200 Biology Research Topics For High School

Research papers are an integral part of high school. A detailed research paper is required in most of the subjects, and one just cannot back out, as this is a part of their curriculum. However, what is even more laborious than writing the whole research paper? Finding a good topic!

The same goes for biology. Although there are plenty of topics out there that a student can write about, choosing a relevant topic is often a taxing job since they may need to brainstorm various factors. However, it can be disentangled with clarity and appropriate counsel. 

While this subject deals with various areas like cells, animals, plants, and human anatomy; in this post, we would appraise you with 200 biology research topics handpicked for aspiring high schoolers, to make their task easier.

Biology Research Topics- Finding the Right one 

Choosing the right topic can be a long expedition. However, it can be effortless when students are clear about their requirements personally and academically. To discern the same, it can be a fair idea to look into some crucial attributes that can lead a high schooler towards a desired biology research topic.

  • Know your niche

Learners often have one or more notions that they feel enticing to learn and travel with. For instance, a student may like to learn and work in cell biology, while another may love studying more about genetics. Knowing the niche in which they can excel can make their topic selection facile.

  • Stick to one Narrow topic

After comprehending the choice of the niche, the scholar may need to narrow down to one topic which is intriguing and manageable at the same time. Evidently, “Study of Mitochondria and its benefits ” is a better choice than “Cell biology”. Choosing a righteous narrow topic may mitigate the constraints like taxing research and report length later. 

  • Consult mentors and Peers

Instructors are always available to answer the queries of pupils. Students can take their inputs to add strength to their research topics. Mentors not only assist to choose the right topic but also can advise a few changes in the choice to make it finer. Say, a student has chosen “Study of DNA”, the mentor can suggest modifying it to ”Role of DNA in Curing Diseases”. Brainstorming sessions with peers may also ameliorate the topic decision 

  • Ensure the School Regulations 

High school research is often guided by some crucial regulations to stipulate students work efficiently. Students may need to choose a topic somehow related to the academic syllabus. Further, they may be stimulated to address burning issues to create awareness. Adhering to the guidelines can mitigate the need for rectifications later. 

200 Biology Research Topics- To Start With Right Away

High School biology has several sections to choose from, which may make it taxing for students to resolute on one choice. Here is a sizable list of 201 biology research topics for high schoolers which they can start instantly: 

Cell Biology

  1. Animal cell and its structure
  2. Functions of Cells
  3. Mitochondria- the PowerHouse of cell
  4. Functions of an RBC- How does it transfer Oxygen?
  5. Functions of a WBC- How does it retain immunity?
  6. Components of Plant Cell
  7. Plant Cell Vs. Animal Cell
  8. Cell Division
  9. Mitosis Vs. Meiosis
  10. Bacteria- How is it different from cells?
  11. Cell structure and antibiotic Resistance
  12.  What are cancer cells? Are they Dangerous?
  13. Mushrooms and Molds- A brief Study of Fungi
  14. Curing Cancer Cells
  15.  Stem Cells- A brief Study
  16. Embryonic vs Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
  17. Adults vs Induced Pluripotent stem Cells 


  1. The Build of Human DNA
  2. Components of DNA
  3. DNA vs RNA
  4. Chromosomes- A brief Study
  5. Double Helix Structure of DNA
  6. Singled celled Organisms and their DNA
  7. Bacteria and its DNA
  8. X and Y chromosomes
  9. Genetic INformation in DNA
  10. DNA modification- Its application in medicine
  11. Cancer and DNA modification
  12. DNA of dinosaurs
  13. Do plants have DNA?

Molecular Biology

  1.  Gene- A Brief History
  2. Components of Gene
  3. Drugs for Humans
  4. Vaccine vs Drugs
  5. A brief study of Gregor Mendel
  6. Dominant vs recessive genes
  7. Widow’s peak illustration of Genes
  8. What is mutation?
  9. Hormones and their functions
  10. Artificial hormones for animals
  11. PCR tests for analyzing DNA
  12. Structure of a Molecule
  13. Structure of prion
  14. DNA transcription-Its applications
  15. Central Dogma
  16. Heredity and traits 


  1. Human Nervous System- A brief description
  2. Structure and components of neurons.
  3. Neurons vs Animal cell
  4. A brief study of electric pulses in the human brain
  5. Altering reaction speed in the brain
  6. Alzheimer’s disease- its study in genetics
  7. Neurobiological Degeneration- does it have a cure?
  8. Brain injuries and cures
  9. Spinal Cord Injuries and cures
  10. Narcolepsy 
  11. Insomnia
  12. A brief study of mental health with neurobiology
  13. Various emotions and their neural pulses
  14. A brief study of the human neurological system


  1. A brief study of ancient cloning techniques
  2. Reasons behind Abortion. Is it ethical
  3. Procedure of abortion
  4. What is human cloning? 
  5. Side effects of Human Cloning
  6. Goals of Human Cloning
  7. Transplantation vs Human Cloning
  8.  Perfect child theory. Is it ethical?
  9. Gene cloning- Removal of undesirable traits.
  10. Genes and ethics
  11.  Gene therapy
  12. Gene therapy vs Cloning
  13. Curing Cancer with Gene therapy
  14. Cons of Cloning

