10 Online Nutrition Games for High School Students

You become what you eat. The famous proverb goes a long way when it comes to everyday eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sure that delicious pizza or a burger is a mouth-watering delicacy for any party. However, it is important to strike a balance between what your stomach likes and what it should be fed. 

Did you know understanding about nutrition helps you enjoy life in a better way? Well, eating anything is not wrong if you are aware of the consequences and nutritional intake. Imagine the joy of eating junk food only because of your awareness of its content. That’s exactly why learning about nutrition plays a major role in shaping your body and mind. The better you eat, the better you can perform everyday tasks with ease.

As you explore the topic of nutrition, you do not have to bombard yourself with heavy information from the internet. With the usage of interesting online games, you get to learn about the importance of a balanced diet, proteins, and other components that go into everyday eating. The online games are designed with a simple user interface making it an engaging learning experience for you. Let’s explore different games and see how they make an impact on your nutritional knowledge.

Interactive Online Games to Foster Knowledge of Nutrition 

Teaching about nutritional components through online games is a great way to engage students in learning. Online games are designed to offer an engaging experience with high-end graphics, sound, and animations. With the below-mentioned online games, you can foster an environment of healthy learning and encourage students to follow a healthy eating lifestyle too.

1. Sortify: Nutrition 

Sortify: Nutrition 

A visually appealing game helps students understand different foods and their categories. The game is designed to equip students with knowledge about how different foods give unique vitamins. It also helps them understand foods with proteins, fiber, and fats to better understand nutrition. Students need to sort foods according to their categories in a creative way.

To play the game, click on the start button and you will see pictures of different foods on the top. 4 plus signs indicate the addition of buckets. As you click on the plus sign, you will see various categories that help you classify them. For example, you need to drag all the dairy products into the dairy category.

Once done, submit that basket and you shall see the score. If the submission is wrong, that food placard will come out of the bucket back with the others. The game ends when all food placards are submitted successfully.

2. Amazing Food Detective 

Amazing Food Detective

Delving into a mysterious food game that teaches nutrition and balanced meals is indeed a great way to engage high schoolers. As the name suggests, the online game takes the theme of a detective zone where you meet different cases and solve them. Developed in a graphically engaging environment, it helps students explore the consequences of not having a balanced diet.

To play this game, click on the play button and you will meet an investigator. The investigator will guide you to solve different cases. As you go ahead, you will see 8 different people and their cases related to food.

You need to solve each one by one by taking the right steps as guided by the investigator. An interesting game like this helps students explore different components of a balanced diet and engages them in a challenging environment. 

3. MyPlate Match Game

MyPlate Match Game

It is crucial for high schoolers to understand the difference between a normal meal and a balanced meal. With eye-catching pictures, this game helps students learn about a balanced meal. It also helps them explore what goes into such a meal and how to strike a balance between various food components. To enhance learning, you can also arrange agriculture activities for high school students thereby offering practical knowledge on nutritional aspects. 

To play the game, click on the start button and you shall see a plate with outlined portions. Similar shapes shall be given below. According to a balanced meal, drag these shapes to complete the plate.

Once done, another plate shall appear with different types of foods below. You need to categorize the foods by dragging them into the right categories on the plate. Such intriguing questions equip students with awareness about foods and nutritional components.

4. Snack Shack!

Snack Shack!

Snack Shack is an interesting game that teaches students about the nutritional data on food packages. Food and drink packages are consumed in everyday life. However, we hardly pay much attention to the labels. This game helps students explore the nutritional components and how they affect food consumption in a creative way. 

To play the game, click on the start button. A graphic figure will guide you to understand how to play the game. As you enter the main area, you can see a nutritional fact board. Click on it and you will be taken to another screen that has a quiz-like round.

You will see different questions and images of foods with their labels below. As per the label, you need to mark the correct answer to move ahead in the game. It helps students compare the nutritional components including proteins, dietary fiber, calcium, and a lot more in food packages. 

5. The Nutrition Game

The Nutrition Game

You must have played Snakes and Ladders where you climb up or roll down. The Nutrition Game uses a similar concept however, here you meet various questions that help you learn about food and facts. The user interface is easy to use with simple graphics. Instead of a direct quiz, the game uses dice and movement to create a fun learning time.

