15 Fashion Internship Programs For High School Students

Whether you are still in school, have just graduated, or want to explore the fashion business, you may be asking how to obtain entry-level experience to be a successful career for yourself. The answer to your concern is an internship!

It is an excellent first step toward realizing your ambition of working in the fashion sector if you complete a fashion internship. Working in various internship roles in the fashion business will help you determine what aspects of the industry you are most interested in. This will also enable you to create a valuable network of contacts who can send you in the correct direction when you are looking for a career.

In this post, we will dig deeper and look at some beneficial fashion internship programs for high schoolers. 

Be The Flow: Learn The Significance Of Fashion Internships

Internships in the fashion industry provide invaluable experience for people who have never worked in the industry or are still in school. Fashion internships are beneficial to your professional development even though they are not obligatory for many university degrees. This is because they provide you with valuable real-world experience and allow you to get your foot in the door of the fashion business. 

During your internship, you’ll be able to develop both hard and soft skills, as well as the chance to create essential contacts with established companies and designers who may be able to assist you in landing an entry-level career when your internship is through.

Fashion internships are an excellent way to discover what you DON’T like about the fashion business. For example, you could find that you don’t like developing fashion items but enjoy producing marketing commercials and materials for the fashion sector. 

Skills You Need For Recognition

A few of the most significant traits and talents you have that will help you obtain any fashion internship and thrive in it are listed below.

  • Mindset for Creativity

Interns at a design internship are expected to approach their job with a creative mindset. It is still beneficial to have this expertise, even if you do not end up in a design internship. Having an eye for aesthetically attractive materials is highly crucial in this field. According to the company, even written marketing materials and promotional commercials might be influenced by the intern’s sense of style.

  • Skills in illustrative writing

Illustrative skills are of utmost significance in the fashion industry. Designers need to formulate their thoughts and ideas practically – and pen them down. This, in turn, accentuates their visualization aptitude, which assists them in coming up with better concepts around the design. A fashion design internship requires interns to have fundamental drawing abilities to sketch up probable styles and fashion event arrangements. 

  • The ability to recognize and understand texture, color, and high-quality fabric

All fashion interns, regardless of whether they want to work in the media, design, retailing, or supply chain, should be familiar with the fundamentals of fabric quality, textures, and complementary colors, among other things. It is critical to communicate these product qualities professionally and knowledgeably with consumers and fashion colleagues. Besides, having a thorough knowledge about the fabric materials, texture, etc. allows them to come up with quality content.

  • Visualisation Techniques

Visualization is a primary skill that a fashion designer intern should have. Not just in the fashion industry, to thrive and succeed in any field per se, visualization skills hold fundamental importance. Visualizing the end product/collection/display is critical when dealing with clothing since it allows you to plan effectively. This is an excellent talent to possess for aspiring visual merchandisers.

  • Knowledge about the current fashion trends 

Understanding current fashion trends and happenings will enable you to provide informed feedback while making judgments or brainstorming new ideas. This is how fashion companies remain competitive in today’s market. To gain an insight into the current fashion trends, be active on social media. Look to influencers, trendsetters, street-style fashion, and blogs to acquire information on the latest trends.

Best Fashion Internship Programs: Upgrade Your School Application

1. The Belk Internship

The Belk Internship Program will provide you with hands-on experience in various design-related fields. You’ll work with executives and suppliers to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Sketch reviews, competitor research, trend boards, color samples management, fabric choosing, and developing CADs are just a few of the skills that Design Interns will acquire throughout their time with the company. 

This internship empowers students with an orientation to senior managers, competent progress workshops, structured tasks, and public events. No matter the area of employment, every day is loaded with real-world familiarity and acknowledgment of positions within headquarters across the company.

2. URBN Internships

Internships are available at URBN, the conglomerate that includes Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People. In the historic Philadelphia Navy Yard or online, URBN internships provide students with the opportunity to get practical experience in a particular field of study.

Besides toiling with partners in their business, interns tackle a faction program with companions concentrated on invention and development for the company. Altogether, this internship is constructed to furnish an insight into the intricacies of big-box department stores, as well as the enthusiasm of the retail and e-commerce businesses.