Environment and Ecology

  1. A Brief Study of Charles Darwin 
  2. The Evolution Theory
  3. Natural Selection- the complete study
  4. Mutation- A brief study with examples
  5. Adaptations in animals- Study with 5 examples
  6. Divergent evolution
  7. Convergent evolution
  8. Parallel Evolution
  9. Components of a sustainable environment
  10.  Environmental Friendly Practices
  11. Role of Plastics in pollution
  12. Alternatives for Plastic
  13. Deforestation
  14. Solutions for Deforestations
  15. Ecological concerns
  16. History of the Ozone layer
  17. Change in ecology- A study of extinct animals
  18. Effects of Fast Food factories
  19. Reversing ecological changes
  20. Climate changes and their effects
  21. Global Warming
  22. GreenHouse effect

Plants And Animals

  1. A study of Endangered animals
  2. Melatonin therapy
  3. Benefits of growing plants in the home
  4. A brief study of popular plant diseases
  5. Effects of pesticides and herbicides
  6. Immunity in plants
  7. The Banana Pandemic
  8. Weedy and Invasive Plants
  9. Genetic analysis of plants
  10. Medicinal plants- A brief study
  11. Evolution in plants
  12. Plants in Food production
  13. Components of Photosynthesis
  14. A brief study of Phytohormones
  15. Antibiotics and phytocides
  16. A detailed study of Stomata structure
  17. Grafting techniques
  18. Roots and stem modification
  19. Real-life examples of taxonomy
  20. Study of sweet potato Virus
  21. Classifications of animals
  22. Evolution of marine life
  23. Prehistoric aquatic life- study of enormous creatures
  24. Evolution of land-based life
  25. Zoos and petting- are they ethical?
  26. Drug testing on animals
  27. A brief study of cows and their benefits on Humans
  28. Food chain and classification
  29. Vegans vs carnivores
  30. Resistance in animals
  31. Behavioral changes  in animals due to evolution
  32. A brief study of intelligence in animals
  33. Migration of birds- a brief study.
  34. Study of extinct species and bringing back them
  35. Types of dinosaurs
  36. Male pregnancy in animals 

Marine Biology

  1. Oil spilling in the ocean- strategies to mitigate
  2. Ocean Acidification and its effects
  3. Evolution in aquatic animals
  4. Camouflage mechanism
  5. Petting marine species
  6. Study on Ultrasonic communication in whales
  7. Role of marine shows and debate on its ethics
  8. Are mermaids real?
  9. A study of immortal marine species
  10. Plankton and its medicinal uses
  11. Underwater ecologies
  12. Freshwater And Seawater
  13. A brief study of coral reefs
  14. Medicinal values of coral reef plants
  15. Tectonic plates and underwater earthquakes


  1. Heart Rhythm and Arrhythmias
  2. Preventive Cardiology
  3. Hypertension
  4. InterventionalCardiology
  5. Heart Failure (Myocardial Biology)
  6. Heart Disease in various age groups
  7. Signs, symptoms and first aid for Heart Disease.
  8. A study of ECG and other apparatus

Hormone Biology

  1. Pregnancy and hormonal changes
  2. Bipolar Disorder
  3. Endocrine and related diseases
  4. MEntal health in different genders. 
  5. Stress and immunity

Reproductive System

  1. Cervical Cancer and its cure
  2. A brief study of puberty
  3. Contraception
  4. Infertility
  5. Test tube babies
  6. The concept of surrogacy
  7. Tubectomy and vasectomy
  8. Male Reproductive complications and their cures
  9. Female reproductive complications and their cure

Digestive System

  1. Gastrointestinal tract- a brief study
  2. Components of Digestive systems
  3. A brief study of stomach and liver
  4. Functions of intestines

Skeletal System

  1. The function of the skeletal system
  2. Type of bones
  3. Functions of Sesamoid bones
  4. Foods for healthy bones 
  5. A brief study of Spinal Cord

Excretory System

  1. The detailed study on Kidney and its Function
  2. Gross Anatomy of the Urinary System
  3. Reasons for Renal Calculi (Kidney Stones) and cures


  1. Coordination between muscular system and skeletal system 
  2. Benefits of ecotourism
  3. Extinction of bees- A brief study
  4. The green revolution
  5. US Grain economy
  6. Agricultural practices for more yield
  7. World trade of food
  8. A brief study of Covid 19
  9. Renewable energies and their effect on plants 
  10. Bacteria and depression
  11. Genes and neuron functions
  12. Robotic surgeries- the study of the future. 
  13. Benefits of organic farming
  14. Study of various components of flower and a fruit
  15. Diet and obesity
  16. Various components of Brain
  17. Diabetes and its cure
  18. CRISPR and Genetic Engineering
  19. A brief on Cell tissue engineering

Summing up

Having a large number of alternatives often creates incertitude. The topics we put forward are all worth considering. Determining your area of interest can make your choice facile. For instance, if you feel genetics enticing, prefer choosing relevant topics. You may consider consulting researchers, faculty and pertinent professionals to add muscle to your research. Review our picks to see if any of those can fit your choice in making a credible research paper. 

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