Fun Questions Games For Your High School Reunion

Reunions are all about reconnecting with former friends and classmates. But not everyone enjoys reminiscing and chit-chatting about the past, and some of them become silent and nervous. Breaking the ice with other classmates after years or with no communication can be tricky. A little fun and games are beneficial for everyone to mix and get over their initial nervousness. 

A few high school reunion question games come in handy in such situations. The objective behind them is to get the students talking and not feel awkward. Although reunions are exciting events as students get to meet their friends, classmates, and batchmates after a long time, it’s always a good idea to include some fun question games as they help build a rapport and make the event a success. 

Why High School Reunion Question Games? 

While the sole purpose of these question games is to help the students break the ice, there are many other advantages of these question games. Some of which are- 

  1. These events allow people to catch up with past friends, get to know their former classmates as adults, and reminisce about memories from their school days. Many people who moved away from their hometowns would never be able to see their old classmates again without such reunions.
  1. Along with reminiscing about the past, they also help rekindle many friendships and create long-lasting bonds. It serves as a great platform to relive childhood. These activities help create communication among friends who have lost touch, as these help them back from a No-Talking-Zone. 
  1. These activities help to remove the hesitation and awkwardness of people. Many people feel uncomfortable and awkward at a reunion event, and this is where these questions come into play.
  1. These activities help in providing a great platform where pupils can share their experiences or impart knowledge to the younger ones.  It also provides older and wiser folks an opportunity to impart their knowledge and experiences to today’s pupils. 
  1. These activities help pupils to rekindle their childhood memories. Childhood is by far the best time of an individual’s life. However, as people get busy with life, they forget these memories. Reunions can be a good time to relive these memories, and these questions would help students remember them instantly. 
  1. These activities serve as a unique method to educate people too. If anyone wants to share their ideas, experiences, and awareness on real-life issues, these activities help them educate people about specific topics or simply share their thoughts and ideas. 
  1. These activities are super fun and a perfect source of entertainment. There is no time better in life than high school, and this event should just be the reflection of that. These questions can be a perfect way to make this event as unforgettable as the high school.
  1. These activities may also help to create new friends. Many people don’t make friends in their school time or have lost touch with their high school friends. These activities may help to build new friendships and revive old ones. These questions help people discover themselves and their former mates in a new light. 

Best High School Reunion Questions Games

As much as high school is about studying and paving the way to success, this phase of life is also about friendships that last forever. But, many times, because of the fast-paced life, we tend to lose some bonds. These questions would help organizers and students have a great reunion. Here are some sets of questions that can indeed be your savior for the night. 

Question About Yourself 

When sending out invites for a reunion, some organizers include a list of “about you” questions. Reunion planners could ask questions to elicit fascinating information about the group to discuss during the celebration or put in reunion programs. They might be-

  • Who now lives the furthest away from your former school?
  • Who has the most children? 
  • What interesting facts do you discover about yourselves?
  • Have you met any of your teachers after school?
  • 3 things that you want to do in the next 5 years?
  • Whom did you think you’d have a friendship of a lifetime, but it couldn’t last after high school?

Questions Related To Each Other 

The next thing that an organizer should include in the Reunion Question Game is the questions related to each other. Generally, they prepare a list of at least five questions, and then they challenge a different person to answer.

One must choose the questions wisely; they should be ones that help people get to know each other.

For example – 

  • What are the best and worst things about the office where you work now? 
  • What is your dream job? 
  • What are the things that you like or dislike about the place where you are living now?.

Sometimes, the organizer may even ask to vote in categories like ‘’best dress’’, ‘’best smile’’ best looks’’. And then they take opinions from their fellow mates before sealing the final votes.

Other than this, this section could also include questions to be answered by classmates about their batchmates. These can be-

  • Who do you think would not show up at the reunion?
  • Who do you think would reach the first?
  • Who has changed the most, physically?
  • Who has not changed at all?
  • Who is the most overachieved in the batch?

Questions Related to Good or Bad School Memories 

The more we get older, the hazier our recollections get. Asking specific questions about your school days will ignite people’s memory and encourage them to share hilarious experiences. One alternative is to make a high school reunion questions game based on past experiences

Reunion attendees should fill out question sheets and return them by a certain day and time. Then announce the results and award awards to the highest scores. To prepare questions, the best way is to go through previous yearbooks, making sure to inquire about a variety of events and individuals. 

  • What was the subject of our senior prom?
  • Who were the prom king and queen?
  • Who scored the most in the final year?
  • Who did not attend the prom?
  • Who is missing from the yearbook?
  • What was the name of our senior year’s school newspaper or magazine?
  • Who was the editor?
  • What was the name of our library teacher? 

Some More Questions Related to School Reunions 

Every aspect of your reunion doesn’t need to be lighthearted and amusing. At a reunion, there are some good and serious questions to ask, as well. You might invite guests to share their favorite recollections of classmates who have left the class in the middle or have moved countries and are not in touch with anyone. You may invite classmates to put down their worst regrets from high school anonymously. Paste them near the party’s entrance on a notice board so that everyone can get a look at it. Other fun questions that can be asked anonymously can be-

  • Who was your high school crush?
  • Did you have a crush on your teacher?
  • Your most embarrassing moment from high school?
  • Your most disappointing grades during high school?
  • Whom did you always envy during high school?
  • Whom did you always want to be friends with, but you never could?

Summing Up

The high school phase of life is unforgettable for all. The good, bad, ugly, and the most special memories are cherished forever. The reunion event must reflect this phase of life, where everyone can rekindle old friendships, relive childhood, educate people, and spread awareness. These questions would help old friends get comfortable with each other instantly and would be beneficial, as they initiate answers without asking everyone what they are up to in life. 

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