30 Challenging Math Riddles For High School Students With Answers

Solving riddles with your child is a terrific method to develop problem-solving skills. The ability to persevere through challenging tasks can be a better predictor of successful outcomes than intelligence, according to research on “grit” or mental toughness. Children have the opportunity to try again if they fail. 

The key to developing grit is learning to keep going after failing or, in the instance of a riddle, not knowing the solution. Math riddles have the advantage of not having any negative consequences if the answer is wrong; this teaches children that making mistakes is okay and prepares them to take calculated chances in the future. 

Hence, some challenging math riddles for high school students can act favorable and advantageous in many ways. In this post, we will talk about a few of these riddles, and provide you with the answer as well, so that it can make the learning process more fun and definitely much easier. 

How can Math Riddles help high schoolers?

While it’s a known fact that math riddles and puzzles are a great method to get any learner interested in a subject since they make them listen actively rather than passively. Working with arithmetic puzzles, however, can also raise the environment for learning as a whole.

  • These issues call on various abilities and provide meaning to abstract ideas. A question or statement “intentionally crafted to require imagination in finding its answer or meaning” is a math riddle.
  • Since math riddles are frequently written in a way that applies to real-life circumstances, they can help pupils understand complex concepts.
  • Students must also concentrate on and develop their critical thinking skills to solve challenges. Although it may seem obvious, there is a straightforward explanation for why kids respond well to arithmetic riddles: they have heard them before, in other contexts, and are therefore familiar with the idea. When you are comfortable with the subject, learning is more fun.
  • Additionally, math riddles are appropriate for younger kids. And lastly, arithmetic puzzles are fun! Students are significantly more likely to focus and maintain motivation if they appreciate the topic of the debate.

 Riddles with answers

1. Riddle: How many apples do you have if there are four and you take away three?

Answer: You have three apples because you took three!

2. Riddle: A 300-foot tunnel must be traversed by a 300-foot Travis moving 300 feet per minute. How much time will the train need to pass through the tunnel?

Answer: The time is two minutes. The front of the train clears the tunnel in one minute, and the remainder takes two minutes.

3. Riddle: An iPhone and a cover are $110 each. The phone case is $100 more expensive than the cell phone. How much did the phone cost?

Answer: One hundred five dollars, not 110.

4. Riddle: Over a week, Robert and David competed in several golf matches. At each game, they competed for a pizza, but no pizzas were bought until the end of the week. Those pizza orders were canceled if David and Robert tied in wins. David earned three pizzas, whereas Robert won four matches (but no pizzas). How many golf rounds were completed?

Answer: 11. Because David prevailed in seven games—four to offset Robert’s four victories and three more to take home the pizzas.

5. Riddle: My three-digit number identity. My third digit is four times smaller than my second. The difference between my first and second digits is three. I, who?

Answer: 141

6. Riddle: When I multiply five by nine, I get two. The right response is given, but how?

Answer: You can get to 2 p.m. by adding five hours to the time at 9 a.m.

7. Riddle: There are 100 couples of dogs at a zoo, and each pair has two puppies. Unluckily, 23 of the dogs have perished. How many dogs are still there overall?

Answer: 977 dogs. Because 100 x 2 = 200; 200 + 800 = 1,000; 1,000 – 23 = 977.

8. Riddle: At a march past occasion, a group of students faces due west in the scorching sun. Right turn, the leader yelled at the group. Right turn! Turn left! Which way are the pupils facing after these commands?

Answer: East, because they will turn 90 degrees to the right, 180 degrees to the left, and then 90 degrees to the right again. The students are now facing east as a result.

9. Riddle: A third of it is a half. It is what?

Answer: 1 ½

10. Riddle: Tom can fit either eight large boxes or ten little boxes into a carton while shipping. In all, 96 boxes were shipped together in one consignment. Few little boxes were present than huge boxes. How many cartons in total did he ship?

