The Only AP Exam Checklist You’ll Ever Need

High school can be an arduous and challenging phase of a student’s life. At the same time, it is also the time to carve one’s future. Be it college, internship, or graduating from high school, this stage of a student’s life is for studying for months at a stretch, reading countless textbooks, answering tons and tons of practice questions, and of course, taking the AP Exam. 

However, as much as it is important to study for the AP Exam and take the exam in full seriousness, it is also important for the students to follow a checklist, as this allows the students to double-check whether they are carrying each and every item with them or not. This will not only simplify the process for you but also save you from going that hard work to waste only because you forgot something. 

Hence, in this post, we will navigate through the most important things that make up the checklist for the AP exams. At the same time, we will also traverse through the various nitty-gritty for the exam.

Advanced placement tests: why are they crucial and more explored

The advanced Placement exam is an academic program that allows students to pursue university-level studies while in high school. These exams have a specifically designed curriculum by professors who measure a lot of factors before designing the syllabus for the kids. 

Available in 20 languages, this program tests students on knowledge and skills in subjects like English, Math, and Science. Being college-level exams, these tests are mostly administered in May, once the students complete the AP course, which is usually a part of a student’s high school.

Coming to why AP Exams hold the utmost importance. This exam helps students stand out in the college admission process, as they can earn better credits and build skills simultaneously, which can help students with Science, Math, Social Science, and any language. 

Students thinking of migrating to other countries for higher education, like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Singapore, will benefit massively from the AP course and exams. At the same time, AP tests are also credible for students who wish to earn more college credit to lower the college tuition bill. 

Offered only during a two-week period in the month of May, the tests are scored on a scale of 1-5. It is crucial to note that most schools require a score of 4. Furthermore, the results of the tests held in May will be declared in early July. 

AP Test Checklist

Now that we have established how important the AP test is, appearing for it becomes equally crucial. However, one would be able to appear for it only when they are fully equipped. Hence, following a proper checklist becomes imperative. Here are a few most important items one should never forget. 

  1. Two No. 2 pencils with erasers
  2. Two black or dark blue ink pens.
  3. Watch
  4. College Board SSD Student Accommodation Letter
  5. Government- or school-issued ID
  6. AP Exam e-ticket email
  7. School issued Chromebook
  8. Graphing calculator
  9. A ruler
  10. College Board SSD Accommodations Letter

What not to bring for the AP Exam

Taking care of noting what not to bring becomes crucial because any student carrying any prohibited item may be dismissed from the examination. Furthermore, the device can also be confiscated, and the student’s score might be canceled. 

Therefore, it is equally important to take care of what NOT to take during the examination. Some of the items are:

  1. Electronic devices, apart from the calculator. This includes cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, smartwatches, cameras
  2. Eatables
  3. Books, notebooks
  4. Scraps of paper
  5. Recording or listening devices
  6. Pencils that are not No. 2
  7. Dictionaries
  8. Watches that beep, make a noise, or have an alarm
  9. Ear plugs
  10. Clothing or shoes with subject-related information

Checklist to follow if you are taking the AP Exam from Home

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the AP exams have also been made online, where the students often get a chance to sit and home and appear for the exam. For this, a separate checklist must be followed. Students should take care of these things before beginning the examination:

  1. AP Exam e-ticket email
  2. Plugged-in Device
  3. Browser Chrome is downloaded. (The exam will not open in other browsers)
  4. Recording app or recording software (such as Voice Memos, GarageBand, Recorder, etc)
  5. 2–3 paper copies of the AP Theory answer sheet template
  6. Good Wi-Fi or cellular data
  7. Some amount of storage in the computer
  8. Good location with minimal or no background noise

That’s it..

The AP Exam is taken by students from all over the world, due to the many advantages that it provides for higher education. To be able to appear for the test and score well, the students must ensure that they are completing their assignments on time and getting familiar with the exam questions by practicing the previous years and sample papers diligently. Hence, this is an examination that requires full preparation, whether it is academically or regarding what needs to be carried out during the examination. All the best! 

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