10 Inspirational Movies Every High Schooler Must Watch

Who doesn’t love watching the best-loved movie on a pleasant evening with a bucket of popcorn?  Be it a suspense thriller or an action flick, all of them can transpire to be an exceptional source of entertainment. Numerous movies are a great source of motivation too. Ironman,  an iconic movie from marvel studios, instructs viewers to encounter difficulties in life to come out as a winner.

Not only this, many other movies assemble abundant inspiration for you to get persuaded. Let us look into our favourite flicks handpicked to inspire high schoolers. Prior to this, let us comprehend how movies can turn exhilarating.

Movies- How can they be inspiring?

Despite being an exceptional medium for refreshments, flicks are persuasive. Today they can be availed in several mediums. As the latest entrant, OTT platforms turned out to be a handy fount. No matter what genre like comedy, Drama, fantasy or Actions they belong to, films have a tremendous influence on every viewer. In this accord, let us ponder how flicks add value:

1. The greatest source of Inspiration

Movies can be a profound routine to rejuvenate from the tedious daily routine. This way, they can inspire us.  When we can notice the protagonist facing and deciphering the conflict, we aspire to retain energy to stand back again to face life. 

2. They can Drive Social Change

Kids are often seen craving to be their favourite superhero after watching a movie. This shows the level of impact that flicks make on viewers. An interesting movie with a good message will have that ability to make necessary mental transpose, thus motivating them.

3. They Process our strenuous life lessons

Have you ever felt that a character in a movie is just like you? Almost everyone would have felt the same at some point in life. This happens when you discern that the character’s conflict is the same as yours. The solution given at the climax often deciphers your problems.

4. They preach family systems

Movies that have legitimate drama often manifest the value of relations and family. Research by Anthony M.Hudock illustrates the same. Finding Nemo, a movie from Pixar, clearly shows the bonding between a father and a son.

Inspirational Movies For High School Students- Our Favourite picks 

Amid numerous delightful flicks, there lie some inspiring movies just like diamonds in a basket of pebbles. Here are our handpicked stimulating movies for high schoolers:

1. Life of Pie (2012)

This visual wonder, though seems to be a real-life incident, is an adaptation from a much-acclaimed novel by Yann Martel. Life Of Pie was released as a book in 2001, which was later made as a film in 2012.  This flick is considered to be one of the most memorable films to date. 

The tale begins with a boy who survives a ship crash along with a tiger. The rest of the story exhibits how he survived 76 days on a small boat till he reached the nearby land. This eleven academy awards winning film creates the next level of inspiration to all its viewers with brilliant performances and storylines. This movie is presently available on Netflix.

2. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

This biographical drama is directed by Gavriele Muccino. Starring Will Smith as a homeless salesman, this movie showcases how he comes over all the catches of life to become a multimillion-dollar stockbroker. The challenges that Smith comes across are very well written and his response to them would inspire the viewers to face life. The character arc of Smith from a scanner promoter to a stockbroker is unique.  Stunning performances along with gripping screenplay glues viewers to it. Moreover, this movie shows that when one door in life closes, another door opens. This iconic movie is available in Amazon prime video. 

3. Wall-E (2008)

If you are a Disney or Pixar enthusiast, this movie is a must-watch for you. This American computer-animated movie is set in the 29th century where humans had to evacuate earth due to overloaded garbage and lack of greenery. However, they left trash compacting robots on earth. The last surviving among them is Wall- E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth Class). The tale runs around Wall-E:  how it found a planet again on earth and how humans are brought back to earth. Being narrated in a fictional backdrop, this movie manages to explore all the emotions like love and inspiration showing that there is hope even after the earth is thronged with garbage.  This movie is available on Disney+Hotstar.

4. WarGames(1983)

This movie can be your pick if you love unusual settings. The story starts with the automation of NORAD (North-American Aerospace Defence Command) with the WOPR supercomputer. Later David, a high school student, hacks his school computer system to change grades. IN this expedition, he explores some games in which he sees “Theaterwide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare. ” He hacks the password and plays it without knowing that he was controlling the NORAD missiles. How he came out of this complication forms the rest of the story. 

