Letter Of Recommendation Examples For High School Students

You may have good grades in your high school which reflect your dedication and hard work towards your career. You may be an active participant in extracurricular activities, but if there is anything that can give you an edge over these documents is the letter of recommendation from your teachers or school. 

This recommendation letter works as a validation of your abilities and strengths from someone who has established a reputation in the field and possesses a deep understanding of you as a student. Instead of going through all your report cards and certificates, the admission officers rely mostly on these letters as these effectively communicate how perfect you’re for their institute.

Having said that, if you’re a student or a teacher looking to know more about it in detail, this post is here for your guidance. To make sure you not only impress the officer but also leave a lasting impression, keep reading until the end of this blog as we explain the format, crucial points to remember along with examples to provide a clear picture of how these points come together to form a persuasive letter of recommendation.

Format of writing a letter of recommendation

Following and considering the format is important as it demonstrates professionalism and helps in maintaining the formal relationship between the sender and the receiver. Being a formal letter, the letter of recommendation also follows almost the same format which is as follows –


Recipient’s Title

College Name 

College Address



Opening lines

Body of the letter



This is a common and general format for a letter of recommendation for high school students. However, check with your high school once if there is any variation for the same as some schools may also issue a letter of recommendation in “To whomsoever it may concern” letter format. 

Important factors to consider while writing a letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation plays a crucial role in helping you get your dream college. It helps the admission officer know you from your actions rather than the grades on the report card. To make sure, your letter of recommendation impresses the concerned person, check out the crucial points that can make a compelling letter. 

  1. Consider the program you’re applying to: A letter of recommendation showcases your strengths and qualities that resonate with the program you’re applying for. It works on reflecting how efficient you’re for the program and the college. So, before asking for a recommendation letter from your teacher or school, explore the courses well and decide on which one you want to enroll in.
  1. Detailed recommendation letter: The letter works on convincing the college representative that you’re a strong candidate for the specific program in their college. If the teacher has mentioned any point for you then there must be an example to back up that point. This builds the credibility of the points mentioned and also demonstrates your efforts that you’re actually invested in the particular field.
  1. Choice of words: Words have a significant impact on the minds of the person reading them. So, make sure your letter has strong and specific words. These words should capture the essence of the strength you’re referring to, communicating the message effectively. For example, instead of writing “She is a good creative writer & storyteller”, you can write “Her great storytelling and persuasive writing abilities help her craft compelling writing pieces.”
  1. Connection with teachers: If someone is recommending you then he/she must know you well. The level of connection should be such that any statement given by him/her about you is correct because that person knows you for a long time now and understands you and your qualities well like no one else can. 
  1. Strengths: Do not write any strength or quality just like that. Check and read the details of the program and only talk about the qualities that resonate with the program requirements because that’s what the admission officer is looking for. For example, if it is for engineering and if you’re good at creative writing, still do not mention it. Only talk about the strengths that make you the perfect fit for the program. In order to work on this point, you can also check out self-identity games and activities and know yourself better.

Examples of letters of recommendation for high school students

Given the above guidelines, the examples are shared below to give a better idea of how you can draft the perfect letter of recommendation.

Example 1:

This letter of recommendation is from the perspective of a math teacher for any student who is looking to pursue his/her career in engineering. Other than the project example, one can easily customize it to their use.

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for “______” for the program “_____”. I am his/her “_________” teacher. I’ve known him/her for 4 years now and I am genuinely impressed with the person he/she has grown into. From the day he/she joined my class till today, I’ve seen him/her taking every opportunity to learn and grow and making the most of it. 

Throughout the time in math class, I find him/her actively involved in learning and grasping the essence of the concept. What truly sets “______” apart is his/her dedication to understanding the underlying principles and nuances of mathematics and applying them to real-world scenarios. There was an assignment in which every student had to come up with the practical applications of any one of the conic sections in the real world. He/she has not only made the list of the applications of the parabola but also explained it thoroughly with diagrams and the calculations involved. 

Beyond academics, “_____” is a great team player with excellent leadership skills. In every group activity, he/she involves everyone equally, giving each one the opportunity to add valuable input. He/She has a keen eye for detail which makes him/her an excellent observer. This also leads to active participation in the class and drives him/her to understand everything in detail. With this strong observation power, he/she is able to provide his/her valuable feedback to peers, while also embracing the insights about himself/herself, using it to learn and grow.

As his/her math teacher, I have no doubt about his/her capabilities and qualities to thrive in the engineering program at your college. He/She possesses all the necessary qualities to excel not only academically but also will serve as a responsible and valuable community member of your college community. I am confident that he/she will contribute positively and emerge as a successful engineer, making the institute proud and leaving a lasting impression in the field.

I wholeheartedly recommend “______” for this engineering program at “_____”. Thank you for considering his/her application. Please feel free to contact me at “_____” and “_______”, if you require any further information on his/her academic performance or personal details. 




Institute Name

Example 2:

This letter of recommendation is from the perspective of an English language teacher for any student who is looking to pursue his/her career in advanced language courses. Other than the assignment example, one can easily customize it to their use.

I am filled with immense pleasure to write to recommend “______” for admission to your college “______” in the program “_______”. As his/her English language teacher, I’ve witnessed him/her grow academically and personally. I can confidently say that he/she is an exceptional student who possesses the required abilities for a successful college experience.

He/She is an exemplary scholar who is dedicated to language learning which can be easily observed through her actions. I have witnessed how he/she actively seeks additional study material, participates in language clubs, and even volunteers as a language tutor to help his/her peers. Beyond the classroom, he/she has shown exceptional leadership skills as the head of the school’s language club, organizing events that promote cultural and linguistic diversity.

Academically, “_____” has always been the highest scorer in my language class. He/She demonstrates great interest in learning the language which determines the potential for success in any language courses at your esteemed college. Throughout the high school years, he/she has always engaged in thought-provoking discussions in which he/she not only actively adds his/her valuable insights but also listens to what others have to share. 

In addition to this, her writing assignments were a pleasure to my eyes. The way he/she beautifully weaves the words together is something I had not seen until I came across his/her work. His/her curiosity to learn and gain knowledge about literature along with a unique engaging style of storytelling results in a great thesis paper. With a passion for language, he/she has been a valuable contributor to the school magazine by writing prose, poetry, and insightful articles. Being his/her language teacher, I am truly impressed with the person he/she has grown into. 

Having personally observed “____’s” growth and development, I have no doubt that he/she will be a meaningful addition to your college community. He/she possesses a keen observation power, insatiable curiosity to learn along with profound self-awareness which drives his/her passion towards mastering language. I am confident that he/she will prove to be an asset to your college community both academically and socially and being his/her language teacher, I wholeheartedly recommend “_____” for admission to “_____” college in “________” program. 

If you require any further information about “______’s” performance and strengths, please do not hesitate to contact me at “__________” or “_________”. I will be more than happy to share any more details. Thank you for considering his/her application for admission to your esteemed college. 




Institute Name

Wrapping up,

Getting a letter of recommendation from your teachers or school is an important part of your college preparation checklist. This can provide you an edge and help you get admission to your dream program and college.

Along with other preparation, students can also engage in college readiness activities to help them know about the details and make the process easy and less intimidating. So, you’ve made it till here and bang, you’re ready to get yourself a letter of recommendation for your dreams. We wish you all the luck for your future endeavors.

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