Law Enforcement Activities

Laws and their enforcement are no longer alien to versatile present-day students. Amid the scenario where they are on an expedition to gain knowledge in every field possible, it is appreciable to notice that they could easily comprehend the overall risk with anger & fear when people interact with law enforcement.

To take this a step forward, befitting Law enforcement activities are designed to give students an opportunity to learn several pivotal aspects of police & other related professions. Thanks to the effective techniques that teachers have been developing to examine and rectify their perceptions. In this accord, we shall look into some effective law enforcement activities handpicked for high school students. 

Interesting Activities For Introducing Law Enforcement To High Schoolers

1. Ethics and Cultural Diversity 

It is considered as one of the great law enforcement activities for the students where they will be able to learn about the policing & ethics unit for the law enforcement. In this workshop, teachers are also explaining to the students why diversity in law enforcement is important.  In this activity, students can easily learn lots of important things about ethical voting activity, country research activity, and other things.

Since culture and diversity is a vast concept, students learn various crucial aspects like ethical voting and country research. An imaginary voting atmosphere may be created with all relatable laws applying to it in the ethical voting activity. Mimicking the real-life voting systems makes them ready for elections. 

Country research can be civic activities, economy, environmental, or even defense. These activities ensure students grasp the current scenario and laws guiding the country. 

2. Crime Analysis Activity For Law Enforcement 

Teachers always avoid addressing complicated problems like race & policing in the classroom because they can be intense & emotional for students. To explore policing subjects then teachers are also using workshop format, which enables the students to examine fears & perceptions while engaging in radical and problem-solving empathy.

It is a great law enforcement activity where students will have to identify where culture & systems of policing are being broken. The crime analysis activity always uses the real data of the actual crimes, which are analyzed & mapped by the Community crime map. Crime analysis activity totally depends on Wichita Falls but can also be modified for any specific area which uses the Community Crime Map, including a key, map, worksheet, and directions of the teacher. 

3. Types of Patrol Activity For Law Enforcement 

It is one of the most interesting activities where students will decide how to invest a grant to fix the six problems areas within a city. They will have to choose whether to add three kinds of patrol-bicycle patrol, mounted patrol, motorcycle patrol, and mounted patrol or marine units in several combinations, which add up to the grand total.

Pupils will have to list the pros & cons for every kind of patrol plus listing why they select that kind of patrol. With the help of this patrol activity, students can easily learn about patrol activity for law enforcement.

4. U.S. Supreme Court Cases Activity For Law Enforcement

One of the elementary steps towards understanding law enforcement is to comprehend what laws are available in a particular context.  This activity assures the same. Students are provided with a list of nine cases and a list of 9 descriptions. Now they are asked to match them. It doesn’t finish here. Students then are asked to research relevant laws that can help judge these cases. They can apply more than one law if the situation demands.

Since all the cases provided are real-life cases of the supreme court, it engrossed pupils. Students will have to note the going over the U.S. supreme court cases for internet access to search the cases. You will be able to get access to scenarios/descriptions in PDF. 

5. Silver Alert Activity For Law Enforcement

Senior citizens or the disabled may sometimes have to be careful when they are traveling or staying home alone.  Since medical emergencies may arise, specialized protection may be needed. This is what Silver alert addresses. Students can practice availing of this service to get it handy in emergencies. The activity creates an imaginary emergency scenario where they have to avail themselves of emergency services. 

It may be loved by students because these scenarios depict courage and spontaneity in them. Moreover, they can make silver alert posters for themselves aged over 65 years. Students should make use of the right website to age the pictures. 

6. Contraband in Vehicle Searches Activity For Law Enforcement

One of the crucial duties of police is to check for illegal shipments in cars at check-posts. These illegal entities are also known as contraband. Students can mimic the same as an engaging & fun activity that enables them to practice the same. In this activity, the entire classroom is formed into pairs. Each pair is assigned a time to search cars for contrabands. Later, they may be asked to prepare a report addressing details like the number of cars searched, any contraband found, etc. 

7. Crime scene Investigation Activity

This activity needs the students to identify elements of the crime scene investigation using technology-based stimulated investigations. The entire expedition has five steps in it: Hook, Direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, and wrap-up. Students need to follow all these steps one after another. The activity ends with students making reports of the examinations. 

8. Case debates

People have different perspectives; these can often be sorted out with legitimate debates. In this activity, the entire class is divided into two groups. Now they are introduced to a case that has to be solved.  The two groups have to debate from two sides for the case.

The activity is not about giving judgment or finding out which side is honest, rather brainstorming real-life scenarios and applicable laws for the same.  The cases can be real life to make it yet more engrossing. 

9. Student Council

This activity basically involves students creating a virtual government among them in the school. Here, interested students are assigned positions just like parliament members. They indulge in regular meetings to brainstorm about various events and programs, thus making decisions to enhance the student body and also communicating with the staff members.

Since an imaginary constitution is formed, real-life laws can be implemented wherever applicable. For instance, fine for spitting on school premises. Eventually, the constitution gets stronger, and laws are learned implicitly. 

10. Law Worksheets

Simple worksheets can make students learn about enforcing laws. To start with, students are offered a question paper that has a description of the crime in detail. They have to read it carefully to find who the culprit is. Once found, they must research the appropriate law to punish the culprit by law. For instance, a small story of three people may be narrated where one person’s mobile phone gets stolen, and the culprit is one of the other two. These worksheets brainstorm students individually, making them research for similar cases for ideas and then fitting laws. 

The Final Verdict

Teachers employing workshop format allows the pupils to examine minute details effortlessly. Students can feel like police officers during these activities, which is a dream come true for most of them; whether a student aspires to be a police officer or not, these activities aid all of them to get converted from a resident to a responsible citizen. Thus, Law enforcement activities offer a lot of benefits to high school students. Comprehend the above activities to check out what fits for you the best to grasp the responsibility of law professionals.  

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