45 Funny Questions to Ask A High School Student

Wondering how to understand the fun and sarcastic side of high school students? Well, we have got you sorted with funny questions that you can use during the class. While many survey questions can be used for high school students, the funny ones particularly help set an environment of trust and sharing. It is crucial to let students express their views and opinions about abstract yet funny topics only to know them better. Such questions also create a sense of relatability with other students.

To ease your job, this article will take you through various fun questions which can be used as icebreakers during the initial school days. Funny questions also create a healthy relationship between students and teachers so you may use them during free time as well. Take help from these questions and let students open their imaginations, laugh through the discussion and wholeheartedly participate in learning activities.

Fun questions to ask high schoolers

Questions that create laughter in class are likely to improvise the learning environment into a more fun and free zone. Students get an opportunity to be themselves and even crack jokes without being hesitant and fearful. Check out the below-mentioned questions to trigger laughter and an exchange of thoughts between high schoolers.

  1. Which animal would be the funniest to converse with if they could speak?
  2. Which is the silliest fashion fad you’ve ever seen?
  3. What cartoon character would you choose to live with for a day if you could, and why?
  4. Which of your dreams was the strangest?
  5. Which vegetable, and why, would you be if you were one?
  6. Which strangest utterance did you ever hear in the school hallway?
  7. What superpower would you have if you were a superhero, and what would your superhero name be?
  8. What is the craziest justification you have given your parents for going out with your friends?
  9. What subject would you teach if you were a teacher, and how would you make it interesting?
  10. Which era would you pick if you had to live somewhere else, and why?
  11. Would you rather be an apple on the tree or a potato on the ground?
  12. What would be the first rule you would change if you were the principal for a day?
  13. Why does it seem to be so uncommon and yet they term it “common” sense?
  14. Would you choose to crack a joke and run away from a serious situation or try to escape with intelligence?
  15. What would be the first three songs on your life’s playlist, if you could?
  16. Why is the word “abbreviation” so lengthy?
  17. What food would you choose if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life? (Select carefully!)
  18. When someone sneezes, why do we say “bless you”? When they cough, do we say “curse you”?
  19. What course would you create if you could, and how would you assess it?
  20. What is the most ridiculous search you have ever done?
  21. What cheat codes would you want if life were a video game?
  22. What would you do first if you could live your life as your parents for a day?
  23. What would you rename your preferred social networking site to if you could?
  24. What would your superhero outfit look like if you were one?
  25. When babies wake up every few hours, why do we say “sleep like a baby”?
  26. Life gives you lemons but what would you do if you are allergic to lemons?
  27. If aliens landed in your house, what would you say to them about Earth?
  28. Which is the weirdest conversation you overheard in school?
  29. What is the funniest excuse you have used for not submitting an assignment or homework?
  30. If you could add one subject to your curriculum, what would that be?
  31. Which celebrity would you become if there was an option?
  32. Which is one of the embarrassing moments of your life?
  33. What funny excuse would we give to avoid household chores?
  34. If you could turn people into animals, which animal would you choose and for whom? 
  35. Would your pencil case grumble about being overstuffed with pens if school supplies had a voice?
  36. Would you win a gold medal or just take part in procrastination if it were an Olympic sport?
  37. Do you ever wonder if instructors are working together to provide challenging homework in secrecy?
  38. What do you think your bag would say about your snack preferences if it could talk?
  39. Has anyone ever thought that your handwriting was a secret code, or is it simply a creative way for you to convey chaos?
  40. What if historical figures had social media accounts and you could see their stories of struggle?
  41. If you could get a degree in any of the misbehavior acts in the class, which one would you choose?
  42. What is the funniest thing about your everyday school time?
  43. Would you rather attend math class or run away from science? Why?
  44. What is the best way to hide snacks in places where it is not allowed?
  45. Which is the weirdest secret you have stored?

How do funny questions help?

Just as you use different get-to-know questions for students, it is equally crucial to crack a joke and let the class laugh. While funny questions create laughter, they also help in understanding students on a deeper level. Let’s see how these questions stand as a chance to explore the vivid views of learners.

  • Humor helps break the traditional learning pattern and students eventually involve themselves in asking questions, discovering choices, and interacting with others.
  • With the help of funny questions, teachers can create a sense of relatability. You may also share your experiences as a high schooler to let students feel the freedom to express themselves. 
  • A variety of questions of the day initiate conversations and debates allowing students to improve their communication skills.
  • Funny questions create an engaging environment and develop a critical-thinking mindset. It might also encourage students to think of extraordinarily fun answers to create an edge over others. 
  • Just as icebreaker activities, fun questions let students explore their interests and freely jam up with their classmates. It opens a channel of communication and expression of various perspectives. 

Wrapping Up…

Funny questions for high school students aid in a comprehensive learning environment that focuses on humor and entertainment. It acts as a way of creating great relationships between peers and teachers. As students get an opportunity to share their views on random questions, the fear of judgment is simply eliminated. 

With the help of above mentioned funny and quirky questions, teachers can plan many activities and communication sessions. By giving students the chance to voice their random thoughts, you are only offering a platform for expression and togetherness in the class.

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