High School Freshman Bucket List

Bucket Lists – These are a part of everyone’s lives; students or adults, we all have a few goals and ambitions in life, which we all refer to as our bucket lists. However, when referring to the young adult, who has entered a new phase of schooling, and is already paving their way to sophomore year, junior and senior year, these young learners should have a list of quintessential things they would like to work on or achieve during this phase of their life. 

This is especially true since the new school year demands putting your high school bucket list so that you can follow a path more diligently and be happier about your achievements by the end of the year. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss a few fun yet crucial things that can be added to any high schooler’s bucket list. This list will prepare the young grasshopper for the phase ahead and ensure that the teen is on the right track to becoming an adult. 

High School Freshman Bucket List: 50 Things to Add 

While entering high school, everyone has some long term and short-term goals planned. However, planning a bucket list as a freshman too, can be super exciting. This is because you know that you have a whole of 4 years right in front of you, which you can use to shape the start of your adult life. Hence, here are 50 things that you can pick from to add to your bucket list. 

  1. Join a sport
  2. Make friends with new people
  3. Find a mentor. This can be a teacher, coach, or school counselor.
  4. Join clubs at school
  5. Conduct a Harmless Prank
  6. Make a Scrapbook for Every Year of High School
  7. Attend a musical
  8. Help a fundraiser
  9. Do something nice for an underrated staff member
  10. Cook a special dinner for your family
  11. Support a cause
  12. Start a journal
  13. Do something for the environment
  14. Start saving some money
  15. Experience another culture
  16. Learn another language
  17. Stand up for someone else
  18. Host a sleepover
  19. Start a blog or a YouTube Channel
  20. Run a mile
  21. Be a part of the student government in school
  22. Read more
  23. Sleep under the stars
  24. Give your favorite teacher a small token of love for Teacher Appreciation Week
  25. Try a new food item
  26. Explore career options
  27. Plan a summer camping trip
  28. Make a mix tape
  29. Attend a football game
  30. Apply for an internship
  31. Decorating friends’ lockers for their birthdays
  32. Learn how to handle stress
  33. Keep in touch with people that leave for college before you
  34. Watch a sunrise or sunset
  35. Join an activity outside your comfort zone
  36. Be a part of a band
  37. Find a hobby you can carry forward to adulthood
  38. Go on a college visit
  39. Become an editor of the class paper
  40. Try a new look
  41. Write a letter to your future self
  42. Take an art class
  43. Join choir – even if you can’t sing
  44. Do a fancy dress with your friends
  45. Make a go-to hangout spot with your friends
  46. Host a big 16th birthday party
  47. Look into AP and SAT subject tests
  48. Run for class president
  49. Get straight As
  50. Try out for the cheerleader team

Things to consider while making a bucket list for yourself as a high school freshman

Whether you are going to be a freshman soon or have already entered the freshman year, it is crucial that you take all the advantages and make the most of the opportunities in high school. Hence consider these factors before adding points to your bucket list:

  1. Always aim to make a list that is realistic and achievable. While a few things might look and sound very intriguing, these are the goals that might not be achievable during high school. For example, taking a world tour. While this might be a goal that can be achieved in the latter years, keeping this as a goal for your high school bucket list might be a little useless.
  2. Think about high school as the perfect opportunity to explore. Hence, add the most amount of things that you feel can be done only during high school. For example, joining a school band. 
  3. Do not take inspiration from others’ bucket lists. While it is true that during high school, our friends and peers tend to influence us the most. But, this of your own unique points to add to your bucket list. After all, just like each individual’s interest differs, the bucks list too should be different for all.
  4. Dare yourself to try new things. The idea of a bucket list is to step out of your comfort zone and think of new and unique things. For example, by the end of high school, I want to be fluent in one foreign language.

Besides the bucket list, another priority on the list of the freshman should be to have a checklist for the sophomore year ready, as preparing for the year ahead is always an ideal thing to do.

Summing up,

Always remember that high school can be bittersweet, but when you have a small roadmap ready infront of you, the path can be much more organized. Moreover, the ending of high school would leave you much happier knowing that you have experienced these years to the fullest. While the whole life lies in front of you for beautiful experiences yet, daring yourself to try out new things and add some fun points to your bucket list can be the ideal way to go about it. Lastly, while creating your bucket list, always remember that high school happens just once, so go on and add that goal to your bucket list, which you have been contemplating for a long!

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