30+ Motivating Quotes For School Counselors

Quotes for school counselors

If you go by the textbook definition of school counselors, they are certified or licensed professionals who provide academic, career, college readiness, and social-emotional support to all students. However, in reality, they are so much more. A school counselor is a wise, old friend who can help you sail through an emotional turmoil in your … Read more

7 Fun Robotics Activities for High School Students

Robotics Activities for High School Students

From self-checkout machines at grocery stores to smartphones to self-driving cars, robots are becoming increasingly present in our daily lives. This presence of robotics in various industries is expected to grow in the future along with the advancement of technology. This leads to an increasing demand for skilled professionals in this field.  Robotics is an … Read more

10+ Effective Incentive Ideas To Motivate Teachers

Incentives to Motivate Teachers

Teachers form the backbone of the education system and play a vital role in shaping the minds and futures of children. The knowledge they provide is irreplaceable and their dedication and commitment are inspiring. However, teachers, particularly those working in public sectors often face burnout, low morale, and attenuation.  This can largely be attributed to … Read more

3 Sample Letters to Parents Seeking Donations for Teachers’ Gifts

Letters to Parents asking for Donations for Teachers’ Gifts

The contribution of a teacher to the overall development of a child is priceless. They dedicate time, energy, and passion to stimulating young minds and shaping the future of countless children throughout their lives. As such, it is important to show our gratitude to our teachers in the best way possible.  There are several ways … Read more

Helpful Tips And Activities For Substitute Teachers

Tips and activities for substitute teachers

The profession of a teacher requires hard work, perseverance, and consistency. The job is not just restricted to schedules and curriculum, but also being an inspirational figure the children can look up to.  Imparting education requires an engaging and learning environment. More than that, it requires consistency and continuity. This flow can be at risk … Read more

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Teachers

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Teachers

Being a teacher brings its fair share of hardships. It requires focus, dedication, and tremendous energy. After all, you are expected to teach class after class, grade the papers, attend all meetings, and stimulate the minds of young children while also focusing on professional development. The demands of the profession are endless and it is … Read more