10 Pieces Of Advice For Students Going To Attend Freshman Year Of High School

Transitioning from middle to high school is an important moment in a student’s life. Although it is exciting, it may be difficult to adjust to the new changes. There will be new classes, teachers and a new campus to navigate through. For some, the academic demands and standards are far greater and harder. Yet this transition may be an easy and pleasurable one if you are adequately prepared and have the appropriate attitude. 

High schools offer a lot of new opportunities to freshmen- from new clubs, extracurriculars, new academics and so on. It allows them the opportunity to prepare for a good college education in the future. It is, therefore, crucial that freshmen get off to a good start to make the best of these high school years.

Hence, in this blog, we will talk about a few pieces of advice, tips and tricks that can be beneficial for high school freshman-year students, as these can make the whole year a cakewalk for these young learners. 

Advice For High School Freshman

High School, especially the freshman year, can be full of anxiety, and apprehensions, as this is the time when students particularly do not know what to expect and what not to. Hence, in such situations, some advice can make the whole year easy and smooth for these young adults. Here are some great advice for students who have just entered their freshman year and are all set to create their mark. 

1. Make a visit to your school before classes start

High schools are often larger and have bigger campuses than middle schools. So freshmen often face the difficulty of finding their classrooms and getting there on time. It is highly advisable to attend your high school’s freshman orientation if offered, as it gives you the opportunity to tour the campus of your new school and get familiar with the schedule.

2. Stay organized

Since high schools offer a lot of homework, tests, projects and assignments, it is very easy to lose track of important dates and events. It is, therefore, important to maintain a weekly planner and to keep you up-to-date at all times. Planners help freshmen to keep track of tasks and activities they need to complete in time.

3. Choose subjects of interest

Apart from the core subjects like Maths and Science, high schools allow freshmen the opportunity to select a few subjects of their choice. However, it’s crucial to select courses that you are interested in, if at all possible. Electives give students a chance to explore their interests or learn new skills. It is important to pick something that sparks your enthusiasm and creativity. 

4. Time management is crucial

Freshmen often find themselves caught up in varied activities- be it academic or extracurriculars. What they struggle with most is balancing time between the both. One early error that some students make is allocating either an excessive amount of time or an insufficient amount of time to extracurricular activities. Therefore, time management is a necessary skill for freshmen to do well in high school.

5. Make friends

Though few students realize it, high school is a crucial time for networking and making friends. It’s always a good idea to get to know a few people in each of your classes as a backup in case you ever have to miss a day and need someone to ask a question to, someone to borrow notes from, or someone to give you a fast refresher of what you missed. Additionally, forming productive study groups might result from getting to know your classmates.

6. Make useful connections

Networking is the key to any good social life. It’s important to make an effort to build and expand your network as a high school freshman. Speak with folks about internships and mentoring opportunities. In certain schools, a mentorship programme pairs freshmen with seniors, which is highly advisable. Try to meet new people through clubs or groups. They are useful because they expand your interests and skills and may provide you with beneficial opportunities.

7. Build relationships with teachers and academic counsellors

Spend some time after school getting to know your teachers and guidance counsellors. Building those connections can assist students in adapting to high school and be beneficial in the long run, particularly as they begin to apply to colleges. In order to optimize your application preparation process, make sure to receive input from your counsellor, as they often have a strong sense of the college admissions market

8. Don’t compare yourselves to others

High schools are competitive spaces. Everyone tries to excel in studies or extracurriculars. But what is important to remember is that every student has their own path to follow, and Every student follows a different path, so the most crucial thing is to give it your all and succeed in every way possible. Unless you find that comparison to be a powerful source of personal motivation, comparing yourself to others won’t help you achieve any of those goals.

9. Pay attention to your mental health

Since high school is a big transition for freshmen, many often struggle to adjust to their new surroundings. This often takes a toll on their mental health. Moreover, students find it difficult to cope with their studies, tests, events and assignments. There are feelings of stress, anxiety and frustration reported by many freshmen. The majority of schools have mental health resources and services available, including counsellors, psychologists, and social workers, so do not fall back to ask for help whenever required.  

10. Stay true 

Last but not least, stick to your morals and principles even if you face the pressure to mould into a certain type. No freshman is free from peer pressure, but don’t let that discourage you from sticking to your values and principles.  Be smart enough to know which peers have a positive influence on you and will help you change for the better. Being yourself is the key to successfully navigating high school. 

Things Every High School Freshman Should Know

As a freshman student, we all have a million dreams and a gazillion to-do things in our bucket lists, right? However, it would be beneficial for all budding learners to keep in mind a few things, in order to have a smooth sail throughout the freshman year. 

  1. There will be a lot of adjustment involved, and it may take some time to get used to new classes, new teachers, a new campus as well as a new syllabus. 
  2. There will also be multiple opportunities to explore new interests or develop new skills. There is no shortage of extracurricular activities for you to explore, from fresh clubs and organizations to sports teams and other hobbies.
  3. You will make new friends or grow out of old ones, and it’s completely normal. While it’s typical to maintain friendships with people you grew up with, enrolling in new classes and participating in novel activities might open doors to new friendships you would not have previously considered.
  4. Although not many people will tell you, your freshman grades are important too. Some colleges consider transcripts of their applicants from as early as 8th grade so keeping a good record is important.
  5. Extracurriculars are sometimes as important as academics. They not only help you in expanding your network but look good in college applications too. 
  6. It is never early to start preparing for college. Colleges may seem far off for a freshman, but it is important to prepare for it from high school.
  7. It is important to foster a good relationship with the teachers and staff as well as the academic counsellors from your high school. They not only help ease the process of transition but also assist them in their college applications.
  8. Unlike in middle school, teachers in high schools view students as young adults and expect them to talk about their opinions freely.
  9. High schools are very different from what they show in popular culture. Bullies and cliques aren’t a major part of the high school experience, nor are high schools a fairytale of love and friendships.
  10. In spite of the challenges, the transition to high school is an interesting and exciting time for freshmen as it opens new doors of opportunities for them. There is excitement about meeting new people and making friends.

Summing up,

Some kids may be caught off guard during their first year of high school, both in good and bad ways. Knowing what to anticipate on your first day will help you mentally get ready for the situation and relax into the change. Accept the new challenges and work hard to prepare well for the future.  At the end of the day, it is important to enjoy your experience as a freshman in high school.

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