Answer: 11 containers because four little boxes (410 = 40 boxes) plus seven large boxes (78 = 56 boxes). Therefore, 96 boxes and 11 cartons altogether.

11. Riddle: When Miguel was six years old, his little sister Leila was half of his age. If Miguel is 40 years old today how old is Leila?

Answer: She is 37 years old, to be exact.

12. Riddle: Three positive numbers are presented to you. These figures can be multiplied and added together. Your outcome will be the same. What numbers are there?

Answer: There are three options.

13. Riddle: How many eggs would six chickens lay in six days if each lays one egg every day and a half?

Answer: Twelve

14. Riddle: What may be placed between a seven and an eight to produce a result higher than a seven but lower than an eight?

Answer: 7.8 is larger than seven but less than 8, the answer is a decimal.

15. Riddle: Tom will have to paint numbers one through 100 because he was instructed to paint numbers outside 100 apartments. He’ll have to paint the number eight how many times?

Answer: Twenty times because 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 98

16. Riddle: How often can you take five away from twenty-five?

Answer: Just once.

17. Riddle: A pound of solid gold or 16 ounces of soda, which is heavier?

Answer: None is the reply. They both have the same weight! 

18. Riddle: Leon works at an aquarium. He has one turtle extra when trying to put each turtle in its tank. If he places two turtles in each tank, he has an excess of one tank. Leon has how many turtles and tanks.

Answer: He has four turtles and three aquariums.

19. Riddle: A hoodie and sneakers cost $150. $100 more was spent on the sweatshirt than the sneakers. What is the price of each item?

Answer: The response is that the hoodie is $125, and the sneakers are $25.

20. Riddle: You have two American coins worth 30 cents. Not a nickel is one of them. Which two coins are they? 

Answer: One is a nickel, and one is a quarter.

21. Riddle: A dozen eggs cost 12 cents. The number of eggs you can get for a dollar?

Answer: One penny per egg for 100 eggs.

22. Riddle: A spider received $36, a bee received $27, and a duck received $9. How much cash would you offer a cat in light of this information?

Amount: $18 ($4.50 for each leg).

23. Riddle: “How much is this bag of potatoes?” the man inquired. The grocer answered, “Thirty-two pounds divided by half its weight.” What was the weight of the potatoes?

Answer: 8 lbs.

24. Riddle: I’m a three-digit number. The difference between my one and tens digits is six. Eight fewer than my tens digit is my hundred digits. What digit am I?

Answer: 193

25. Riddle: His younger sister is twice as old as a man. He is also half his father’s age. His sister’s age will eventually match their father’s in 50 years. What is the man’s current age?

Answer: A 50-year-old person.

26 Riddle: How do you multiply eight fours together so that the result is 500?

Answer: 500 = 444 + 44 + 4 + 4 + 4.

27. Riddle: How many handshakes occur if seven people meet and each shakes hands just once with the others?


28. Riddle: How many tables can eight guys construct in eight hours if four men can construct four in four?

Answer: 16 tables

29. Riddle: Lisa’s sister Lucy was half her age when she was six. How old is Lucy if Lisa is 40 years old today?

Answer: 37 because Lucy is three years younger than Lisa as justification.

30. Riddle: How many eggs would you have after three weeks if you buy a rooster to lay eggs and anticipate getting three eggs every day for breakfast?

Answer: None. Eggs aren’t laid by roosters


A problem can be difficult even if it seems ludicrous or strange; presenting a mathematical concept as a riddle challenges students to employ critical and analytical thinking in unexpected ways, which enhances their overall grasp. A lot of people are inclined towards myths like mathematical riddles are like child’s play! However, these can also be baffling for a few adult. But, pushing the right buttons and brainstorming can give you the right answer. For all our readers, here’s a fun riddle to solve: There were some folks on a train. Nineteen people get off the train at the first station, while 17 get aboard. There are now 63 people on the train. First of all, how many people were aboard the train?

Drop in your answers in the comments below, with an explanation as to how you reached the figure! 

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