Zoology Summer Programs and Internships

Have you thought about how you plan on spending this summer? While still in high school, some students may look for volunteering opportunities, while others may choose to go on a vacation. If you are a student with a particular interest in the natural world and treasure troves of flora and fauna, then a zoology-based summer internship program may be just the right thing for you.

Growing up in bustling metropolitan cities, we may find ourselves turning a blind eye to nature and forget how our actions may impact life on this planet. High school students will find such expeditions to be an excellent opportunity to explore and gain an understanding of nature’s creations and develop more curiosity towards the environment. 

Here is a list of summer programs and internships students can embark upon if they have some distinct interest in Zoology. 

Summer Programs and Internships: Why High Schoolers Should Consider Enrolling

Students can benefit significantly from summer programs and internships as they not only help them make the right decisions for their future careers but also provide them with many valuable life lessons. The following are a few reasons you should consider taking part in a zoology internship or summer program:

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  • Environmental Responsibility: Young students may take up internships that introduce them to a part of the world they may not be familiar with yet. This exposure will be perfect for them to understand and empathise with how the little things they do can make a huge impact.
  • Teamwork and Leadership: As you are required to travel with many students with whom you may not be acquainted, some ice-breaking and socialising with them will help you become a better member of your team. This will also aid in improving your leadership skills. 
  •  Help you in your Career: Taking part in a zoology summer program will help you decide if it is the right path for you and help you gain valuable work experience. It is also beneficial in polishing your skills and figuring out your work style.

Zoology Summer Programs And Internships For High School Students

 1. The Montana Wilderness School Expedition

Located in Bozeman, Montana, The Montana Wilderness school is a non-profit outdoor education organisation that provides activities for students aged 14-16, 16-18, and 18- 22. The expeditions they offer for high school students include Rock Climbing+ Mountaineering Expedition, Horsepacking, Backpacking for the Aspiring Hunter, Alpine Backpacking, Yellowstone Expedition, and more.

They aim to provide courses and programs that empower young people and foster personal growth. This wilderness program takes you on an adventurous ride amidst flora and fauna, which teaches you about plenty of zoological concepts.

2. Where There Be Dragons: Pacific Northwest

This four-week-long summer program conducted by Where There Be Dragons are called British Colombia: The Last Stand. This program provides you with an opportunity to explore the Pacific Coast of Canada. It is the perfect way to get involved in indigenous cultures and sacred forests and waters that dot its landscapes.

The highlights of this program are hiking across coastal trails and stargazing, learning about regenerative agroforestry, sailing between the islands of the Salish Sea, and much more. You can find this program to be beneficial in helping you grow and reflect on your values while you explore and engage in the various activities. The program also includes an introduction to Saanich dialect and language, storytelling, and songs.

3. Broadreach Summer Adventures Program

A high school summer program that is conducted every year by Broadreach Summer Adventures involves you taking a trip to Nassau, Bahamas. Students interested in the animal kingdom are sure to love this one as it requires you to play the role of a marine biologist-in-training. This program helps ignite a passion for the outdoors as they learn with professionals and interact with other students in the program.

The internship is appropriate for young teens and students with appropriate challenges and tasks. Students can get hands-on exposure to everything that they would otherwise learn within the walls of a classroom, such as the wonders within the underwater world and life at sea. Students can also gain experience to earn certifications for scuba-diving and sailing. 

4. Conservation Science Intensive

Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) is a non-profit environmental conservation and education organization that conducts this summer residential internship for young women who live within the Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern US time zones. This internship attracts young women from across the country who wish to learn about the nuances of conservation science and related topics and opportunities. The sessions include group discussions, individual research, team-building activities, and many more activities to take part in.

Their program offers informative virtual events held by highly skilled biologists, ecologists, and writers. This program will help the students deepen their curiosity towards the natural world and take a closer look into the wilderness.

5. Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

The Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program is a summer internship program held explicitly to engage and inspire high school students. They are a paid internship sponsored by the American Fisheries Society (AFS) to focus on fisheries and bring the subject to the forefront. They have been providing internships since 2001 to help peak students’ interests in the subjects of fisheries, aquatics, environmental, and biological sciences that they can later use to find their callings.

The program aims to spark an interest in students about the fields of fisheries science and management and related opportunities to consider as a career. They help draw attention to underrepresented fields and career options through this internship in the fisheries profession. This program will also help students become more conscious of their environmental impact and carbon footprint. 

6. YES! Teen Internship Program

YES! Teen Internship Program is conducting a career-based internship and science communication program for students above 14 years. This internship program will take place during the summer in the Washington D.C. region. Through this program, students get to meet other people who share the same interests as them and perhaps even make friends along the way. This internship held by the National Museum of Natural History will teach students the nuances offered by various science majors and disciplines.

Students gain real-life experience with Smithsonian science staff within this program, behind-the-scenes tours, field trips, workshops, a college-like study environment, and much more. Its various programs also have specific fragments devoted to zoology, where students are taken on field trips to teach about the flora, fauna, and various zoological concepts. 


An internship program during the summer can provide high school students with encounters beyond their imagination, which can mold them for their careers ahead. At some point as children, we have all curiously come across a beetle or a goat and stood there in awe. Some may grow up to take such experiences for granted, while others may use this to take on journeys that peek into the unexplored sights of this world. Students may use their wonder to fuel their passion for environmental and biological sciences and carve out a path for themselves in this discipline.

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