3. UGG Women’s Design Intern

An enthusiastic self-starter, the UGG Women’s Design Intern will work closely with the Design Director and the rest of the design team to produce products that stay true to the brand’s DNA.

The Design Intern will help the UGG Brand create materials, cross-merchandising, the color palette, and seasonal themes. For the next fall season, the Design Intern will assist them with any creative design projects that may arise. 

4. Internship at YaYa Publicity

YaYa Publicity, situated in New York City, is looking for a summer intern. When it comes to public relations for fashion accessories, YaYa Publicity is the go-to agency for everything from press placements to digital and print editorials to celebrity/VIP relationships and the introduction of new brands/products. 

The YaYa Publicity board deals with press ordering on top-notch digital and print remarks, Celebrity/VIP associations, new brand/product takeoffs, and much more. Day-to-day activities comprise online/print edit work, tracking media placements, monitoring online credits, researching and updating press lists, and so on.

5. à pois BY ARIA Social Media Intern

A Pois By ARIA, an LA-based swimwear and lifestyle company for women and girls, is seeking an intern to help with social media strategy, content development, and influencer partnerships while receiving exposure to all facets of operations. 

During this internship, the aspirant will act closely with the whole à pois squad on several reports, progressing an enormous abundance of first-hand knowledge in social Relations! Customary activities encompass promoting weekly customer reporting, readying for press previews and other occasions, etcetera. 

6. Rhode Island School of Design’s Pre-College Program

The Pre-College Program at the Rhode Island School of Design perhaps won’t be your typical high school fashion internship, but it’s a fantastic experience nonetheless. This Internship inaugurates students interested in researching sculpture and layout in university to a system of like-minded imaginative high schoolers, challenges them with collegiate-level coursework, and enables them to generate portfolio-level chores. However, unlike paid internships, participants pay to participate in this internship program.

7. N’omose Couture Internship

Two social media interns enthusiastic about fashion are wanted by N’omose Couture, a business recognized for its brilliant and colorful African-inspired clothes, as remote (unpaid) interns to build their online community and interaction. 

Interns will work between five and ten hours a week on assignments such as establishing online content, harmonizing online advertisement crusades, and cooperating on other digital commerce undertakings.

8. Design Intern

In 2006, Barrel was created as a creative and digital marketing business. They work with clients to help them achieve their dreams through proficient skills in content, design, marketing, and technology.

They offer fashion internships with A&F, which is an excellent opportunity for high school students to graduate. Brand, UX/design, technology/development, CRM/email, and marketing strategy are just a few of the ways they work with the world’s most beloved brands to grow and enhance their direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies. Fashion and Apparel, CPG Food and beverage, Beauty and Skincare, and Home Goods are Barrel’s primary focus areas. 

9. Prounis Jewelry Summer Internship

Prounis Jewelry, a New York City-based boutique jewelry maker, is looking for an organized intern with a passion for jewelry creation. In addition to exciting pick-ups and drops of items, the intern will assist in drawing orders and doing quality control.

The responsibility imposes a two- to three-day commitment and reimburses between 15-18 dollars an hour. The internship begins in the summer and could potentially extend into the school year.

10. Internship in Apparel Design at Lands’ End

Lands’ End is on a quest to make the world a more pleasant place. They are concerned about the well-being of the workers, the people in the neighborhood, and the environment as a whole. The company’s doors are always open for high schoolers joining their team. To do this, they have made a firm commitment to fostering an atmosphere that is inviting, secure, and inclusive of all people. 

These internships are customized to approximate the student’s extraordinary abilities and curiosities with corporations in need of them. Three, eight, and 13-week internships are attainable and participants must pay to take part in them.

11. Posse.io Social Media Intern

Digital marketing and a love of fashion and beauty go hand in hand with this internship opportunity for high school students. The most recent developments in skincare, cosmetics, and the art of beauty will be reported by interns. 

Tasks encompass content innovation and curation, organizing a sociable chart, and specializing promptly with clients. The training is a three-day-a-week responsibility for a whole 18 hours. The pay varies from 18-20 dollars an hour.

12. The Summer Live Program for High School Students 

If you’re a high school student with an interest in fashion, this program is a terrific chance for you to expand your portfolio, explore several fashion areas, and get a taste of the college-level curriculum at one of the most prominent universities.

