Top 7 California Scholarships for High School Juniors

California’s warm cozy summers have more to offer than a relaxing beach day and amazing surf rides. Yeah, California is also a house to various amazing public and private colleges and universities that are famous worldwide. With some leading courses and assured career success, California is a complete package of fun and knowledge. 

To make matters more amazing, California also provides numerous scholarships to students aiming to pursue their education at California universities. You might be interested in nursing scholarships or environmental scholarships, or anything in between; California has got you covered. The chances are you have only completed your high school junior year and want to crack a scholarship for a freshman college year to financially support your education; there are California scholarships for every aspect. 

So, gear yourself up and get ready to explore some amazing California scholarships for high school juniors and lay a strong foundation for your successful career ahead. In this article, we have curated some best scholarships for California students in their high school junior year. 

Let’s get started! 

Making the high school journey easy: Top California scholarships for high school juniors 

High school junior years are full of fun and enthusiasm. With many possibilities waiting on your doorstep and a bright future ahead, you are all set to make some amazing career decisions and secure your future. Let’s see some California scholarships for high school juniors to kick-start your journey-

1. California Association of Collectors Educational Scholarship

California Association of Collectors Educational scholarship is an essay-type scholarship that was introduced specifically for high school juniors and seniors of California by the California Association of Collectors in 2005. Suppose you are applying for the CAC’s Educational Scholarship. In that case, you have to be enrolled in California high school and plan to attend any public or private California University or college within 12 months of high school graduation. 

Additionally, suppose that the eligibility criteria fit you. In that case, you must prepare an essay on the “importance of maintaining good financial credit during your college years”, and you can win scholarships up to $2500. CAC’S Educational Scholarship provides grants for up to three positions, where the first position award is $2500, followed by $2,000 for the second position, and lastly, $1500 for the third position. 

2. Carson Scholar funds

Carson Scholar Funds is another amazing and highly reputed scholarship for California high school juniors. Carson Scholar Fund is a non-profit organization founded in 1994 by Dr. Ben Carson, a well-renowned pediatric surgeon, and his wife, Candy. Carson Scholar Funds aims to tackle the American educational crisis by helping the nation’s youth receive top education and achieve excellence through well-funded scholarship programs.

Carson Scholar Funds is open to students from grades 4 to 11, although the decision to apply for the funds does not solely depend on the students. The school nominates one student from grade 4 to grade 11 based on the teacher’s recommendation, involvement in community services and extracurricular activities, a well-drafted application essay, and so on. The Carson Scholar Funds places equal emphasis on your extracurricular activities and academics. The winner will be awarded a grant of $1,000. 

3. Hearts for community services

Hearts for Community Services is a remarkable opportunity for all United States natives, including students from California, to shine brighter and kickstart their educational journey at full speed. Warrick Dunn Charities’ Hearts for Community Services helps children pursue education, provides stable and better job opportunities, and provides a better quality of life for a bright future. As the name of the scholarship suggests, if you are planning to apply for this scholarship, you must actively participate in community services. 

The Hearts for Community Services applications open every year from 15th June to 31st July for the students of different US cities who are actively involved in community services in their respective counties. Another important eligibility criterion for the scholarship is enrolling in post-secondary institutions in their junior years. To apply for this scholarship, you only need two letters of recommendation and a 500-word essay, among other requirements.

4. Sponsoring True Advocacy for Challenged Youth Advocacy 

Sponsoring True Advocacy for Challenged Youth Advocacy is another incredible Californian scholarship, specially tailored for children who wish to serve and advocate for children with special needs in the future. STACY, or Sponsoring True Advocacy for Challenged Youth Advocacy, is for students from the Greater Sacramento Area, Northern California, US. 

Various programs under STACY are scholarship programs, sibling leadership, and support programs, volunteer collaboratives, and events. The scholarship program provides financial assistance to children willing to work for and with people with special needs. If you are looking for assistance under STACY, ensure you are at least seventeen years of age and are a citizen of one of the mentioned California counties: Sacramento, Contra Costa, San Joaquin, Amador, El Dorado, Placer, Sutter, Yolo, and Solano

5. The Coolidge Scholarship

The Coolidge Scholarship is a one-of-a-kind opportunity annually awarded to high school juniors residing in different counties of the United States. The Coolidge Scholarship covers four-year graduation from any accredited public or private college or university in the United States. The scholarship covers tuition fees, room charges, boards, books, and other expenses. Students from every background are invited to apply; only they should be citizens of the US, including California. 

The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation operates the Coolidge scholarship. The finalists of the Coolidge Scholarship , for the final round of interviews, have to report to the historic site of Coolidge in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. 

6. Exceptional Youth Scholarship

The Exceptional Youth Scholarship program is one of the most reputed scholarship programs in the United States. The program focuses on various counties in the United States, including California. If you are looking forward to applying for this program, ensure that you are also involved in volunteering and community services along with amazing academics (minimum of 3.0 GPA). A high school junior or senior planning to attend a four-year graduate course can apply for the Exceptional Youth Scholarship Program. 

The scholarship is awarded to ten high school juniors and seniors, and all the expenses, housing, tuition, books, and on-campus expenses are covered under the scholarship. Under the program, the winner will be awarded $5,000. 

7. Questbridge College Prep Scholarship program

Preparing for college is a huge and overwhelming task. Finding the right course, a suitable college or university, going through a lengthy application process, and whatnot. Questbridge College Prep Scholarship program is a one-of-a-kind program that provides high school juniors tailored guidance, resources, and feedback for their upcoming college degree. This program is especially for those children who are from low socioeconomic backgrounds but have a plethora of talent and knowledge. 

The program is open to California students and other citizens of the US in general. Under the program, children receive funds of $1,000 to buy a laptop, personalized college essay feedback, peer-to-peer support in an online community, a campus visit, full scholarship to a college summer program, hosted by some prestigious universities, such as Yale, UChicago, Emory, etc. The program aims to give a head start to high school juniors for their desired four-year college degree and help them throughout the college preparation process.

Concluding thoughts 

Receiving a scholarship is not only beneficial for financial assistance but also shows the dedication, resilience, and courage you have for your dreams and career. With the rapidly increasing costs of colleges and universities, scholarships will help you secure a seat in your dream university for your dream course. 

Add “winning a scholarship” to your high school bucket list and gear yourself up for some sheer dedication and hard work. It’s your time to shine brighter than a Californian sun and make yourself and your parents proud! So what are you waiting for? Apply now and enjoy your learning!

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