The climax of the movie is inspiring where the WOPR learns to automate and says “The only winning move is not to play”, which shows that war is not the solution. This movie is available in Amazon prime video

5. The Fault in Our stars (2014)

Every one of us must welcome our life as it is. The Fault in Our stars preaches exactly the same. The story starts with Hazel, a teen thyroid Cancer tolerant spending her dull life. Everything changes when Gus, a bone cancer tolerant guy, comes into her life. Both of them form bonds over their hobbies and favourite books. Hazel eventually gets a number of beautiful memories with Gus. But, soon he passes away with a letter confessing his love to her. The pre-funeral gathering scene of Gus in a church is too invigorating.

This iconic movie makes every viewer satisfied with what they have in life. Gus enjoys his life as it is, and also ensures the same for Hazel. This movie, adapted from a book of the same name, was directed by Josh Boone and is available on Disney+Hotstar. 

6. Soul (2020)

This computer animation was directed by Pete Docter. The tale revolves around a soul trying to get back to its body. In this expedition, he meets other souls in the afterlife and new souls in beforelife, and finally finds the real reason for life: enjoy it meticulously. The storyline seems to be pretty simple, but the beautifully written scenes establish a delightful experience. This light-hearted movie somehow illustrates what’s more important in life. Being a Disney movie Soul can be a complete family pick. Watch this movie on Disney+Hotstar to have an inducing evening. 

7. Forrest Gump (1994)

This inspirational movie is an adaptation of the novel with the same name released in 1986. Being a  drama directed by Robert Zemeckis, it is an eye-opener for many customary discernments. This epitome revolves around Forrest, a football player and a war hero with an IQ of just 75 who achieved fame and success. You can see Gump, the protagonist, being extremely optimistic, which takes him away from odds in his life. Moreover, he always appreciates what he has got in life. He even accepts the certainty that his love leaves him and lets her go. The setting, back story, and characterisation are so indulgent that many viewers wonder if it is a real-life story. This Movie is available on Amazon Prime Video.

8. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

This inciting film directed by Clint Eastwood revolves around Maggie Fitzgeralf, who aspires to be a boxer. She often goes to the gym to train despite her dream of boxing. Initially, the owner of the gym, Frankie, refuses to train her but eventually gives in. Maggie soon makes her way to the top with her abilities and perseverance. But, another challenge arises when her parents get obsessed with money and forget to care for her. 

Evidently, all sports dramas spawn incitement, but Million Dollar Baby has a unique screenplay and narration that makes it out engrossing. If you like sports dramas, this movie can be your pick. It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

9. Chef (2014)

Chef justifies the saying- When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The tale revolves around a passionate head chef, Carl Casper. Carl loves making innovative dishes, but his restaurant administration wants him to make traditional cuisine dishes.  This leads to a clash between them; soon, Carl leaves the job. Later, he clashes with Ramsey, a food critic, and is humiliated in public. In this scenario, Marvin offers a food truck to him. Carl soon made innovative dishes with local ingredients and soon got popular. This stimulating movie available in Amazon prime video is a must-watch for food lovers.

10. The Greatest Showman (2017)

The discrimination of racism and hatred is productively answered in this movie. The tale revolves around a singing band facing discrimination challenges and finally getting fame with Barnum and Bailey Circus. The story is very inspiring and what adds to this stunner is the music and exceptional performance by the cast. This visual treat can be a family watch on a splendid evening. You can stream this movie from Disnep+Hoystar.

Summing Up

With around hundreds of flicks released every year, you may have a lot of alternatives to fill up your weekends.  However, not all of them are stimulating. Mull over our picks to have an astounding experience. Not only these, but movies like Slumdog Millionaire and Coco can also add up as special mentions. Thus, research like that of Tina Kubrak rightly shows that movies are a considerable means of individual and social transformation. Not only for adults, but this is also true for high schoolers too. 

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