10 Free Websites To Ace Your SAT Preparation

The SAT is a standardized test used to evaluate a student’s skills in three areas relating to Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. Students appearing for college admissions in the United States are required to sit for this exam, the score of which is used in the college admission process. These scores assist the colleges in determining whether or not a student would be a suitable fit at their institution.

Your likelihood of getting accepted into the top colleges or institutions on your list can be greatly increased by doing well on the SAT. It is important to start preparing for it early on in high school itself if you want to do well because the junior and senior years of high school students are usually packed with multiple events and activities. 

Here in this blog, we have curated a list of free websites that will assist students who want to appear and do well in their SATs

SAT Preparation Websites

While a lot of people often get confused between various tests like GED, SAT, AP, and PSAT, it is important to understand that the SATs can hold advantages for young learners who are venturing out to college. Hence, preparing with the help of a few free websites can be the way to go about it. 

  1. College Board 

The College Board is basically the non-profit organization that administers the SAT. In addition to providing the needful information regarding the exams, like registration and deadlines, the website also provides students with numerous resources needed to practice and prepare for the SATs. These include free sample questions and practice tests, both in online and offline modes. Students willing to appear for the exam may use these resources for free to get an experience of what the real exam will look like. 

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides one of the most comprehensive and free resources online needed for SAT preparation. Its online resources are found across many courses and subjects.  The Khan Academy offers official free SAT practice tests that will help students improve their scores. On Khan’s website, students can study through eight exams while getting immediate feedback on their performance.  

Additionally, they create custom practice exams, provide interactive exercises and lectures, and offer ongoing feedback that helps students gain a better understanding of where they stand and what needs improvement.

  1. The Princeton Review 

The Princeton Review is not only the organization that publishes test prep books, but they also publish several free SAT resources on its website. Free SAT practice tests are available online and in person from Princeton Review for those students preparing for the exam. 

Following the exam, they also provide a comprehensive performance report that includes the important suggestions the students can use to raise their overall score.  Additionally, The Princeton Review also offers free webinars, seminars, and events with advice on how to raise your SAT sectional score.

  1. Kaplan 

Kaplan is one of those websites known for its high-quality SAT preparation resources. It runs several online prep courses that include, free practice tests and “question of the day” with a comprehensive explanation, 12-question, 20-minute exam “workout,” etc. Like Princeton, they also provide a detailed report card to the students who have taken their tests. 

Along with full-length tests, Kaplan also has a “Short SAT Test” for those who are running short in time. By taking this test, students can know the position where they stand with the preparation. 

  1. Test Prep Review 

SAT practise exams can be found on the Test Prep Review website. You can use this tool to evaluate how well you did on various SAT parts, such as math, reading, and writing. 

Additionally, it offers a Flashcard study technique guide and an SAT secret study guide. So look over their website to improve your SAT abilities.

  1. Magoosh

One of the broadest selections of free SAT preparation materials on the internet is provided by Magoosh. Magoosh charges for certain of its exam preparation resources. However, the website does, however, provide a number of free online SAT preparation tools. 

There are diverse tools available for SAT preparation- free SAT flashcards, Magoosh SAT eBook, full-length practice tests, and Question of the Day. Not only this, the website also provides information on SAT schedules and deadlines. Students can also access study tips and test-taking strategies through the company’s YouTube channel.

  1. Varsity Tutors

According to Varsity Tutors, everyone ought to have the resources and chance to achieve their highest SAT score. So they provide students with a free online class for SAT prep. The class uses a distant learning model, so participants interact over Zoom. 

The two-week prep course offers material and study techniques for each of the four SAT sections. In addition, to live lessons, students can also access Varsity Tutors mobile app, and their 650+ page SAT eBook, which is an adaptive assessment tool that helps identify areas that need development.

  1. B Line Test Prep 

By making existing SAT preparation techniques, study aids, and other SAT-related content more approachable and accessible, B Line aids students in their SAT preparation. 

They provide a free, interactive online Sat Prep for all students looking to appear for the exam. It is entirely web-based, and all you need is a regular web browser and speakers to take advantage of B Line’s software to begin prep. 

  1. Union Test Prep

Union Test Prep has a special method for giving students high-quality SAT preparation without charging them; they make money by selling advertisements on their website. There is a diverse range of resources they provide to the students for free. These include free lessons, practice tests, flashcards, study guides, and so on. 

The website also provides the information needed to appear for the SAT exam. While students may occasionally be interrupted by advertisements in the middle of the lessons, they can pay a small amount to turn them off. 

  1. Chegg

Chegg is basically a textbook rental company that provides free SAT resources for students. Students can access video lessons, SAT strategies, 1,700 practice problems, pop quizzes, and practice tests that help them prepare for the SATs. 

They help students gauge the amount of preparation they need to do well in their exams. The Chegg website also provides the students with various strategies and tips about scheduling, exam type, etc to help them navigate the exam. 

Other Tools That Help In Sat Preparation

  1. Practice Tests- One of the most effective ways to get ready for the SAT is to take a full-length practice exam. You can get a good idea of your SAT score by taking a practice test with scheduling guidelines similar to those you’ll face on test day. The results of your practice tests will also show you what areas you need to focus on as you get ready for the real test. 
  1. Books- Books are a very essential tool required to prepare for the SATs. Some of the most important books include  The Official SAT Study Guide by The College Board, The Complete Guide to SAT Reading by Erica Meltzer, Reason. Solve. Create.: The Insider’s Guide to the ACT and SAT by Scott Moser and so on. These books contain all the necessary lessons and tips to help the students prepare for the exam.
  1. Apps- Apart from the online websites, there are many apps like the Khan Academy app, Study Timer by Magoosh, Sat Prep, SATFlash etc that provide SAT resources. These apps are easily accessible to all students since everyone owns a smartphone nowadays

That’s it

Working towards a higher SAT score has many advantages, whether it’s getting into your favorite school, helping you avoid remedial classes, being able to skip a freshman math class in your first year of college, or getting a sizable scholarship.

Mostly, students appear for the SATs in their junior or senior year of high school, but it is important to prepare for it from earlier stages.

The classes you enroll in may also be influenced by your SAT score; a low score may place you in remedial courses, while a high score may allow you to receive credit for some required core classes without actually enrolling in them.

You may be eligible for scholarships from your school and other organizations if you have strong SAT scores, which are a significant consideration for many merit-based awards.

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