List Of Colleges That Don’t Accept AP Credits

List Of Colleges That Don't Accept AP Credits

AP or advanced placement program is a ladder that high school students climb to realize their graduation dream rather quickly. This program offers a college-level curriculum to students. So, on passing an AP exam, the credit points earned allow students to give a year miss and get promoted to the next year. AP credit has … Read more

How To Get Into AP Classes In High School? *Step By Step Guide*

How To Get Into AP Classes In High School? *Step By Step Guide*

Often it happens that students cannot cope with college’s coursework due to a lack of sufficient skills in hand. In 1955, authorities realized that the high school curriculum could not adequately equip students with skills needed to smoothly transition into doing coursework or graduation level studies. To bridge this learning gap, the concept of the … Read more

Are Advanced Placement Classes Worth It?- Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Advanced Placement Classes

The soaring competition worldwide in the education sector has led to students striving to start early, get smart early, and prepare for the future early. Along with the mounds of workload on the hot plate of a high school student, AP class can be another demanding challenge coming their way. Today, the education industry is … Read more