10 Summer Research Opportunities For High School Students [2022]

Research is the backbone of innovation in all fields. Whether it is medicine, physics, chemistry, or any area of finance, research can help achieve breakthrough solutions. Therefore, the students eyeing higher education programs in these streams should start learning research from the high school stage. They can utilize the summers to groom themselves to become research scholars. Using research credits earned during this time, they can get admission to the best institutes or Ivies that they always dreamed about.

Summer research programs are rolled out every year by various colleges and institutions. Students can pick the options that help them fulfill their research goals and tread steadily on the path to qualifying for education at college and higher levels. Let’s take a look at some of the summer research opportunities that high school students can avail and the related details you ought to know about these.

Research programs for high schoolers to apply for this summer

1. Summer research opportunities program (SROP) by Purdue University

Purdue University organizes the SROP every year. This program opens the gateway to Big Ten universities by preparing students for those institutes at the high school level. The program’s aim is to level the playing field for all aspirants who have no other means to showcase their research skills and get through prestigious colleges and universities.

The disciplines offered are Agricultural Engineering, Biology, Computer & Electrical Engineering, Neuroscience, and STEM Fields.

Benefits of this program are research experience of the Tier I level, Mentoring by faculty and a graduate student, GRE workshops, support for preparing graduate program applications, Application fee waiver for graduation programs by Purdue University, and a stipend of $4,000.

For more information, visit this link.

2. Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Summer Internship by Stanford

Stanford University’s Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Summer Internship is an intensive program to give a preview of this program to high school students. The students get exposure to basic surgical procedures and can have a hang of what this program will demand of them at the graduation level.

Discipline offered is Cardiothoracic surgery skills.

The benefits of this program are that students can learn procedures like suturing, knot tying, bypass graft, dissection, etc. They get to attend laboratory sessions and lectures by the Stanford University faculty and resident students. Scholarship is offered to students with academic excellence and financial limitations.

Click here for full details about how to apply, fees, etc.

3. Boston University Summer Sessions

These are six-week sessions that can help students have the summertime spent at Boston University. The reasons can be many varying from scoring credits to exploring the subject of the choice and being habitual of the intensive academic environment that awaits at the graduation level program.

Disciplines offered are business, analytics, information technology, communication, project management, and writing.

Benefits of these sessions are wide choices of subjects offered at BU. You can acquire subject-matter expertise under the mentorship of BU professor or the top rankers of graduation programs, get social exposure, and have a chance to network with the global community of learners and mentors.

No application is required, only registration can help you avail the summer research opportunities offered to high school students by BU. Click here for more details.

4. MIT Summer programs

MIT( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) runs some of the most sought-after summer research programs aimed at select audience. These programs are a great launchpad for high school students who want to take a deep plunge into the science fields and have the world-class mentorship provided by MIT faculty. A few of the research programs that can be done by high school students during summers are:

  • MITES – Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science: This six-week-long, intensive program is conducted for students from minority backgrounds who show immense interest in research in the fields of engineering, science, and entrepreneurship. The program is free for all, but the transportation is to be borne by the intern. Click here for further details.
  • WTP – Women’s Technology Program: It is an all-female summer research internship program where the 60 selected female students are mentored and supervised by MIT’s female faculty. It is a four-week summer research program for female high school students who can join this course after their junior year. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science are the disciplines offered. Lab work, classroom sessions, and community learning are some of the benefits of this program. Click here to know more about this program.
  • RSI – Research Science Institute: This summer research opportunity is provided to 80 high school students. The program is about six weeks long. Interns will be doing the research work and attending classes in disciplines like science, maths, and engineering. Click here for more details.
  • BWSI – Beawer Works Summer Institute: This program is open for high school juniors. It especially welcomes those students who are the first in their family to attend college. This four-week program offers exposure to AI in Serious Game Design, Quantum Software, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, and similar topics dedicated to innovative solutions. Click here for further information.

5. Harvard University Summer Program

Harvard runs two types of Summer Research Programs. These are designed to give the college experience to high school students. A few of the highlights of these programs are:

  • Pre-college Program: It is an intensive two-week program that gives the firsthand experience of ensuing college life. The program is the no-credit type and is designed to impart college readiness. Students get the opportunity to develop life skills and exchange knowledge with other fellows from all parts of the world. Click here for full details of this program.
  • Secondary school program: It differs from the pre-college program in providing course credit to the students. The researchers can pick the subject they are genuinely interested in and is not included in the high school curriculum. It is a seven-week program that acquaints students to college life amply and offers the opportunity to network with other students from various corners of the world. Click here for full details.

6. Einstein-Montefiore High School Summer Research Program

Einstein-Montefiore High School Summer Research Program is for high school students who are 16 years and above. High school students can get the idea of scientific research processes and may prepare themselves for the course in science at the college level.

Science subjects are the main disciplines offered in this summer research opportunity for high schoolers. The attendees can join faculty lectures, and are assigned Einstein research labs where they get the mentorship of the laboratory director.

You can check all details about this program here.

7. Young Scientist Program from the Washington University

The students from underrepresented backgrounds can prove their ability to take up a scientific career by joining the Young Scientist Program at Washington University. This program exposes the students to active research methods and acquaints them with research ethics. Students with outstanding high school records can get this program funded by Summer Focus, an initiative of the Washington University Medical Center.

This summer research opportunity program provides science subjects for exploration. The students can attain science literacy and research skills in the subjects of their interest. Other benefits include mentorship by the faculty of Washington University and the development of laboratory research and critical thinking skills.

Visit the program link for full details.

8. Simons Summer Research Program by Stony Brook University

Simons Summer Research Program by Stony Brook University is one of the best opportunities available for high school students. This summer research program is ideal for academically distinguished high school students who have inclination for research.

Disciplines offered in this program are maths, science, and engineering.

The students get the hands-on experience of doing research in labs by learning the tools and techniques applicable. With the skills like teamwork, cooperation, and mutual knowledge exchange with fellow students from across the globe, the students get the taste of college life here.

Click here to know all details of this program.

9. Research in Biological Sciences (RIBS) -Chicago University

It is the summer research program that provides students with ample exposure to research techniques in microbiological, molecular, and cell biological studies. Currently, the program invites high school sophomores and juniors. They should have completed one year in Biology subject to join this course.

The course comprises lectures for the subject’s introduction. Most of the time will be spent in labs while doing RIBS. Math, science and chemistry high school students can find this course a preparatory platform for studying in college. So, if the thought of spending 4-weeks in research in biology and science excites you, this is the course for you.

Click here for full details of this summer research program.

10. Summer at Hopkins – John Hopkins University

It is a multi-disciplinary program that allows students to spend 2-10 weeks of summer at John Hopkins University and have an idea of the college life ahead. Academically excellent students can join this program and engage themselves in discussion and discovery.

The pre-college summer programs at John Hopkins are provided in the streams such as Foundations of Medicine and Health, Film and Media, Psychology and Brain Sciences, STEM, and Humanities.

Academic guidance by the JHU facility, exposure to the classroom environment, lab, and coursework mentored by the best student and faculty are some of the benefits of this program. The course can be a life-changing feat for academically advanced students. Several activities contributing to social skills development can help you make friends and come closer to mentors and do great work together.

Click here to find full details of this program.

Wrapping up,

Why not spend summertime doing something meaningful to your career growth? Summer research opportunities are the best pretext to acquaint yourself with the academic life waiting for you after high school. Have the ultimate experience of college life at the best universities and Ivies by joining the summer research program and win a chance to be a part of the global community of scholars and researchers.

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