Do The Other States Recognize The California High School Proficiency Exam?

California’s high school exit test has been permanently abolished thanks to legislation Governor Jerry Brown signed. The legislature agreed in 2015 to eliminate the California High School Exit Examination as a prerequisite for graduation for the high school classes of 2015 through 2018.

Therefore, those without high school graduation have CHSPE as a possible choice. California’s high school students who have finished the 10th grade and are at least 16 years old are eligible to take the test. Additionally, students eligible to take the CHSPE are now enrolled in the second part of the tenth grade. 

The CHSPE is equivalent to the GED, despite the latter’s requirement that applicants be 18 years old and include subjects like science and social studies that the former does not. The price is now $130. Only cashier’s checks, money orders, and credit cards are accepted for payments when enrolling online. 

In this post, we will navigate through the requirements of CHSPE, and see whether or not other states recognize the California High School Proficiency Exam. 

Can you graduate with one F?

As long as you make up for those missed credits by retaking the class or enrolling in another one in its place, you can still graduate from college with an F on your record. In addition, you can easily graduate if you have the necessary credits in your major or program and your electives.

What kind of Math is on the CHPSE?

Fifty multiple-choice questions are included in the mathematics part of the CHSPE, and they are divided into four curriculum clusters:

● Number sense and operations

● Patterns, relationships, and algebra

● Data, statistics, and probability

● Geometry and measurement

According to the California Education Code, the public school system in the state must offer the following minimum course requirements: three years of instruction in both English and history/social science, two years in math and science, and one year of instruction in either the visual or performing arts, a foreign language, or career technical education. 

How do you study for the CHPSE?

You must pass both the English Language Arts and Mathematics sections of the CHSPE to pass and get a Certificate of Proficiency, which requires passing the Language subtest and the Reading subtest. However, the two English Language Arts subtests do not need to be passed on the same day, nor do you need to pass both portions. Take note that the writing assignment and the multiple-choice questions must be finished within the same test delivery for the Language subtest.

You may take the CHSPE as often as possible, but you’ll need to register and pay the applicable exam cost each time. Please study the CHSPE Test Specifications document on the Resources page for further details on passing marks. Find below all you need to know about how to study for the CHPSE exam. 

● Consult trustworthy CHSPE study resources.

● Get acquainted with the test content.

● Use model inquiries.

● Engage in study partners.

● Plan your study time.

What is the CHPSE test? 

The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) measures students’ mastery of fundamental reading, writing, and math concepts taught in public schools. It is an optional test. The California State Board of Education issues Certificates of Proficiency to qualified individuals who pass the CHSPE. Despite the latter’s requirement that candidates be at least 18 years old and include areas like science and social studies that the former does not, the CHSPE is equal to the GED. The current cost is $130. When enrolling online, only cashier’s checks, money orders, and credit cards are accepted as forms of payment. 

Requirements for a CHSPE

You are only permitted to take the CHSPE on the exam day if you:

● have reached the age of sixteen, or

● having attended grade ten for at least one academic year, or

● will finish their first academic year in grade ten before the conclusion of the semester that the next regular administration is held. (Each school year’s autumn and spring administrations are considered regular administrations.) 


Accommodations are aids that change the test’s setting, format, or participants’ responses. Accommodations make it possible for the test-taker to participate, but they have no significant impact on the test’s objectives or results.

Criteria to pass

A-C is a grade that ranges between a 70 to 79 per cent D, which is still a passing mark, and a 59 to 69 per cent F, which is a failing grade. Therefore, CHSPE is an option for people who did not complete high school. The test is open to high school students in California who have completed the 10th grade and are at least 16 years old. Students enrolled in the second semester of the tenth grade are also permitted to take the CHSPE.

Can you earn a 2.0 GPA and graduate from high school? Although a 2.0 GPA is sufficient to graduate from high school, most universities and some trade schools need a high school GPA of at least 3.0 (B) or higher. 

What CGPA or grade is needed to pass?

Since a D is not a failing grade, it is officially deemed passing. A failure happens when the student has a grade of D or lower (60-69%). A D is just barely passing while being a passing grade. As a result, it receives a bad reputation.


Even if a juvenile passes the CHSPE, they are still required to attend school. Minors with Certificates of Proficiency require confirmed parental or guardian consent to discontinue their education. The majority of kids who pass the CHSPE stay in school. According to state law, if you drop out of school after passing the CHSPE and are younger than eighteen, you are permitted to re-enrol without facing any repercussions in the district where you now reside. 

If you re-enrol, drop out, and then enrol again, you might not be allowed to reapply until the start of the next semester. To learn more about attending school after completing the CHSPE, speak with your guidance counsellor or the school’s administration. It is against the law for students under eighteen to leave school after enrolling for the CHSPE or while awaiting results. Additionally, you can receive failing marks in the enrolled classes.

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