10 Summer Photography Classes For High School Students

Do you love to see aesthetic photos on your social media accounts? Right from these adorable photographs to the natural wallpapers you use on your phones, every angle has so much to say! What if you can turn the passion of photography into your profession? This is your time to utilize your summer break and enhance your photography skills by opting for summer photography classes. Photography is one of the booming career options where you can indulge in wedding photography, wildlife shots, or street art photography. 

If you are willing to discover the do’s and don’ts for capturing shots, it is crucial to acquire knowledge and learn from industry experts. Photography summer classes offer lively sessions, hands-on experience, and education on photography software too. Moreover, you get to utilize your summers and build a great portfolio for future career and job opportunities. In this article, you will find interesting and worthy photography classes across the country to unleash your creativity in an absolute manner.

Interesting summer photography classes to help you capture and click

With summer photography classes, you get to learn about the basic tips and techniques to elevate your photography skills. Such classes also enable you to participate in photography competitions in high school. The below-mentioned summer photography classes are a perfect way to elevate your skills, decode the technology, and familiarize yourself with the equipment.

1. TISCH Summer High School Photography and Imaging Program

TISCH Summer High School Photography Program is a combination where you can learn how to handle the camera and go into digital imaging. The summer camp focuses on empowering you to learn the necessary software skills and outdoor photography. It is a four-week camp that addresses your vision and voice to capture the best shots.

Additionally, you are exposed to different camera models along with their usage in the industry. The class includes private training, exposure to the studio, group discussions, and digital printing sessions. Along with this, you can connect with industry professionals, indulge in portrait photography, and visit different places for the shoot.

2. NYFA Photography Summer Camp

NYFA offers an interesting photography summer camp opportunity to learn about photography in an intensive manner. It is a 4-week class where you are exposed to different aspects of photography in an elaborate manner. You also get to learn from professional photographers about digital photos, editing, and refining

The summer camp is a blend of software and hardware learning as it provides knowledge on different software too. You are constantly inspired to think of unique ideas and understand the subject as a great career option too. Various equipment are used to teach the essence of light and shadows. The summer camp also includes field trips for practical learning.

3. PHOTOUNO Photography Summer Camp

PhotoUNO Photography Summer Camp is designed to unleash the creativity in your photography skills. It is a 5-day summer camp that includes private classes, outdoor sessions, and connecting with industry professionals. You get to learn the operations of a camera and how to get done with the basic functions of the equipment.

Additionally, you are certain to acquire skills in setting the aperture and shutter speed. These features allow you to practice night photography and set the motion of pictures. The camp also teaches lighting, exposure, focus control, and manual mode options. Since it includes field trips, you can also capture perspectives of nature and people around you.

4. Creative Photography Workshops

It can be confusing to fully understand just the camera with so many buttons, flashes, and lenses. Creative Photography Workshops organizes summer photography camps where you can learn everything from zero to a hundred! Yes, it teaches you the usage of buttons, adjusting the lens, focus control, lighting, and motion control.

Here, you are taught to use the camera to tell your individual vision through pictures. The sessions introduce you to basic principles and awareness of the equipment. It also includes class and outdoor sessions. The camp accustoms you to handling the camera and using natural light through practical learning opportunities.

5. Photo Camp

Here is a great opportunity for you to enroll in a Photo Camp organized by National Geographic. This unique photo camp during summers is the one that helps you know the world and its emerging issues. Moreover, you get an opportunity to connect with the photographers of National Geographic and learn the skills of creativity.

The photo camp teaches you the basics of photography along with angle setting, natural lighting, and telling stories through photos. It is more about capturing perspectives and letting your pictures speak an elaborate tale. Along with private classes, it also includes field trips to surrounding areas.

6. PhotoSprouts Summer Photography Camp

PhotoSprouts is the right photography summer camp if you do not have any equipment handy. They are excellent at teaching photography skills and also offer cameras and other equipment needed for the class. It helps you explore photography, creativity, storytelling through photos, and in-depth knowledge about capturing perspectives.

It is a 5-day photography camp which is a combination of classroom sessions and outdoor trips. You also get exposure to Adobe Lightroom and other tricks for clicking pictures. Along with this, you can network with other students, discover new ideas, handle the lenses, and learn the basics of memory cards and printing photos.

7. The Art Shack

The Art Shack offers an interesting photography summer program that teaches you everything from beginning to end. It includes the basics of photography where you learn about the camera, lens, holding the equipment, and various aspects of it. The intensive program also includes connecting with experts and going outdoors for practical learning.

The camp just does not end here. You also get to learn about lighting, color combinations, and how natural light plays an important role in photography. It exposes you to creativity and allows you to tell stories through pictures. Moreover, The Art Shack also provides discounts if more than 2 members of the family join the camp.

8. SOCAPA Photo Summer Camp

SOCAPA Institute is one of the top-rated options for choosing photography summer camps. It arranges various one, two, and three-week-long photography camps to make you accustomed to the click-and-capture mode. The camp focuses on imparting practical knowledge along with essential software for editing.

The camp focuses on teaching Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to help you learn to master photo editing. You also get an opportunity to create your online portfolio which is further helpful for career as well as scholarships. Along with this, most camps organize outdoor tours to enhance photography skills wherein you can learn from the experts.

9. PERSPECTIVES Photo School

As the name suggests, photography skills here are directly linked with the perspectives of students. You are inspired to think outside the box, capture the essence of nature, and present your perspective with it. Various photography programs offer private lessons and masterclasses for improving skills.

Additionally, the program is designed to provide knowledge on capturing elements and understanding pictures through creativity. You also get an opportunity to head out in nature and click pictures. As you connect with other students and work in a collaborative environment, you are likely to learn and have fun simultaneously.

10. Youth Photography Program

If you are looking for an interesting photography program for free, this one’s for you. The Youth Photography Program is a well-designed photography camp to help you explore various aspects of capturing pictures. It is a three-week program held at the White House Visitor Center. 

This elaborate program takes you through various stages of photography including camera knowledge, angle, shadow, and photo editing. It includes visits to many places along with national parks in the area. After learning and clicking pictures, you might get an opportunity to have your pictures displayed in the White House Visitor Center.

Wrapping Up

Photography classes during summer are perfect to fuel your enthusiasm for capturing nature, streets, and people. With these classes, you get an opportunity to connect with renowned photographers and valued faculty members of different schools.

It truly allows you to be creative, learn about the importance of photography as a career option, and network with like-minded students. As you learn photography skills and take your best shots, you can also go for film-making summer camps to impart this knowledge here.

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