Direct Medical Programs After High School In Canada

A medico in today’s day and age, and especially after 2020, is a highly prestigious person. More and more students every day want to join this prestigious profession, probably the only professionals considered a place next to gods, rightly so. There are conventional doctors and their various specializations in that field, but one can also be associated with the medical profession if they choose not to pursue traditional medical studies to become a doctor. Here we will discuss a few of some of those programs that are available in Canada for aspiring students to pursue as a career.

Features to look out for

1.     Cost

The cost of the course is often the main thought-after factor when choosing which course to go for. The cost of the course, as well as the whole other setup of accommodation and food, is what usually tips the scale of the student towards a hefty student loan. Cost of the course and the analysis of how fast that amount can be recovered after joining said profession needs to be done before committing to a course

2.     Duration

Most of these listed programs are of a duration of 2 to 3 years. The degrees usually last 3 years whereas the diplomas and master’s programs are for 2 years. The MBBS equivalent program which is also called the MD in Canada however lasts for 4 years.

3.     Demand

It is incredibly important for the course of the profession to be in demand. An obsolete profession is less likely to give a prosperous career as well as a good salary. It needs to be in demand in the medical market for the individual to get nicely placed in a good company where a good career is likely to be ahead of that professional.

4.     Difficulty

The difficulty level of the course however may be an indication of the quality and expertise of said subject as well as the candidate, it also can be proven to be a hindrance in the course of the course. If the course is incredibly hard, more often than not, the chances of dropout increase. If not, the poor performance that can be a result of the hard course can prove to be an issue for the future.

5.     Return On Investment

Education is essentially an investment and like all investments, the students want attractive returns out of it. The return on investment in case of a course, especially a medical course right after high school. Delves more into it than just financial gains. The career prospects and demand in the market for that profession also play a huge role in terms of determining the return on investment for that course or program.

Canadian Direct Medical Programs For High Schoolers

1.     Advanced Diploma in Medical Radiation Technology

Medical Imaging and screening are an important part of diagnostic medicine nowadays and Medical Radiation Technology is a groundbreaking technology that is in demand at its peak. This Diploma course is usually three years of duration and costs somewhere between 17 to 18 thousand Canadian dollars excluding food and accommodation mostly of which are converted to Indian rupees and will stand at a bit more than a lakh.

The minimum marks should be 65 per cent that a student needs to maintain throughout high school to get into this course easily.

2.     Bachelor of Physiotherapy

The industry for Physiotherapists is a wide one. From hospitals to sports teams, everybody looks for a good physiotherapist, and being a part of this community with good education and certification is always profitable. An average bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy in Canada takes about 2 years in most cases. The cost for the entire degree is 10 thousand Canadian dollars excluding food and accommodation mostly but in most cases, scholarships are available for hardworking and deserving students.

3.     Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

In today’s society, not often are veterinary scientists and veterinary surgeons considered medical professionals but they are exactly in the field f the medical profession. The medical profession does not come with a predetermined species preference. Canadian veterinary courses and degrees are one of a kind with their state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. The degree course is of 3 years generally and it cost around 55-60 thousand Canadian dollars excluding food and accommodation mostly in total but for deserving students, scholarships are available.

4.     BDS

Dentistry courses in Canada after high school is very prestigious course. The course is almost similar to that of its Indian counterpart. It takes 4 years and the student needs to secure a score minimum of 70 per cent to get into the dentistry program in Canada. It is a fairly costly course ranging from 150,000 to 200,000 Canadian dollars excluding food and accommodation mostly for the full course. Education loans are available for most students. Deserving candidates are eligible for scholarships and financial aid according to the institution’s discretion.

5.     Nursing

Nursing is probably the most populated course in the entire world when it comes to the medical field. Nurses are the correspondent subordinates to doctors and are needed at every step of every possible functioning in the medical field. Studying nursing in Canada is quite costly indeed. The 3 years of nursing course, per year, can cost up to 45 thousand Canadian dollars excluding food and accommodation mostly. Nursing licenses in Canada need to be earned through an entrance exam and a minimum of 70 percentile throughout high school is desirable. Nurses are first educated through college and then trained hands-on through internships in hospitals, posted all across the country.

6.     Diploma in Health Information Management

The non-medical workers or rather non-technical workers in any hospital all across the globe do not get enough recognition as they should. There is a huge market for these programs of management personnel recruitment and demand is increasing day by day. The average cost of a health information management course is 80 to 90 thousand per course excluding food and accommodation. The duration of these diploma courses ranges from 2 to 3 years. Financial aid and scholarships are available for deserving students.


To save the best for the last, the most important and commonly aspired course is always for a student to be a doctor. Doctors can be of multiple streams and specializations. The requirements for studying medicine in Canada are quite tough to achieve, similar to other countries. Like other countries, an aspiring student needs to have impeccable academic records throughout high school as well as an amazing score on the medical board entrance exam. 

The cost of studying medicine in Canada is on the higher side. Per year it costs near about 60 thousand Canadian dollars, depending on the university. Financial aid and scholarships are available through tests and previous academic records.


These above-mentioned courses are available for a candidate to join right after school or high school. These courses are available in Canada and open for students from all across the world, provided they fulfil the admissions requirement. If you want to be in the medical field, be it becoming a doctor or any other above-mentioned courses, work on your academics, as well as the prerequisite conditions laid out by your dream university. These courses include an array of fields where a medical professional operates. The medical profession is so much more than just the doctors and nurses and these courses, degrees, and diplomas are the way to train the younger generation to provide state-of-the-art medical facilities.

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