision, reflecting the values, history, and aspirations of the institution. The name of your high school should immediately highlight the reason for its existence, illuminate the historical legacy that brought about the decision, and shed light on the vision of the future that it aspires to project.

Choosing the right name fit for your school can thus be a very emotional and personal experience that may require a lot of self-introspection on the reason behind bringing it to existence. The process in itself, can however be a very enlightening one.

The name should inspire the journey it aspires to begin and be worthy to be as everlasting as the journey itself.

To help you make this overwhelming task a little easier, we provide here are some steps and tips to guide you through the process:

Incorporating the name of the city, town, or neighborhood or using geographical features, like rivers, mountains, or other landmarks is a good way to build a strong identity for the school.

Some high school names based on location:


  1. Metro Heights High School
  2. City Central High School
  3. Skyline Academy
  4. Downtown Preparatory School
  5. Urban Scholars High School


  1. Greenfield High School
  2. Suburban Springs High School
  3. Maplewood High School
  4. Parkside Academy
  5. Pine Ridge High School


  1. Countryside High School
  2. Valley View High School
  3. Meadowbrook Academy
  4. Woodland High School
  5. Riverbend High School


  1. Seaside High School
  2. Oceanview High School
  3. Coastal Shores High School
  4. Bayside Academy
  5. Lighthouse High School


  1. Summit High School
  2. Mountain Ridge High School
  3. Alpine High School
  4. Timberline Academy
  5. Peakview High School


  1. Desert Oasis High School
  2. Sunridge High School
  3. Sand Dunes High School
  4. Cactus Valley High School
  5. Mesa High School

2. Honouring Local History

Another way to name the high school is by creating a legacy out of a legacy. That is, you may name it after a significant historical figure from the area.

However, it is important to use names that reflect the cultural or historical heritage of the community. These names create a sense of pride among the students as they feel interconnected with the legacy.

Here are some high school name ideas that honor local history:

  1. Lincoln Heritage High School – Named after a significant historical figure or event in the area.
  2. Founders Memorial High School – Honouring the town or city’s founders.
  3. Pioneer Legacy High School – Celebrating early settlers or pioneers.
  4. Liberty Bell High School – Recognizing the area’s contributions to national freedom and independence.
  5. Revolutionary Trail High School – Commemorating local involvement in significant historical movements.
  6. Heritage Oak High School- Named after a historically significant landmark or tree.
  7. Freedom Fighters High School – Honouring local heroes who fought for freedom and justice.
  8. Discovery High School – Reflecting the area’s historical discoveries or explorers.
  9. Centennial High School – Marking a significant anniversary of the town or city’s founding.
  10. Homestead High School – Recognizing the historical importance of farming or early homes in the region.
  11. Native Land High School- Honouring the indigenous peoples originally from the area.
  12. Ironworks High School – Named after a significant local industry or trade from the past.
  13. Victory Heights High School – Celebrating a historical military victory or campaign.
  14. Harbour View High School – Reflecting the local maritime history.
  15. Railroad Junction High School – Commemorating the impact of the railroad on local development.

3. Reflect on School Values and Mission

Names that embody the values and mission of the school are also excellent choices to opt for. Words like “Unity,” “Excellence,” “Integrity,” or “Innovation” may seem simple, but they can be powerful motivators.

Here are some high school name ideas that reflect core values and the mission of a school:

  1. Unity High School – Emphasising community and collaboration.
  2. Integrity High School – Highlighting the importance of honesty and strong moral principles.
  3. Excellence Academy – Focusing on high academic standards and achievements.
  4. Aspire High School – Encouraging ambition and the pursuit of dreams.
  5. Harmony High School – Promoting peace, cooperation, and a supportive environment.
  6. Endeavor High School – Emphasising perseverance and hard work.
  7. Visionary High School- Inspiring forward-thinking and innovation.
  8. Valor Academy- Recognizing bravery and courage.
  9. Heritage High School – Celebrating cultural diversity and historical awareness.
  10. Wisdom High School – Fostering lifelong learning and critical thinking.
  11. Liberty High School – Encouraging freedom of thought and expression.
  12. Justice High School – Committing to fairness and equality.
  13. Empowerment High School- Focusing on self-confidence and leadership skills.
  14. Resilience Academy – Building strength and adaptability in students.
  15. Noble High School – Instilling virtues of respect, honor, and ethical behavior.

4. Think About the Future

It is important to make sure that your high school name is not based on the ‘fad’ of the day. It should have a timeless luster and classic appeal to it. Hence, it is important to ensure the name will remain relevant and appropriate in the long term.

A name should age well and hence here are some high school names designed to remain relevant and timeless:

  1. Evergreen High School
  2. Legacy High School
  3. Endurance Academy
  4. Heritage High School
  5. Unity High School
  6. Summit High School
  7. Pioneer High School
  8. Centennial High School
  9. Harborview High School
  10. Parkview High School
  11. Riverstone High School
  12. Oakridge High School
  13. Highland High School
  14. Springfield High School
  15. Grandview High School
  • Getting Input from the Community:

Ensuring that the name resonates with the community in that area is extremely important to create a harmonious environment to allow the high school to take root solidly in the foundation ground of the community.

Any name that may seem culturally insensitive to the place and history should be avoided.

To ensure this, one must conduct surveys or hold meetings to gather suggestions from students, parents, and community members on their preferences and apprehensions.

  • Check for Uniqueness:

It is important to keep the name unique, especially with respect to adjoining areas. A similar-sounding high school in a nearby area will cause confusion and affect your brand value.

  • Consider Acronyms and Nicknames:

It is important to consider how the name might be abbreviated or shortened, especially in this world of memes we live in. Ensure the acronym or nickname is positive and appropriate. It should not be offensive to anyone nor unintentionally provoke ridicule.

  • Legal Considerations:

We live in a world where suing someone is easier than finding an appropriate name for the school! Hence, it is important to check for any legal restrictions or guidelines on naming schools in your district or state. Once you zero down on your names, ensure the prospective names do not infringe on any trademarks.


Sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination. Searching for that perfect high school name can sometimes be an enlightening experience that gives you time to ponder about your motivation and aspiration towards it, your vision for the future, and the ways and means you are willing to employ to achieve it.

The name may strike your fancy like a thunderbolt or it may slowly grow on you. Happy hunting for that perfect name while you are at, have a look at these incentive ideas to motivate your teachers, who after all, are the backbone of the high school!

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