50 Creative Writing Topics For High School Essays

While all other subjects need students to learn obligatory notions, English often stipulates them to communicate better and be creative. Communing can be enticing if a pupil chooses creative writing since it draws on fascination to convey their imaginary narratives. For all those who love a divergent approach to dispatch views, being artistic in writing and speaking is probably statutory. For adolescent schoolers, creative writing practices can be crucial for their all-round development. Correspondingly, we will explore fifty engrossing creative writing topics. 

Essays are pieces of writing that convey opinions, expressions, and views of an author on a particular topic. The word limit can be resolved based on factors like time limit and complexity. Sometimes Short stories can be a great choice when creativity is pre-eminent. Before we may look into our picks, you may comprehend the edges of creative writing and how to choose an appropriate topic to start with. 

Edges Of Creative Writing- How Do Students Get A Cut Above?

Encouraging popular belief, some researches like that of Trent Hergenrader1 show that Creative Writing gives a push to STEM education. Let us explore how it adds value to learners:

  • Fascination and Artistry: They exercise creative minds to employ their imaginations, thus broadening through the process, including analysis and problem-solving abilities. 
  • Self-evaluation and confidence: For those who feel expressing themself taxing, Creative writing gives them an opportunity to explore the world and employ various entities to express themselves. One fine instance depicts depression with a tree shedding its leaves. This way, a sense of self-confidence blossoms with a strong voice developed. 
  • Better communication: A piece of writing often stipulates the author to be planned and organized using language and thoughts; this eventually enhances the communication skills. They even develop convincing skills to their legitimate point of view. 
  • Enhanced Empathy: Evidently, regulations of reading and writing are grasped. Consequently, authors learn to imagine and create different settings, places and emotions. All these make them master inferring various perspectives, leading to Empathy. 
  • Mental and Emotional strength: Since it focuses one’s mind on it, Writing is often considered meditation, strengthening mental and emotional well-being. A thesis by Adrienne M, Ero-Phillips2 concludes that writing can heal persons with mental health issues.

How to Choose A Topic?

The ability to write is not just adequate to make creative pieces of writing. Choosing an appropriate topic forms the foundation of the entire course of action. Following strategies can aid for the same:

  • Recognising expertise: May it be suspense or a love drama, every author has one or more areas of expertise. Identifying the same can ameliorate the outcomes.
  • Observe What readers love: Reader should always be the point of focus for every author. Comprehending what they love to consume would make them create enticing content.
  • Be particular: Once the author identifies what to write upon. They need to be particular on the topic. Evidently, a reader would like to read about Galileo in particular rather than a brief study of early astronomers. 

List Of Creative Writing Topics – Our Picks

Inferring the benefits of creative writing would entice schoolers to coddle in them. Evidently, practice for the same is obligatory. If you are looking for a topic to stick to it, review the following picks to start brushing up on artistic abilities.


Essays are probably the most common creative writing pieces of practice in schooling. Not only for rehearsing, institutions also host various essay competitions to instigate motivation in students. Here are some enticing topics you may look for:

  1. How do you Infer Ethics? 
  2. Writing is a superpower. Explain
  3. Describe a perfect home.
  4. What happens if the world turns democratic?
  5. Evaluate your life and predict your previous life accordingly.
  6. Breaking a promise- Is it Healthy?
  7. What are you grateful for in life?
  8. How is conflict different from criticism?
  9. Dreamworld and its attributes.
  10. The hardest task for mankind.
  11. Comment on Family Traditions- Are they healthy?
  12. What if your life is made as a movie?
  13. What do you mean by Partner in life?
  14. What if all 7 wonders exist in the same place?
  15. How is a hobby different from a passion?
  16. How to manage Hectic Monday 
  17. Write about various people on a Pleasing Dusk
  18. Full Moon Day Dinner with family
  19. Is Racism an alarming concern?
  20. Regrets that never face away
  21. How old age people are source of expereince
  22. Praying to a Falling Star- your opinion 
  23. Did you get any Second chances in life 
  24. What happens when truth meets Beauty
  25. A Magnate who lost everything
  26. Should every celebration need a holiday?
  27. What magical powers would one possess?
  28. The Alien attack that changed your life
  29. Love vs Friendship
  30. Best ever vacation
  31. Strangest Dream Ever
  32. Strategies to save plants
  33. What would you do if you found a cure for Covid?
  34. What is Addiction? Is it always 

Short Stories

For those looking for a break from essays, they may practice short stories. The edge is that these stipulate students to be further creative, by making them make an enticing introduction, setup and proper pay off to the characters. Here are some engrossing picks for you: 

  1. The fairy that fights for you.
  2. What if you became a god?
  3. A meet with Expired Grandfather/Grandmother in Dream
  4. The Story of a Speaking Book.
  5. Your Favorite tree and its emotions. 
  6. The Chronicle of a Chalk Piece
  7. Write a fan made Harry Potter Chronicle after Deathly Hallows
  8. The ring with magic powers
  9. The Evil Smartphone
  10. The story of my father’s Facebook Post
  11. Teen CEO
  12. When Ironman is Real
  13. Jack and Zombie Apocalypse
  14. The Time Travel of the future
  15. Murder Mystery of Celebrant 
  16. A letter to the future you

Summing Up

Creative writing isn’t just confined to high schools and colleges, encompassing both fictional and nonfictional pieces of works. Incepting from the newspaper at dawn to favorite book before bed, creative writing works are evident everywhere in our lives. Mastering such skills often enrich one’s personality. We have provided fictional topics to create an engrossing practicing experience. You may also consider non-fictional pieces like Articles, journals, and Marketing copies to grasp writing regulations. 


[1] Making Space for Creative Writing Research in the Academy: Trent Hergenrader

[2] The Healing Properties of Writing for Persons with Mental Health Issues: Adrienne M. Ero-Phillips 

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