8 Fun Online Spanish learning Games For High School Students

Spanish can be opted as an elective in the high school. The demand for Spanish-fluent professionals is always high as it is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

If you plan to work in the tourism and hospitality sector or want to become a Spanish instructor after the high school, you must learn it to the tee. It may prove overwhelming to learn it through conventional methods.

Worksheets and assignments may seem boring after a certain time. So, how about learning while having fun? If the idea intrigues you, the following list of online Spanish games may make you sit up and take notice.

Engaging online spanish games for high schoolers

1. Dialogue Game

Available at: Spanish Uno

The Dialogue Game is suitable for intermediate to advanced level learners. High school students need to develop conversational skills to use Spanish in real-life settings. This online game can help them be prepared for those conversations that await them outside the campus. Even for higher studies in a Spanish-speaking nation, this skill is important.

Dialogue game offers you several categories. You may choose to play it from the perspective of improving grammar too. It is one of the most engaging games and can provide extensive training on semantics, grammar, sentence construction, common expressions, etc. used in Spoken Spanish.

2. Spanish Verb Conjugation Game

Available at: Digital Dialects

This game from Digital Dialects is suitable for beginner to intermediate level Spanish sentence construction skill development. Digital Dialects has a prolific range of games that can teach about phrases, sentence construction, and helps build vocabulary of words of common use.

This game focuses on giving practice for using ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ in the sentence. Also, other phrases like ‘I am’, ‘She is’, ‘You are’ in their Spanish versions are given to identify and practice.

This online Spanish game serves as promising practice material for high schoolers for sentence construction mastery. They can pick from the several options provided in the game and learn how to pick a conversation, get and give introduction or instruct others. It helps learn using Spanish in daily conversation with ease.

3. Spanish Vocabulary Practice Game

Available at: Digital Dialects

Learn all Spanish words for the common things you come across. It is a versatile game and focuses on teasing the mind in different ways to develop Spanish vocabulary. The high school students can check their proficiency in identifying the words from the picture in one of the challenges given in this game. In second type of challenge, they have to recognize the audio or spelling and choose the correct object or image corresponding to input given.

This game is for Beginner Level High School Spanish students and offers an astounding support to turn the learning into fun. You are quite likely to come up with Spanish words of daily life objects often on mastering this game. The learners can improve their listening comprehension, word-picture identification and logic reasoning abilities, too, by playing this game.

4. Spelling Game

Available at: Spanish Games

This vocabulary game at Spanish Games is ideal for intermediate learners who want to brush up their spelling skills. There is flexibility to choose from beginner and intermediate level topics.

The students can keep themselves engaged in practicing Spanish vocabulary for as long as they want. They can have a lot of fun jumping from one topic to another and have multi-disciplinary knowledge of Spanish words used for shops, family members, colors, etc.

It is one of the finest games’ repertoire and complements the high schoolers’ need to learn Spanish for practical purposes. The game also provides option of learning words and making sentences. In the sentence section, you can practice the descriptive explanations of words for family members, hobbies, illnesses and injuries, places, helping activities at home, etc.

5. Hangman

Available at: Spanish-Games

Hangman is an interesting game that checks your fluency in Spanish spellings and expressions.

You are given the blank spaces which you have to fill the fastest possible with correct letters. The competitive feel of this game keeps the learners on their toes and they work their brains fast to arrive at the correct spelling or expression used in Spanish.

It is an effective learning tool for practicing the position of letters in Spanish words. With regular practice, you will be able to master commonly used spellings or word arrangements and may reduce the guessing errors considerably.

Spanish is a vast language and this game allows you to build your vocabulary as extensively as possible and be a spelling nerd. The gameplay promotes logical thinking as well and helps students at the high school level revisit their spelling sessions in a fun way.

6. 4 Fotos, 1 Palabra

Available at: Google Play

Take a look at 4 photos and guess one common word that relates to them hands down. It is an ultimate brain teaser that can help you excel in Spanish.

Combine the fun of gaming with learning Spanish words and be quick in assigning words too. High school Spanish students can challenge themselves by playing it in a timed manner. It boosts memory retrieval and encourages students to be more elaborate in their thinking process.

You can dig deeper into this game by creating a lexicon of your own with the help of noting other Spanish words that mean the same as the answer to the 4-picture puzzle.

7. Bubble Game

Available at: Rockalingua

A word is provided in the audio and the student has to pick the bubble that carries the object corresponding to the input.

This interactive game is a game for checking speedy thinking and smooth word retrieval. The users can select the categories as per their learning level. For example, if the beginners find it interesting to guess the classroom objects, the advanced learners may choose more complicated genres like feelings, important verbs, etc. Thus, there is something for everyone to practice in this game.

Should high schoolers require brushing up on their basics, they can get ample practice and gain better confidence while transitioning to higher levels of word-guessing in Spanish.

8. Spanish Injection

Available at: Google Play

Spanish Injection is a learning game available at Google Play that can help make vocabulary-building and conversational skills development super fun.

This game includes several real-life scenarios that may help high schoolers have a hang of how to apply Spanish phrases correctly. From simple vocabulary enhancement to developing the whole conversation, the students can have a wholesome learning experience right on their mobile phones.

Play and learn – this arrangement can be used anywhere, anytime, and serves the learning needs just right.

Why learn Spanish Language using Games?

Using games to develop language skills is quite a fascinating notion. The present, technology-infested world belongs to gamified ways of learning. And it is not just games at the core of the activity; there is a systematic procedure meted out to help students learn all language concepts before getting into the contesting mode.

The games sites provide a progressive concept-building approach. There are lessons and practice material provided. Students first revisit all those materials and then proceed to the playing part. The convenience to go back to lesson or concepts help students rectify their errors and the game part provides the premise to practice. Thus, a wholesome learning atmosphere is provided.

In addition, there is flexibility to choose the difficulty level. High school students may choose games as per the area they want to master. The games may focus on simple to advanced vocabulary, grammar, word reasoning, conversational skills, etc. Hence, the learners become fully confident in applying Spanish skills in all types of scenarios. Games offer the all-around learning approach needed for becoming genuinely fluent in Spanish.

Wrapping up,

High school students searching for alternative ways to master Spanish can find respite in online games and applications. The games are designed to ensure systematic learning and are not frivolous in approach as they are perceived to be.

Have a repertoire of Spanish games handy with you and switch to learning whenever desired. Most importantly, these games are free of cost and can be great learning support for homeschoolers who take up fun electives as Spanish language too.

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