9 Free & Paid Medical Internship Programs For High School Students 

Medical professionals need long and heedful training to ensure Precision. Being an extended and strenuous path to follow, medicine can be a truly rewarding profession. In this accord, it is critical to understand precisely what you’re getting yourself into before committing years of your life to medicine. A medical internship is one of the few best approaches to ensure a head start in your career.

While you commit to the pre-med path, high school medical internships can allow you to explore numerous fields and specialties of medicine through workplace training and hands-on experiences. Are you ready to dip your toes into the field of medicine? Here are our picks of free and paid medical internships for high school students that you should look into.

Internship Programs are a flawless medium of pragmatic training, these can be paid ones and sometimes are free. Paid programs may give an additional kick-off in terms of monetary benefits. Here are some paid medical internships for high schoolers: 

1. Kendall Smith Healthcare Exploration Scholarship Program

A variety of paid medical internship programs are available for Medical students, but the Kendall Smith Healthcare Exploration scholarship program is one of them that Lutheran General Hospital sponsors. Every student needs to invest six weeks in the medical area in the best hospital environments.

To build confidence, pupils will have to share a presentation regarding their experience at a hospital in front of guests and staff at the end of the program. If you want to apply for this program, then you should be a senior or junior. It is a paid scholarship program, and they are offering approximately ten $599 scholarships to capable students. 

2. High School Senior Summer Internship Program

The majority of the students are also participating in the High School Senior Summer internship program, which is eight weekly programs. You also need to engage in several group activities, including Summer Intern Alumni Lunch, SIM Center, and others. Every student will have to work approximately 20 hours each week & they will earn $1408, $8.80 an hour. Such a program was started on 16h June 2021.

3. Arthritis Foundation Summer Science Internship Program

Any  2nd year college undergraduates can participate in this popular eight-week medical internship program. The top 12 selected students will have to work in clinical laboratories & leading research departments. Students will have to work approximately 50 hours/week in a clinical or basic research laboratory. It is a valuable program that features a $ 1,500 stipend for high school participants.

4. Lifespan Summer Youth Employment Program

Eight-week paid medical internship program at Lifespan Hospital also offers a lot of perks to high school students. Such a program is already open to people between the ages of 16 to 19 living in Providence. With a certified Nursing Assistant License, areas like Food and nutrition, respiratory care, transport, and Human Resources are all open to explore opportunities.

It is the best program that also features career counseling after completing graduation. Few participants are also being offered employment after completing it. Participants can earn a $10.10/hour salary. Such a fantastic program runs from June to August.

5. Medical Immersion Summer Academy

Medical Immersion can be a great tool for hands-on training, Programs here are hosted at the MISA office instead of the Highland Hospital to ensure the safety of students. This five-day program is entirely open to all high school pupils in grades 9th to 12th and can generate earnings of  $900. The aspirant needs to be at least 15 years old to be eligible for this internship.

Free Medical Internship Programs For High School Students 

Leading organizations often offer free internships to edify students without bias.  Thus, opting for these opportunities sometimes becomes crucial.  Here are some free internships picks for you:-

1. NIH High School Summer Internship Program 

This free and valuable internship program would require you to work with the best scientists in biomedical research. Usually lasting for eight weeks, they can also offer shorter programs occasionally. Activities and career lectures from NIH create excitement. Applicable for both juniors and seniors, an applicant needs to be at least 17 to apply. 

2. Magee-Women’s Research Institute High School Summer Internship Program 

Being a 160-hour virtual internship program, it allows participants in translational, basic, and clinical scientific research. Interns can participate in specific sessions where they can discuss their careers in the field of biomedical science perspective & personal journeys. At the end of the program, interns will also have to disclose their findings before other students and staff or MWRI faculty.

It is a four-week program that offers a sense of competition. Engrossingly, investigators meet students on informal lunches and sessions to clear doubts about biomedical sciences, thus mentoring the aspirants toward the field. 

3. Max Planck Florida Institute For Neuroscience High School Internship 

It is a six-week internship program available for the seniors & juniors in the Palm Beach County school who are also interested in function, development & structure. It can be a pre-eminent for aspirants fond of function, the structure of the brain & development. Students participating in this program can learn advanced techniques of imaging & technologies which is used in Neuroscience. 

The first day of the internship is adorned with a warm welcome with a question to solve. Later students start conducting background research, experiments, and test solutions. Summarizing the work is guided by mentors. These spellbinding features prove it worthy for all high scholars. 

4. Health Care Career Exploration Camp 

This free program is available for Nebraska students in 10-12 grade and enables the applicants to learn from professionals in specific areas like clinical dietetics, athletic training, nursing, occupational therapy, and others. It is the ultimate program that is also offered at 2 CHI health locations in Nebraska. The University of New England, Maine AHEC Network, the Office of Minority Health, the Finance Authority of Maine, and the Health Resources and Services Administration are all funding this camp, which is free for accepted students.

Various training is divided into Tracks, each consisting of notions of a field such as dental hygiene, nursing, and public health. Sometimes equipped with live dissection demonstrations, stress management techniques, and personal health care kits, these camps can be augmented by relevant short-term workshops. 

High School Medical Internships- Do they overpower grades? 

While grades are needed to clear academics, internships thrust students a step closer to their dream professions. Both of them have influence of their own. However, there are a few edges of internships over traditional grades.

A perfect medical internship program will give a proper comprehension of motivations in pursuing the health profession & improve confidence in a hospital setting. Let us explore  what other ways medical internships add value:

  • Many internships add credits to high school students.  These credits can later boost their career along with priceless experience. 
  • Observing the life of health experts day-to-life, you can improve an overall understanding of the field & will improve self-awareness. Several pivotal notions like research facilities, hospitals & clinics, and universities are grasped. 
  • Getting exposed to various medical departments can effortlessly make you choose your stream of interest. 
  • Evidently, peer experience is always an edge for internships. Interacting with like-minded peers and discussing careers is a great brainstorming activity.
  • If you are a pre-health or pre-med student, you will surely know that interning at a local hospital will turn out to be a reliable experience. But abroad internships have their own set of advantages, where you can also explore medical scenarios in other societies. 

Summing Up

A medical internship is often perceived to be the same as medical volunteering, but this is not true all the time. Volunteering is an unpaid service, whereas a medical internship can be paid or unpaid. Evidently, Volunteering responsibilities mostly align with that of unpaid medical internships, but internships often aid academically. 

Whether you are economically benefited or not, internships always award a unique experience. The same is the case with medical internships too. Being a crucial part of a good cause—caring for the patients—would give you immense self-contentment. A few days of the expedition can preach academic lessons in a new approach, thus ensuring you look at them pragmatically,

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