100 Random Acts of Kindness for High School Students

Remember the last time a stranger appreciated your clothing? It certainly is one of the best feelings to receive appreciation, gratitude, and love from people. A good thought can turn a sad moment into a day filled with joy! That is exactly why you need to understand the importance of being kind. In a world where people are worried about education, jobs, and everyday chores, an act of kindness can make someone’s day. 

As high school students, you are certain to come across situations where your peers or friends need help with assignments, technical applications, or projects. Kindness is not only about helping someone financially. You can start your bit by assisting your juniors or helping a friend fight cyberbullying. In this article, you will come across easy and doable kindness acts thereby developing compassion and empathy for others.

Acts of kindness for high schoolers 

Acts of kindness help students strengthen relationships with social beings thereby developing respect for others. With kindness, students learn to be collaborative and cooperative in different situations. The below-mentioned kindness acts help foster the mental and emotional well-being of learners. 

  1. Use encouraging words to motivate your sibling in his/her academic journey.
  2. Help a friend in learning a skill that you already know like designing, swimming, or leadership.
  3. Donate your picture books or other non-fiction books in the school library or to needy students.
  4. Make an appreciation card for your parents or teachers and describe their value in your life.
  5. Leave a small gift for the security guard of your school and thank him/her for the service. 
  6. Offer your help to handle your friend’s pet when he/she is heading out for urgent work.
  7. Donate food to a needy person from your savings.
  8. Pick up litter at the beach and help the cleaners in doing their job.
  9. Feed street dogs or cats with food while going to school. 
  10. Organize a stationery donation drive in school and distribute the materials to needy students. 
  11. Help your parents run errands throughout the day. 
  12. Spend time with your grandparents, take them to a park, and express how much they mean to you.
  13. Prepare your friend’s favorite food and share the tiffin during break time.
  14. Encourage a teacher appreciation day in the class and let students express their gratefulness towards the teaching staff. 
  15. Help your friend with the subject he/she finds difficult.
  16. Set the table for dinner when guests arrive at your home.
  17. Conduct art activities at NGOs or other schools for underprivileged students 
  18. Apologize to anyone you have hurt with flowers or a card
  19. Every day, be a good influence and source of encouragement for your peers.
  20. Write an appreciation letter to any of the students in the class. 
  21. Assist a student who is having trouble opening their locker.
  22. Assist juniors with reading and letter-writing skills after school.
  23. Ask funny questions to a friend who is not feeling good.
  24. Establish a study group to aid peers in their exam preparation.
  25. Plan a food or clothes drive for a nearby shelter.
  26. Offer to take a missing student’s notes in class.
  27. Become involved in the classroom or school board decoration.
  28. Take part in a day of school-wide cleanup.
  29. Help a teacher with technical difficulties.
  30. Talk to your classmates about motivational sayings or messages.
  31. Research summer jazz camps for a friend who is finding it difficult to join one.
  32. Offer to carry books for a person who is carrying a large bag.
  33. Post a supportive message on social media praising a classmate’s accomplishments.
  34. Help a student in need by providing them with a snack or lunch from the school canteen.
  35. Support a classmate who is bullied by someone on social media platforms.
  36. Hold a bake sale to raise money for a good cause.
  37. Participate with a friend in a performance or talent show.
  38. Encourage a friend to prepare for a sporting event.
  39. Give a fellow student a study suggestion or technique.
  40. Make use of positive affirmations and spread the word to everyone in the class. 
  41. When it rains, hold an umbrella for someone.
  42. Post a motivational note in a friend’s locker without their knowledge.
  43. Check on a classmate who is absent due to sickness and assist to help with studies.
  44. Be a volunteer for activities conducted for a social cause.
  45. Be an active listener for someone who is struggling with stress or anxiety. 
  46. Share stationery materials with a classmate who forgot to bring them.
  47. Help the teacher carry the assignment files to the staff room. 
  48. Share a ride home with a friend who stays nearby your place.
