9 Architecture Scholarships For High School Seniors

Are you a high school senior with a passion for architecture? Are you dreaming of a future where you can design and create buildings that will stand the test of time? If so, you’re in luck! There are a plethora of architecture scholarships available to help you achieve your dreams and make your mark in the world of design. 

From mechanical engineering to nursing scholarships – scholarships offered by professional organizations to those sponsored by architecture firms and colleges, there’s no shortage of opportunities for you to fund your education and kickstart your career. With the right scholarship, you can pursue your education without worrying about the financial burden and focus on honing your skills and creating the structures that will shape our cities and communities for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the world of architecture scholarships and start building your future today!

Build your dreams: An architectural scholarship guide for high schoolers!

1. Architects Foundation- The Diversity Advancement Scholarship

The Diversity Advancement Scholarship benefits minority and economically disadvantaged students who are entering enrolled in or transferring into a NAAB-accredited undergraduate architecture program. Scholarships worth up to $20,000 overall and $4,000 are presented to undergraduate students annually who want to pursue a successful career in architecture.

This can be renewed every year till the degree is completed, for four to five years. This scholarship aims to reach those minority students whose creativity and design sensibility will shape the built environment and the future of the architecture profession.

2. Houzz Women in Architecture Scholarship Program

In order to help and encourage female architecture students as they work toward their degrees and enter the field of residential design, Houzz started this scholarship seven years ago. This scholarship is open to female undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree in architecture or architectural engineering.

In addition to writing a brief essay about their influences in design and architecture, candidates are encouraged to set up a Houzz professional student profile where they may display their body of work and connect with more than three million active professionals worldwide.

3. University of Southern California School of Architecture

USC School of Architecture offers various scholarships available for students of different backgrounds, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Both domestic and foreign students who demonstrate exceptional merit are given sizeable scholarships by the School of Architecture.

Typically, depending on the applicant’s qualifications, these vary from 10 to 75 percent of the tuition. The scholarship expenses will allow the student to concentrate on being creative and creating new work.

4. American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is a renowned organization that was founded in 1857 by 13 architects. The institute aims to provide architects worldwide with useful resources. Every year, this institute provides sizable scholarships in architecture to high school students, and students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in architecture accredited by the NAAB.

Along with it, scholarships are also awarded to candidates of the Architect Registration Exam (ARE), who are aiming to become licensed architects, and licensed architects looking for educational opportunities.

5. The Bergmeyer Scholarship by PAVE Global

The Bergmeyer Scholarship by PAVE Global grants a $1,500 scholarship to an individual who has leadership potential in the fields of graphic, interior, and architectural design.  PAVE was created to lower barriers to studying in these professions, thereby ensuring a future talent pool for the sector.

The money helps students whose financial circumstances could prevent them from completing their education. The scholarship is now in its eighth year. Over the last five years, PAVE has given financial awards and scholarships to students totaling more than $210,900.

6. Norm Zimmer Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the ZGF Foundation with an aim to help students who show aptitude and enthusiasm for architecture, interior design, and urban planning, which aligns with ZGF’s dedication to fostering the next generation of excellent designers.  

Current students who are enrolled in an accredited architecture (NAAB), interior design (CIDA), urban planning and design (PAB), or landscape architecture (LAAB) program in the United States, who will begin their final year in an accredited program in the fall of 2022 may apply for this scholarship. This scholarship also supports underrepresented minorities and women in architecture.

7. FORAship

FORA is offering a scholarship and a year-long internship program to undergraduate and graduate students studying architecture. The scholarship grants $5000 to those undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree in architecture.

The main aim of this scholarship was to make architecture an equitable and diverse profession by giving equal opportunity to underrepresented minority students in architecture. FORAship was designed by combining a sizable cash scholarship with an internship program lasting a full year that may be extended throughout a student’s academic career. 

8. Sherwin E Small Endowed Scholarship

One of the top architecture scholarships in the world is offered here. Several scholarships for architecture and design are available from the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. The Sherwin E. Small Endowed Scholarship is one of them.

It is available to junior-year undergraduate architecture students who want to continue their education abroad. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must demonstrate both a need for financial aid and exceptional creative talent. This is one of the best scholarships for you if you want to study architecture abroad.

9. Scholarship for Gender Equity in Design 

The BWBR Scholarship is a golden opportunity for students who are passionate about architecture and design. It is inspired by Dorothy Brink Ingemann, collaborator and wife of William Ingemann, who was the founder of the architectural office that years later became BWBR. The scholarship not only provides financial assistance to cover tuition and other expenses, but it also offers valuable mentorship and networking opportunities with industry professionals. 

Two $1,000 scholarships are provided by BWBR to promote equity in the built environment. 

Based on an application package that includes a sample design project and a written statement on equality, each scholarship is given out. Whether you dream of designing cutting-edge buildings or creating innovative spaces that inspire and uplift communities, the BWBR Scholarship can help you achieve your goals and make your mark in the world of architecture. So why wait? Apply for this exciting scholarship and start building your future today!

Things to know!

Building planning, design, and construction are all aspects of architecture. It is crucial for every student who has made the decision to pursue a career in architecture to be informed on all the information relevant to that field.

  1. You must be ready to work hard – A student who wants to succeed in architecture must be willing to devote their entire time to their studies. There is fierce competition in this industry. In order to succeed in this sector, students must dedicate their entire lives to their studies.
  2. You have to be well-skilled in mathematics – All of the sketching and design in architecture is based on angles, lines, and shapes. Thus, obtaining a degree in architecture seems to require knowledge of mathematics. The four main mathematical disciplines of geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and finite math must be thoroughly studied in order to develop the design and construction skills necessary to succeed as an architect. Hence, students should be concerned about their math credits too, in this case. 
  3. You should have creativity and innovation – Having creativity is an important prerequisite for those who want to pursue a career in architecture. A successful architect is one who can quickly and satisfactorily address any issues raised by his clients and create buildings in accordance.
  4. Internships in architecture are important- Along with getting a degree, architecture students must also focus on doing practical internships as they will gain valuable exposure to and experience in the subject of architecture while working under an experienced architect.
  5. Find the right scholarship – Spend time finding which scholarship works best for you in terms of what expenses it covers, does it align with your future goals, etc. 


Pursuing a career in architecture requires passion, creativity, and hard work. With the help of the many scholarships available for high school seniors, however, funding your education can become a little less daunting. The support of these scholarship programs can help you turn your dreams into reality, empowering you to create innovative designs and leave your mark on the world.

So, whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in architecture or a related field, take advantage of these opportunities to fund your education, network with professionals in the industry, and gain valuable experience through internships and other programs. With determination, dedication, and a little bit of luck, you can build a successful career in architecture and make a lasting impact on the world around you.

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