This week-long event brings academy freshmen from across the region together to get hands-on knowledge with a consumer idea case study and comprehend how to develop data insights and actionable job explanations from it. 

13. EDITE Showroom Warehouse Intern

They are always on the lookout for interns who can help with the creation of collections and aid in selling appointments and general collection maintenance at EDITE Showroom, a boutique fashion agency representing premium and modern brands.

The suitable candidate for this internship will have three days of availability, outstanding communication abilities, and an appetite to discover the fashion world. A bachelor’s degree is preferred, so high schoolers are going to have to really wow to earn this internship.

14. LIM College Fashion Lab Program

In LIM College’s Fashion Lab Program, students have the opportunity to pursue college-level coursework, build their portfolios, connect with industry professionals, and gain an understanding of what a future in fashion will look like—all before ever stepping foot in a college classroom! 

Subjects encompassed over the week-long session incorporate custom media, e-tailing, and styling. It amounts to $150 to join this training. Generally, there are two sessions held every year.

15. Parsons Online Summer Intensive Studies—Fashion Design

The Parsons School of Design/The New School in Lower Manhattan, one of the world’s top design schools, offers a four-week summer program for high school students interested in a career in fashion.

In this course, students work with world-class teachers and other students who share their interests to get practical experience in standard and non-traditional design processes. Likewise, participants will attain an awareness of the association between the arenas of composition, improvement, merchandising, and commerce. 

Fashion Internships: Perks that come along

An internship is a work experience provided by firms to students to receive some entry-level exposure to a given sector or area over a few weeks to several months.

A fashion internship provides students with the opportunity to obtain practical experience in the fashion sector. There are training options available with fashion newspapers, fashion designers, fashion retailers, and other companies involved in the fashion sector and individuals.

Internships in the fashion industry are not restricted to roles in the design field. There are a variety of internship possibilities available for students interested in fashion marketing, supply chain management, financial analysis, and other related areas. Here are the top 4 benefits of engaging in fashion internships. 

  • Create a worldwide network from the comfort of your own home

The professional relationships that interns build during their high school internships are essential advantages of the experience. It makes no difference what route they choose in the future; building a network will open doors to professional and academic chances. 

The limits of international boundaries do not restrict students who do small assignments, and they can establish global relationships from the comfort of their own homes. Those who participate in these placements will benefit from the guidance and motivation they get. When it is time to submit letters of recommendation to a university or possible company, the graduates stand out from the crowd because of their extensive network of professional contacts.

  • Take advantage of a flexible schedule

Remote internship programs are designed to be flexible, allowing high school students with demanding schedules to obtain valuable professional experience while still in school. These internship programs are available in all of the professional categories – and on a flexible schedule. Both full-time and part-time internships are offered. All from the comfort of their own homes, these remote global postings help high school students build a CV that stands out, create important professional contacts, and obtain a global perspective on the industry.

  • Consult with a career counselor

Interns get a one-hour coaching session with one of the career coaches with extensive expertise in the field. After the internship, students may pick a coach from myriads of specialists, depending on their interests and future stages – to lead them through their next steps after their internship. In addition to providing vital guidance and skills in resume writing, acing future interviews, personal branding, and other areas, these seminars are also fun!

  • Develop your fundamental abilities

The career advancement training internships provide high school students with an excellent chance to get the knowledge and skills vital in today’s workplace by industry leaders. In addition to developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, interns also develop oral and written communication skills and leadership and cultural fluency.


Fashion internships are an excellent way to get relevant real-world job experience that you can include on your CV and discuss with potential employers. We all know how fiercely competitive the fashion business can be at times.

The actions outlined below will ensure that you set yourself up for success and get you one step closer to securing a fantastic internship. In order to get into a promising internship program, apply for the positions that are most relevant to your experience, skill sets, and interests. Include key topics, cover letters, credentials, and other relevant professional experiences in your CV.

Also, try to make a lasting impression by adopting best practices in interviewing and asking thought-provoking questions. Lastly, specify concrete instances that demonstrate your understanding of the fashion business and how you used that understanding to solve an issue or finish a project.

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