7 Fun Verb Activities For High School Students

Verbs, verbs, verbs! They’re the lifeblood of language and the driving force behind all our action-packed adventures. Without verbs, our sentences would be limp and lifeless, like a balloon that’s lost its air. But let’s face it, verb conjugation and tense agreement can be pretty boring.

That’s why we’ve dreamed up some quirky and off-the-wall activities to spice up your verb lessons and get those high schoolers fired up about language! So, let’s give verbs the love and attention they deserve and turn our language into a lively, verb-filled adventure and imagine our way through verb mastery like never before!”

Interesting activities to brush up your verb skills

From learning Spanish to Math, games, and activities can be pretty helpful, especially when it comes to high schoolers, who are high on energy, and have a lot of theory to mug up! At this time, learning through gamification can be a sigh of relief for these almost-adults. Hence, here are some verb activities for the students that can help them become masters of the concept! 

1. Verb-Only Tales: Unleashing the Power of Action Words

“Get ready to embark on a linguistic adventure like no other with ‘Verb-Only Tales’! This activity invites high school students to flex their creative muscles and experiment with language in a whole new way. With only verbs at their disposal, students will bring a scene to life with a flurry of action-packed words. 

Whether it’s a serene beachscape or a bustling cityscape, students will craft a story that pulsates with energy, using descriptive verbs to add depth and detail. From the crashing waves to the sparkling sun, students will unleash the full potential of their language and create a tale that’s sure to captivate. So, sharpen your pens, and get ready to let your verbs do the talking!”

2. Verb-Centric Poetry: Discovering the Heartbeat of Action Words

Step into a world where verbs take center stage and emotions run wild with ‘Verb-Centric Poetry’. A challenging activity, verb-centric poetry, encourages high school students to delve deep into the power of verbs and how they can be used to convey meaning and feeling. 

By choosing a verb that holds personal significance, students will create a poem that’s as unique as they are. With a focus on sensory language and figurative language, students will unleash a tapestry of emotions, painting a picture with their words. From the gentle flow of love to the explosive pulse of dance, students will discover the heartbeat of their verbs and the power they possess. So, let’s get ready to explore the rich, vibrant world of verb-centric poetry!”

3. The Art of Action: A Silent Verb Showcase!

Unleash your inner performer in this one-of-a-kind activity where words take a backseat to action. Get into groups and prepare to express a collection of verbs, like “jump,” “dance,” “run,” without uttering a single syllable. 

Get creative with gestures, facial expressions, and body language to accurately and captivatingly bring the verbs to life. It’s time to put your acting skills to the test and showcase the power of nonverbal communication. Can your classmates guess what verb you’re expressing? Join in on the fun as each group takes their turn, then reflect on the different interpretations of the verbs and the role of nonverbal cues in conveying meaning. Get ready to express yourself without saying a word in “The Art of Action: A Silent Verb Showcase!”

4. Verb Jumble

Get ready to “Verb Jumble” your way to new and creative verb combinations! In this activity, you’ll put your verb skills to the test as you manipulate and rearrange letters to form as many new verbs as possible in a set amount of time. 

Think outside the box and challenge yourself to come up with unique verb combinations that are both creative and accurate. This is a great opportunity for you to flex your verb muscles and get your mind working in new and exciting ways. So, grab a pen and a piece of paper, and let’s get jumbling!

5. Verb Treasure Hunt: A Word-Slinger’s Expedition

Embark on a linguistic journey and uncover the hidden treasures of verbs! In this activity, you’ll be given a list of action verbs and your mission is to go on a hunt through reading materials to find examples of each verb being used in real-life situations. Get your detective hat on, and be ready to analyze the way each verb is utilized, while taking note of its meaning and impact on the sentence.

This activity is the perfect blend of fun and learning, as it helps you sharpen your verb recognition skills, practice using verbs in context, and boost your critical thinking abilities. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go on a verb treasure hunt!

6. Verb Word Clouds: A Whirly Word Adventure

Get ready to blast off on a verb adventure in the “Verb Word Clouds” activity! Grab a pen and paper and get ready to brainstorm all the different words that come to mind when you think of a specific verb. Write down synonyms, antonyms, and related words, and get creative with it! 

Once you’ve got a list, create a word cloud by drawing a big circle and writing the main verb in the center. Then, add all the related words around it, making sure to vary the font sizes to show the relationships between words. This activity is a fun and quirky way to explore the versatility and meaning of verbs. Plus, you’ll get to see the beauty of language come to life in a colorful word cloud! Get ready to have a blast!

7. Verb-tastic Tees

Bring out your inner artist and let your verbs take center stage! Get ready to design a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that showcases your favorite verb. Choose a verb that has special meaning to you and illustrate it in a quirky, imaginative way. 

Use your artistic skills to create a t-shirt that truly captures the essence of the verb you have chosen. Write a caption that summarizes the verb and its significance to you. This activity is a fun and unique way to get students thinking creatively about verbs and how they can be used to convey meaning and emotion.

Other clever ideas to teach verbs

Verbs can be taught in more fun ways, don’t believe us, check this out!

  1. Verb Association Game: The verb association game can be used to encourage students to associate verbs with specific physical actions, such as jumping for the verb “leap” or twirling for the verb “spin”. This activity helps students to develop a physical understanding of verbs, making them easier to remember and use in context.
  1. Verb Visualization Exercises:  Visualisation exercises help students to visualize and act out different verbs, such as imagining themselves running for the verb “run”. Through this verb activity, students can develop a better understanding of verb meanings and how they are used in context.
  1. Verb Mind Mapping: Creating mind maps for specific verbs, including examples of how the verb is used in context, related verbs, and synonyms and antonyms can further strengthen grip over understanding of verbs. This helps students to understand the different forms and meanings of verbs, and how they are used in context.
  1. Verb Crossword Puzzles: Creating crossword puzzles that focus on verbs, including verb forms and tenses, verb meanings, and verb usage in context, can be a creative addition to the verb activities. This activity helps students to reinforce their understanding of verbs and to develop their language skills in a fun and interactive way.
  1. Verb Improv: Lying more on the dramatic side, verb improv asks students to participate in an improv game, acting out a scene with a specific verb in mind. This activity encourages students to think on their feet, practice using verbs in context, and develop their acting skills.
  1. Verb Movie Trailer: In this activity, students create movie trailers, incorporating a specific verb into the narrative. This activity encourages students to think creatively, use verbs in context, and develop their video-editing skills.


To sum up, verbs are the keys to unlocking the full potential of language, and with these quirky verb activities, high school students can unlock a whole new world of language creativity and excitement! So, let’s embrace the power of verbs and turn our language lessons into a wild, imaginative ride! Who knows where our verbs will take us next!”

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