To play this game, click on the start button and you will see a board-like picture with vegetables and other food elements. Roll the dice and you will move ahead as per the number rolled on the dice.

As you move ahead, you will get a question about food, nutrition, or any fact. If you answer it right, you score a point. Similarly, keep rolling and moving ahead by answering it right. To encourage students, offer them cold lunch ideas to boost their motivation towards nutrition. 

6. Food Groups

Food Groups

Often, students know about different foods and their benefits. However, it is essential to equip them with knowledge about different food categories. For example, it is important to clarify that pasta is not always about fat but falls in the category of grains due to its content. This game exactly focuses on offering a fun learning platform considering spreading awareness about health. 

It is a simple game so click on the play button to begin with. A screen will be displayed with various foods. Below the foods, you will find categories where they need to be classified. You simply need to drag the right foods into the right category in the first go.

The game calculates each time you go for a wrong classification. Once all foods are classified, you will see the number of mistakes made. Such a game helps students practice until they get it all right.

7. Balanced Diet Word Search

Balanced Diet Word Search

Many elements go into a balanced diet hence, it is crucial for students to learn about it in a comprehensive manner. You must have played word search games however, this is different. A creative game like this tests knowledge about nutrition with a challenging interface. It is easy to play yet intrigues students into finding the right placard that matches the words.

To play the game, click on the start button to begin. As you start, a word search puzzle will be displayed on the screen. 7 prompts shall be given below to help you identify the words. The words are related to nutrition and a balanced diet.

You need to tap on the word to get it highlighted in a different color. Once the word is identified, click on the prompt that best matches it. A super easy interface challenges students to think practically and score points in the minimum time possible. 

8. Pick your Plate

Pick your Plate

Pick your plate is an engaging online game that teaches students about food habits, facts, and consumption patterns of different countries. It is filled with eye-catching graphics and challenges students to think critically. The game is designed to offer knowledge on a balanced diet comprising 3 meals in a day. The best part is acquiring knowledge about food consumption patterns and costs across the world.

To play this game, click on the play button and you will see a map. After this, you will see different flags of countries. You then need to select any country to play the game. For example, if you select America, you will get some information about the country’s consumption pattern.

After this, the game will allot a specific budget and you need to buy food to match the nutritional component required for a day. Similarly, you need to buy food for 3 different meals and based on the accuracy of nutritional components, you shall get a medal at the end. With the usage of interactive media, the game is a classic addition to enhance knowledge of nutrition.

9. Healthy Food or Unhealthy Food

Healthy Food or Unhealthy Food

As high schoolers, students are sure to come across interesting yet unhealthy food in their everyday life. It is significant for students to understand which food is profitable for their health and which foods can cause an unhealthy system. This online game is designed in a simple yet engaging manner to help students learn about different foods.

To play this game, click on the start button. You will see many pictures of foods on one side. There are two categories – healthy and unhealthy on the same screen. All you need to do is drag the foods into their relevant categories. Once done, you can find all the correct and incorrect answers. The challenge is to sort the foods into their right categories in the minimum possible time.

10. Match the Memory

Match the Memory

Memory games are a good way to enhance student knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. This game is designed to specifically test knowledge on CRC proteins that include meat and other elements. It is easy to play and challenges students to match the right pairs in a limited time.

To play the game, start by opening cards and see the picture. Like any other memory game, you need to memorize which card is positioned where to match them correctly. As you match them right, you get a score. Try matching maximum pairs in the minimum possible time to understand proteins and become better at memorizing.

Wrapping Up,

Awareness about one’s body and what food goes into it acts as a helpful parameter to live a healthy life. As high schoolers step into the zone of learning and development, it is significant for them to know about their body’s nutritional needs.

With the usage of online games, you can foster a self-directed learning environment helping students learn about their nutritional needs and requirements. Along with this, you can also check out some healthy and tasty lunch ideas for school teenagers to incorporate into your daily lunch calendar according to nutritional needs.

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