100 Spelling Bee Words For High School Students To Try [PDF Included]

Ladies and gentlemen, bees and butterflies, it’s time to put on your thinking caps and sharpen those spelling skills! Welcome to the ultimate spelling bee for high schoolers, where the words are as tricky as they come. We’re about to take you on a journey through the vast and wondrous world of words, from the bizarre to the downright baffling. So hold on tight, because things are about to get bee-zarre!

That’s right, today we’re diving headfirst into the world of words, specifically spelling bee words for high schoolers. Whether you’re a seasoned speller or just starting out, this list of 100 words is sure to put your skills to the test. From obscure scientific terms to tricky homophones, these words will challenge even the most veteran spellers. So get ready to flex those brain muscles and let’s dive into the world of spelling bee words!

Spelling bee: Helping high schoolers become better linguists?

The Spelling Bee is a popular competition that has been around for over 90 years, hence, it is on many high schoolers’ bucket lists too. This competition has been a staple in many schools across the world, and for good reason. Participating in a spelling bee can help high schoolers become better linguists and improve their overall communication skills.

Firstly, spelling bees help improve vocabulary. In order to be a successful speller, high schoolers need to learn and memorize a large number of words, including complex scientific and technical terms. By participating in a spelling bee, students are exposed to new words and are forced to expand their vocabulary, helping them become better communicators.

Secondly, spelling bees can help high schoolers become more confident speakers. The competition requires students to spell words in front of an audience, which can be intimidating. The same is incorporated in many public speaking camps, which makes students better orators. However, by participating in the competition, students can learn to overcome their nerves and improve their public speaking skills.

In addition to improving vocabulary and public speaking skills, spelling bees can also help high schoolers develop better reading comprehension skills. The words used in the competition are often difficult and require students to have a deep understanding of their meanings. By studying and learning these words, students can improve their comprehension skills and become better readers.

Furthermore, participating in a spelling bee can help high schoolers develop discipline and perseverance. Preparing for a spelling bee requires a lot of time and effort, and students must have the discipline to study and practice regularly. Additionally, spelling bees can be challenging and require a lot of perseverance to succeed.

In conclusion, spelling bees can be an excellent tool for helping high schoolers become better linguists. Through improving vocabulary, public speaking skills, reading comprehension skills, and discipline, students can gain valuable skills that will benefit them both inside and outside of the classroom.

100 Spelling bee words to boggle your mind!

Your Do’s and Don’t’s list like might contain a “Do take part in a spelling bee.” Hence, if that’s the case, get ready to put your spelling skills to the test with these 100 spelling bee words for high schoolers! From the bizarre to the challenging, these words will have you buzzing with excitement.

  1. Altruistic
  2. Genial
  3. Patronizing
  4. Antipathy
  5. Gentleman
  6. Perjury
  7. Audacious
  8. Geta
  9. Perturbed
  10. Aversion
  11. Glutton
  12. Petulant
  13. Camouflage
  14. Gratifying
  15. Phenomena
  16. Cathartic
  17. Homogeneous
  18. Philanthropist
  19. Charisma
  20. Hyperbole
  21. Plausible
  22. Chronic
  23. Hypothetical
  24. Presumably
  25. Competitive
  26. Indefeasible
  27. Prodigious
  28. Compliance
  29. Indiscriminate
  30. Prosecute
  31. Conscientious
  32. Ingenious
  33. Protagonist
  34. Cuisine
  35. Inherent
  36. Recovery
  37. Demarche
  38. Intrinsic
  39. Regime
  40. Depict
  41. Introspective
  42. Renegade
  43. Deprecate
  44. Inundate
  45. Requiem
  46. Digression
  47. Irresolute
  48. Rigorous
  49. Electoral
  50. Jeweler
  51. Sabotage
  52. Elusive
  53. Listlessness
  54. Scrutinize
  55. Equanimity
  56. Magnate
  57. Severity
  58. Evanescent
  59. Meditative
  60. Shrewd
  61. Explanation
  62. Militant
  63. Sociable
  64. Figurative
  65. Minuscule
  66. Succinct
  67. Foreigner
  68. Momentous
  69. Tantamount
  70. Foresight
  71. Monetary
  72. Threatening
  73. Formula
  74. Motivate
  75. Transept
  76. Foundation
  77. Nauseating
  78. Troubadour
  79. Fulfilled
  80. Obdurate
  81. Undermine
  82. Gaiety
  83. Obsessive
  84. Violate
  85. Generate
  86. Onomatopoeia
  87. Voluntary
  88. Generous
  89. Palpable
  90. deficiency
  91. outrageous
  92. rectangular
  93. honorary
  94. vertigo 
  95. malady
  96. parliament
  97. necessity
  98. recurrent
  99. ominous
  100. Ubiquitous
Spelling Bee Words For High School
Spelling Bee Words For High School

Wrap up!

In conclusion, participating in spelling bees can be an excellent way for high schoolers to improve their linguistic abilities and develop valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

By expanding their vocabulary, improving their public speaking and reading comprehension skills, and developing discipline and perseverance, students can gain the confidence and abilities needed to succeed in both academic and professional settings. So whether you’re an accomplished speller or just starting out, keep practicing and learning new words, and who knows? You might just be the next spelling bee champion!

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