  49. Organize a project or presentation for a friend.
  50. Pick up lunch for a classmate who is unable to leave the school. 
  51. To promote good deeds, organize a Kindness Challenge among your peers.
  52. Assist in planning an unexpected birthday party for a teacher.
  53. Contribute your artistic talents to a school project by producing original artwork or illustrations.
  54. Be willing to take notes for a student who is disabled. 
  55. To make them accessible, offer to share your lecture notes in a digital version.
  56. Make a care package for a buddy during a difficult period, such as an exam.
  57. Share your favorite motivational podcasts with other classmates.
  58. Help your friend find interesting journal topics for vacation time.
  59. Offer your assistance in planning school activities or fundraisers.
  60. Gather and discard old electronics or batteries to encourage environmental responsibility.
  61. In the school, create a mural or other piece of art that encourages optimism and inclusivity.
  62. Assist a classmate in coming up with ideas for a creative project.
  63. Hold a “Free Hug Friday” occasion to convey cheer and goodwill.
  64. To add a touch of nature, grow a small indoor garden in the school’s common space.
  65. Stick uplifting messages on desks or lockers to make someone’s day.
  66. Organize a group to clean up a neighborhood park or public space.
  67. Encourage seniors to complete their college applications by writing them letters of support.
  68. Organize a Tech Help Camp to assist students with the usage of different applications and websites for academic growth.
  69. For parents with children, offer to babysit them or take care of their needs.
  70. Be a part of peer mentoring activities and support your peers by active listening and empathy.
  71. Host a talent show to encourage students to showcase their unique talents and capabilities.
  72. Water the trees and plants in the school and surrounding areas.
  73. Offer to instruct curious peers in the fundamentals of CPR or first aid.
  74. Send a surprise art kit or package to a friend who loves to paint.
  75. Surprise your parents with a homemade meal and let them relax after a working day.
  76. Create a Compliment Wall so that students can write encouraging messages for one another.
  77. Create and distribute little planters filled with low-maintenance vegetation.
  78. Establish a “Wishing Tree” where kids can post notes describing their ambitions.
  79. Plan a movie or game night for the students so they can unwind and enjoy themselves.
  80. To relieve stress, organize and guide a mindfulness or meditation practice.
  81. Give a short session on a skill or interest you are enthusiastic about.
  82. Allow someone in front of you in line at the store who has fewer products.
  83. Assist a neighbor with mowing their grass or shoveling their driveway.
  84. Help your friend find nutrition games and books to boost knowledge in the subject matter and improve their health. 
  85. Be a part of a rally for environment conservation. 
  86. Purchase some of the artist’s work or go to one of their events to show your support.
  87. Offer to mentor someone in your field to spread your knowledge.
  88. Leave a commendable review or testimonial for a local small business.
  89. If someone is caught in the rain, offer them your umbrella or a ride home.
  90. Provide assistance with a senior’s grocery shopping or volunteer to carry a large object.
  91. Prepare supper for a neighbor who might be struggling.
  92. Give a stranger a sincere compliment to brighten their day.
  93. Take homemade treats to a nursing home and spread happiness. 
  94. Share your unused coupons and discount vouchers with others. 
  95. Organize a plantation drive in your locality. 
  96. Leave a thank you note and generous tip to a waiter at a restaurant. 
  97. Conduct self-identity activities and games for students with a lack of self-esteem and knowledge about themselves. 
  98. On a hot day, set up a free lemonade stand and contribute the money to a good cause.
  99. Leave positive reviews for YouTube videos that are helpful in your academic learning. 
  100. Offer to proofread or edit a resume for high school seniors.


High schoolers are on the path of learning and evolving themselves with new-age information. In such a phase, it is difficult to donate hefty amounts of money to organizations or NGOs. However, it is equally important to teach them the importance of being kind and contributing their bit towards society.

Through the above-mentioned acts of kindness, they get an excellent opportunity to exchange care, love, and comfort with people. It not only helps build a compassionate heart but also creates a positively inspiring environment in the classroom.

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