8 Summer Programs For Nursing Aspirants In High School

After a long scholastic session of nine months, the inception of summer vacation is an exceptional feeling. Students often try to enjoy these holidays. However, making proper use of them is always a cut above. Some may prefer workshops, while others prefer creating assignments. Amid a number of options available, nursing programs can be a great idea. 

A lot of summer nursing programs are handy today and you might be bewildered to find a befitting way out. This can be especially advantageous for students who want to make a career in this branch. In this context, let us ponder our best picks. Before this, let’s explore why nursing programs form the best summer fillers. 

Summer Nursing Programs- Why Should You Opt For It?

Nursing programs are one-of-a-kind training that proffers candidates with medical procedures, especially in emergencies. Apart from this, summer nurse programs have the following  value additions: 

  • Profound exertion of summer vacation

Students wait eagerly for the summer break. It is all good and happy for a few days until the child starts getting bored. This feeling of monotony can be mitigated by effective exertion via summer programs like nursing. 

  • Special recognition in Academics

Not only to pick up expertise, but nursing programs can also sometimes earn you some supplemental grades. Auxiliary credits are always an add-on academically. 

  • Mastering first aid is crucial

No one can envisage when medical emergencies emerge; thus, first aid is to be assimilated by everyone. Knowing how to stop bleeding, dressing a lesion, and assisting a wounded person can always be beneficial.

  • Can gain you a medical mentor

A nursing program can gain you a mentor. These advisors can assist you in reading towards becoming a nurse. You can also gain a sterling medical consultant for you and your family. 

  • This may result in future job

Every program offers the candidate a certification upon completion. At the same time, the experience makes you familiar with the profession, and the certificates, and credits, if any, can get you a step closer to your nurse goal and can land you a job too. 

Summer Programs For Nursing Aspirants

1. NSLC Program 

The National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) on nursing is a nine-day program that focuses on developing relevant skills required to provide high-quality patient-centered health care with hands-on experience of being a nurse. The program is adorned with state-of-the-art simulation labs, providing a virtual interface to learn to deal with patients. The highlights of the course include Midwifery Lab, Mock code, and certification of CPR.

At NSLC, candidates can develop the necessary skills to offer high-quality patient-centered health care by attaining insights into the careers available in medical fields especially nursing to gain hands-on experience with real-life nursing challenges. The delivery of a baby simulation in a midwifery lab and the technique of intubations for breathing challenges, bedside assistance, and many more basics can be mastered effortlessly. Interested students or their parents can speak to the NSLC enrollment office. 

2. Nursing Summer Camp

If you are looking for a small nursing program, Liberty University Nurse Summer Camp can be your pick.  This three-day camp from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day pledges to provide the ultimate opportunity to experience nursing through the theological worldview. With almost 50 years of experience in tutoring, Liberty University forms a reliable pick of programs. You can contact them via phone or email ID for admission.

These camps hosted by Liberty University ensure hands-on experience for all the campers. For instance, dim light experiments and examples demonstrate how germs are left on hands even after washing.  Dr. Kathryn Miller, the executive director of clinical affairs offers friendly relations to all the students ensuring them to attain huge life decisions and professional knowledge. Basic yet Pivotal nursing duties like Creating a splint, CPR certifications, and many more are preached live generating interest.   

3. Introduction to Nursing – Adelphi University

Adelphi University offers an Introduction to Nursing Program to clinch hands-on experience of being a nurse. This tentatively scheduled program offers multiple batch options for students to select from. This glimpse of a nursing career promises to offer a chance to explore the roles of a registered nurse. These may include classwork, simulation lab exercises, quality nursing care, patient safety, and clinical reasoning skills. Apart from CPR certification from the American Heart Association, this program lets candidates engage in Clinical Education and Simulation labs and understand different areas of clinical prowess like nutrition, medical-surgical, older adult, pediatrics, and public health.

Being a university with a Uniquely personalized approach to learning, Adelphi Focuses on student success with a warm community. Being ranked among the top colleges in the US, nursing courses here can have impeccable value. On the other hand, the atmosphere and teaching styles are also unique and reliable here, being equipped with smaller classrooms, ensures specialized training. 

4. Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program

The University of Alaska Anchorage hosts the Della Keats Health Sciences summer program for students interested in medical professions. This is a volunteer program that commences for 4-6 months in the months of June and July; aspirants can stay at residence halls at the university and avail food and miscellaneous benefits.

Being from the only national university of Alaska, this course satisfies the high-demand nurse aspirants of the region.  Evidently, foreign students are also welcome. With top-notch preaching styles and interactive professors, this course can be a great take-in for all aspirants. Fortunately, about 80 out of 100 candidates are accepted, and thus not taxing to get an opportunity either.

5. Arizona State University Residential Program

Arizona State University is known for its nursing and health innovation program, one of the top-ranked in the United States. Its wing, Arizona State University Summer Health Institute, offers a residential program for high school students. To avail of this, the student needs to clear their junior year. This summer enrichment program provides participants an experience with a variety of healthcare activities and practices like suturing, IVs, intubation, and scrubbing, along with three hours of simulation work. This program is held in July for one week. <THIN>

Believed to be a fun yet a forward-thinking university, ASU (Arizona State University) is huge to replicate a small city. With Hundreds of faculties and thousands of alumni, it has packed a separate privilege. Being a part of such a university can be favorable not only academically but also socially. Students, there are fond of hygiene and food which makes the university a good take for residential programs. 

6. Junior Volunteer Program

Arkansas Children’s Hospital, a well-known pediatric medical center in Arkansas, offers junior volunteer programs to all aspiring high schoolers. Available in both school-year and summer programs, it is a four-hour day program that extends for 2 weeks. Being one of the largest pediatric centers in the country, their certification can greatly value candidates.

Having four different children specialties (Urology, Cancer, Cardiology, and Otolaryngology) Arkansas Hospital can be a good option for those aspirants who like pragmatic training. Evidently, students may not be allowed into service directly, but they may notice and make note of various relevant practices taken to ameliorate treatment. This makes learning worthwhile.


This 2-week program offered by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences can be a good pick for junior as well as senior high school students. Candidates learn first aid, and CPR along with experience of volunteering. This full-time summer program lets students work and associate directly with healthcare professionals and educators. The 2021 session of HEALERS was canceled due to COVID restrictions but will be made available for the coming years under normal circumstances.

Some fascinating features make HEALERS a unique pick in this list. Students not only learn to perform first aid in various situations but also get a chance to interact with professionals regarding CPR and other medical terminology. While acting as volunteers, students also become aware of teenage health issues and how to deal with them based on scientific data. This way personal care is also given equal significance.

8. Health Professions Summer Academy Programs

The University of South Florida hosts a Health Professions Summer Academy Program every year with the goal of preparing students for a career in the health industry. This 2-week program includes academic courses and also facilitates visits to local hospitals and institutions that offer medical programs.

Starting with comprehension of basic sciences, various quantitative topics like nursing skills and practicing methods are demonstrated in small-group clinical rotations and full-group clinical seminars. For those aspiring to careers in medical professions, this program including financial planning workshops and health policy seminars can be constructive.

Summing Up

Whether they choose a medical career or not, nursing programs stay crucial to all high schoolers.  Evidently, dedicating a few days to a nifty program is reposeful. You can also check out summer nursing programs at Hawaii Pacific Health, KentuckyOne Health, and Maine medical center. Not only in hospitals, nurses are also gaining crucial roles in clinical research. By completing an RN to BS in Nursing degree program one can turn up towards research. All these postulates elucidate that nursing is not a tender profession. If you aspire to be one, try these programs to comprehend basic medical practices. 

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