80 Impromptu Speech Topics For High School Students

Could you share a few words about yourself? This is one of the common questions asked in interviews, scholarships, or even when getting to know a new group of people. While you may be confused as to the pieces of information to be shared, it is so important to be present in the moment.

It is significant to understand that you are certain to come across various situations that require promptness and creativity. This is why impromptu speech is one of the helpful ways to build this skill for high school students.

Just as history essay topics help you express your words through written communication, impromptu speech allows you to build a better grasp of verbal communication. This article helps you with interesting impromptu speech topics that are thoughtfully selected to help students exercise their critical thinking skills and map their ideas. 

Creative impromptu speech topics for high schoolers 

  1. The significance of humor in life.
  2. Technology’s effects on society.
  3. The advantages of reading.
  4. The parent’s role in their child’s education.
  5. The force of goodwill.
  6. Significance of time management in life. 
  7. Impact of climate change in everyday life.
  8. Importance of friendship in life.
  9. Influence of social media on young adults.
  10. Public speaking is an art.
  11. Advantages of exercising.
  12. Importance of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.
  13. Why is quality education a need for the time?
  14. Advantages of Goal setting for the future.
  15. The role of women in history.
  16. The significance of voting.
  17. The power of positive thinking.
  18. The benefits of volunteering.
  19. The impact of video games on children.
  20. The value of cultural diversity.
  21. The role of mentors in life.
  22. The effects of fast food on health.
  23. Do dreams have a hidden meaning?
  24. The importance of forgiving.
  25. Advantages of picking up a new language.
  26. Is adventure travel a lesson for life?
  27. Technology’s function in education.
  28. The significance of productive dialogue.
  29. Smoking’s negative consequences on health.
  30. Importance of building interactive museums for children.
  31. The influence of good role models.
  32. Effects of artificial intelligence on human beings.
  33. Advantages of sports for students.
  34. Significance of enhancing other skills in high school.
  35. The importance of cultural customs.
  36. The function of the media in forming views.
  37. The value of raising awareness of mental illness.
  38. Online shopping’s implications on small local businesses.
  39. Importance of Renewable Energy Sources.
  40. Why is meditation important for personal well-being?
  41. The impact of fashion on self-esteem.
  42. The value of wildlife conservation.
  43. The importance of learning from failure.
  44. The effects of overpopulation.
  45. The significance of personal hygiene.
  46. Power of storytelling for students and adults.
  47. The benefits of a healthy diet.
  48. The impact of space exploration.
  49. The value of community service.
  50. The role of art in therapy.
  51. The importance of sleep for well-being.
  52. The effects of social inequality.
  53. Do art activities impact learning in high school?
  54. The significance of clean water access.
  55. Importance of saving environmental resources for the future.
  56. The benefits of learning to play a musical instrument.
  57. The power of volunteer firefighters.
  58. The value of cultural heritage preservation.
  59. The impact of smartphones on relationships.
  60. The effects of deforestation on the environment.
  61. Why is empathy an important value for students?
  62. The importance of supporting local businesses.
  63. The value of emotional intelligence.
  64. Is internet privacy an important element in today’s time?
  65. The role of space exploration in scientific advancements.
  66. The benefits of eco-friendly transportation.
  67. The value of lifelong learning.
  68. The advantages of neighborhood gardening.
  69. Virtual reality’s effects on education.
  70. The importance of programs for cultural interaction.
  71. The function of humor in stress reduction.
  72. The significance of eco-friendly clothing.
  73. The results of online activism.
  74. The value of sustainable resources.
  75. The efficacy of self-care techniques.
  76. Advantages of urban gardening.
  77. The results of schooling in coding.
  78. The significance of being disaster-ready.
  79. Impact of music therapy for students.
  80. Why should you indulge in self-care practices? 

Helpful tips for impromptu speech

Delivering a speech with preparation on funny persuasive topics or political debate topics might be way different than talking on impromptu topics. Hence, it is vital to check for helpful tips and tricks that channel your thoughts in a more organized manner. Check the below tips to make your impromptu speech engaging for the audience.

  • Organize your thoughts on the topic and join the connecting links. This helps you decide the introduction, main theme, and conclusion of your speech. 
  • Map your ideas and always keep some extra pointers in case you forget the main ones. Mapping ensures that you go in a series without disturbing the rhythm of the speech.
  • If you relate to the topic well and have something personal to share, go ahead and make it seem like an example thereby entertaining the audience.
  • Be confident while speaking as there is no wrong or right in sharing your opinions on the topic. Make sure to showcase the firmness in your ideas to create an engaging time.
  • You can also practice writing by using literary essay topics that allow you to fill your mind with interesting ideas and a plethora of words to enhance your vocabulary. 

Wrapping Up 

An impromptu speech is certainly a helpful way to encourage participation from everyone in the class. As you deliver your speech, you also get an opportunity to hear others and learn from them.

It is super important to know that impromptu speech is to polish your skills and not a typical competition among your fellow mates. Trust yourself and be clear with the ideas you deliver in your speech. The more confidence you show in your attempt, the more you improvise in verbal communication.

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