Senior Year Of High School Bucket List

Thoughts about our future grapple us all. The uncertain nature of the end creates unlimited suspense and anxiety; therefore, to do away with so much suspense, we make plans for the future. We don’t know if the future will fulfill those plans, but we still make plans and prepare ourselves to achieve those plans. 

Creating a bucket list is one way through which we ensure that most of our future plans are met at the right time. It could mean different things to different people; a student in freshman year can have different goals on their bucket list, whereas, for a high school senior on the brink of graduation, it could also be their only path to achieve their futuristic goals.  

Therefore, this blog will cover a list of 50 fun yet crucial things that need to be there on a high school senior’s bucket list. 

Senior Year Bucket List: Keeping it futuristic yet realistic

Facing the real world after the carefree days of high school can be frightening. The prospect of a future could feel all the more daunting and uncertain. But you need not panic at all because you can have a smooth transition through all these changes if you can rightly organize your priorities in place. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is set your goals. Set your short-term goals, goals that could enrich you as a person, and long-term goals that let you envision where you want to see yourself ten years down the lane.

Now that you have those goals in place make a list of all the things you could do to achieve those goals. Tada! You have got your bucket list there, all set and ready to make you explore everything that the world has to offer. Therefore, Adding the right thing to your bucket list could make all the difference for you. 

You can’t add just anything under the sun; that’s why you have to be extra mindful of all the goals that go into the list. Because if you are serious about the goals you have set on your bucket list, then this bucket list will be your personal life guide. It will then work as your personal motivator to make you diligently achieve your goals. It will make you live your life to the fullest. It will inspire you to work hard to achieve your goals. And once you go about checking off your goals in the list, you will experience a genuine kind of happiness that takes you in as a hard-earned reward.  

Therefore, while a bucket list should make you do crazy things while you are young and thriving, it should also steer your life in a positive and enriching direction. It should let you experience the highs and lows of being young while preparing you gradually for a substantial end. Your bucket list should challenge you to try out new things, it should positively influence you to cherish what you always took for granted, and it should change your perception once you are done checking off all the things on your list. That’s why we are repeating time and again that a bucket list could make a huge difference. 

High School Senior Year Bucket List: 50 Things to Add

Now that you have a basic idea of what should go into your personal list, you could literally make one for yourself from scratch. And this list could help you get started with it. You could borrow some stuff from this list and add some stuff on your own. In the end, all we need is a bucket list for your senior year that could make us believe that you lived your high school to the fullest, happily and futuristically. 

  1. Go to EVERY home football game.
  2. Join a club.
  3. Start a club
  4. Go to homecoming.
  5. Take a trip with your best friends.
  6. Write a time capsule letter.
  7. Go to a pep rally.
  8. Participate in Spirit Week.
  9. Go to a concert with friends.
  10. Apply for college.
  11. Get into college!
  12. Skip school for one day.
  13. Make a “High School Years” playlist.
  14. Make a nice dinner for your family.
  15. Journal
  16. .Say YES more often.
  17. Explore your town.
  18. Tell your teachers you appreciate them.
  19. Go out of your comfort zone.
  20. Attend an event you normally wouldn’t go to.
  21. Leave your name somewhere in school.
  22. Start a blog or website.
  23. Make your own yearbook of all four years.
  24. Volunteer.
  25. Donate blood.
  26. Create a memory box for your high school memories
  27. Go to prom.
  28. Get your driver’s license (if you haven’t yet).
  29. Reach out to new people.
  30. Forgive an old grudge.
  31. Apologize to anyone you’ve wronged.
  32. Have a deep conversation about life and the future with one friend
  33. Plan an end-of-school dinner with your nearest and dearest
  34. Create a LinkedIn profile.
  35. Secure a summer job.
  36. Learn how to self-soothe.
  37. Conquer a fear.
  38. Go camping.
  39. Read 100 books
  40. Register to vote as soon as you turn 18.
  41. Learn to cook at least three different meals.
  42. Take a family vacation.
  43. Buy yourself something completely frivolous.
  44. Take an online class in a skill or subject you’ve always wanted to learn.
  45. Apply for scholarships.
  46. Tour a college with friends.
  47. Save money.
  48. Download a budgeting app.
  49. Attend an extra study session for a class.
  50. Write a letter for yourself in 5 years.
  51. Graduate!!

And you are done and dusted with your high school!

That’s it..

You did it! You took the first step towards making your own bucket list. We don’t recommend you fully embrace this list as your own bucket list. It will never work out that way. Your bucket list should be special to you. Sure, you can take inspiration from this list. You can add things that you find useful and ignore those that you cannot resonate with. You can do whatever with this list, but you need to make sure you create one for yourself. 

After all, it is a different fun of its own, preparing a bucket list and working towards checking off the things on your list. You will know it once you do it. 

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