List Of Awards For High School Students For Good Performance

No session and the academic year gets completed without exams, results, and Awards. Students may feel tense about exams and their results. However, these youngsters get excited for Awards. The judges—who are mostly the instructors— evaluate several factors to find out outstanding performances in that session.  

Students may love to be recognised for their everyday dedication, sincerity, and discipline. Awards seldom ensure this by boosting their confidence and self-esteem and stipulating love towards learning. 

Comprehending these factors entices us to name prestigious awards that would productively recognise gems in the high school classrooms. Here are some fascinating awards that we picked for honouring your finest performers. 

Awards For High School Pupils to Boost their Confidence

Awards glue students to the school emotionally by getting them a lifetime experience of respect and recognition among their peers and parents. Almost every school recognises students’ accomplishments by offering lots of awards to their beloved students. Here are some enticing award picks:

1. Above and Beyond Award 

The Above and Beyond award inspires & motivates the students to reach their highest performance. Such ultimate awards honor the ultimate achievements in school. Students that are performing outstandingly in their studies are eligible for such a great award. This award is awarded to those who have already performed in studies in an exemplary manner.

2. Academic Star 

If you achieve success in the classroom, you will get the Academic Star award. If you want to be eligible for such an award, then you should meet the requirements. Students at every level of the award should meet vital requirements in Category A & 1 or 2 Category. In case the student does not have the letter grades, then you will have to meet the requirements in the B category. If you want to earn an academic star award, then you should earn the average point of 90 on a 100 point scale.

3. Academic Excellence Award

Students can also avail academic excellence awards. These awards are given at the end of every academic year, depending on students’ performance in the last academic year. This award privileges the best academic performer, motivating them and the other peers to perform better in the coming sessions. Sometimes, more than one student is awarded. For instance, the top three students are awarded based on their grades. 

4. President’s Award For Educational Achievement

President’s award for educational achievement is also a great award which is given to the senior who has already shown great growth and disclosed an unusual commitment to the learning in academics despite lots of obstacles & improved the overall grades to superior levels. Such an award totally depends on initiative, integrity, motivation, and intellectual depth also. It is granted to the seniors or juniors with A grades in the challenging classes & who have also scored exceptionally great in the national standardised test.

5. Digital Media Best High School Award

The Digital Media Award is given to those students who have already shown excellence in the creation & production of digital media. The recipient should have disclosed the powerful visual awareness & creativity while pursuing the visions via the art of photography. The Digital Media award has become one of the great school awards.

Moreover, getting an award isn’t easy in school because a student will have to perform outstandingly. Every student will have to perform exceptionally well in studies and sports or other things. It is going to be a tough task for every student because everyone wants to do something great in their life.

6. Outstanding Service Project Awards

Started in 1994, this one of its type awards is granted to students with excellent project works. Students have to submit their projects to the committee for evaluation. The evaluation is based on organisation, service impact, quality, and clarity. They also recognise NJHS chapters for their service and contribution at local levels.     

7. American Citizen Awards

NASSP presents American citizen awards to high school students who have shown through their words and actions that they possess according to their standards through their words and actions. They may consider activities like participation in community service, a positive attitude towards classmates and community, appreciating civic responsibility, and promoting citizenships. 

8. Perfect Attendance Award

When schools identify students’ academic performance, how can they miss out on attendance? The perfect attendance award can be given to those students who are disciplined enough never to miss a single day in the school, having full attendance. This award encourages students to attend classes, whatever the session is. 

9. Valedictorian Award

This award can be considered most prestigious inside a school, as it can be awarded to one student in the entire session. A valedictory award is offered to that student who has reached the highest level of academic achievement in the class or school. The GPA of the candidates basically determines this award. 

10. Student of the Year

Being an all-rounder award, this follows that candidate who has been the school’s best achievers. A number of traits are evaluated, including leadership, extracurricular activities, academic performance, project preparations, olympiads performance, and many more. 

11. National Student Service award

These awards recognise individuals who demonstrate the highest standards of attitude, character, integrity, and relevance to society. Thus, the candidates are evaluated on these parameters and the assurance to consistently show interests in the same in a personal manner. 

12. Foreign language Award

Not all students are interested to learn foreign languages; Among those who show interest, only a few master with perseverance for a notable time span. These candidates are chosen to be awarded for their interest and respect for a foreign language too.  The awards can be a trophy or in front of cash, which depends on the policies of the institute. 

13. National AP award

If you are looking for placement after high school, the AP examinations can aid. The national AP awards recognise high school students who have demonstrated exemplary achievement in their exams. These awards come in the form of certificates which can be added to resumes. 

Awards that offer monetary benefits

While most of the awards are offered in the form of a shield or trophy, some awards offer monetary benefits too. These can be perceived as scholarships, but they are not most of the time. Let us look into some such interesting picks:

1. James W. Lewis Leadership Award

Any student with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and believes to have outstanding manners of values can apply for the James W. Lewis Leadership Award. This prestigious award offers about USD $5000 to winning students. Students are evaluated on the basis of their commitment towards diversity, creating opportunities, innovation, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship.  

2. NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award

Awarded by NJHS (National junior honours society), students with exceptional academic performance are selected and awarded $500 to aid their jump-start towards higher education. This award looks like a mere scholarship, but in contrast, it also offers respect and identity to the awardee.

Why Are Awards & Accolades Important In the Life of Student’s School?

Whenever any person is appreciated, they will always do more as expected. Rewarding and Appreciating have become one of the best approaches to celebrate the success & hard work in a student’s life. It can be an award or certificate for everyone else. However, punishing & correcting the faults of a student is really important. When school is taking pride in rewarding its beloved pupils for their achievement & hard work should always be considered. 

The slightest recognition always works as the best motivation for the student, which encourages them to work sincerely and harder. Whether you are performing well in sports, academics, or any other stream and you are getting the reward in return, then it will surely motivate you to perform something better next time. This also enhances the self-confidence of the child. It always makes them aware of their capabilities and will always make them assertive sufficiently to stay consistent always until they reach the peak. 

Accolades & awards always influence the students significantly even after their school life. Awards always stand as proof of how sincere & dedicated students were in the task assigned to them. Moreover, the majority of the schools are running recognition programs that honour the students for a variety of academic accomplishments. Academic awards are always packed with class presidents, honor students, & student leaders who are contributing to the school. 

Summing Up

Motivation in pupils is the eventual goal for teachers. Assignments and examinations often induce pressure on them. In these scenarios where students need an impactful incentive, awards and rewards arise as saviours. Since most of the awards are offered once a year, intrinsic motivation may become crucial. These can be induced by making minute changes in classroom culture, improved communication, recognition, and transparency. If you are looking for awards to felicitate high schoolers to honour their achievements, mull over the above picks to see if any of them fits your choice. 

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