8 Fun Mentoring Activities For High School Students

Hey there, young and curious minds! Are you tired of the same old boring school routine? Do you want to spice things up and gain some valuable life experience? Well, look no further because we’ve got just the thing for you – mentoring activities!

That’s right, mentoring activities are the perfect way to explore new interests, gain valuable skills, and get some one-on-one guidance from a seasoned pro. After all, gaining some mentoring skills is there on every high schooler’s bucket list! Whether you’re interested in science, technology, arts, or anything in between, there’s a mentor out there who’s ready and willing to help you out.

From shadowing a professional in your dream career to learning new skills like coding or cooking, the possibilities are endless. So why settle for the same old homework and lectures when you can embark on an exciting mentoring adventure? Let’s dive in and see what kind of cool experiences we can uncover!

Empowering high school students through mentoring: Activities and strategies

1. Career Day Shadowing

Career Day Shadowing

Ready to step into the shoes of your dream job? We’ll partner you with a mentor who works in your desired field for a day of learning and shadowing. Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to work in your dream job!

 To organize this activity, high schoolers should first identify their field of interest. The program coordinator should then reach out to professionals in that field and arrange for the students to shadow them for a day. The student will spend the day observing and learning from their mentor, gaining a deeper understanding of the daily tasks and responsibilities of that profession.

Before the day of the shadowing, the mentor should also provide the student with some information about their job, the skills required, and the educational path needed to pursue a career in that field.

2. TED-Ed Talks

TED-Ed Talks

Got something to say? We want to hear it! You’ll get the chance to give a short talk on a topic you’re passionate about. With feedback from your mentor, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate and deliver a powerful message.

For this activity, students should first choose a topic they are passionate about and conduct research to prepare a short talk. The mentor should then work with the student to develop their presentation skills, focusing on body language, eye contact, and effective use of visual aids.

The mentor can also provide feedback on the student’s content, helping them to refine their ideas and strengthen their argument. Furthermore, students can also watch some inspiring Ted Talks for added motivation 

3. “Networking” Mixer

"Networking" Mixer

 Making new connections can be intimidating, but it’s an essential skill for success. You’ll attend a networking event with your mentor, where you’ll be challenged to introduce yourself to at least five new people. With your mentor’s guidance, you’ll learn how to start conversations and build meaningful relationships.

The “Networking” Mixer is a great opportunity for high schoolers to develop networking skills and meet new people. Before the event, the mentor can provide guidance on how to introduce oneself and start a conversation. For instance, the mentor can suggest that the mentee research potential attendees and identify common interests to discuss. Additionally, the mentor can provide tips on how to maintain a conversation, such as active listening and asking follow-up questions.

During the event, the mentor can encourage the mentee to step out of their comfort zone and introduce themselves to at least five new people. The mentor can also model effective networking behaviors, such as initiating conversations and introducing their mentee to others. After the event, the mentor can debrief with the mentee on their experiences and provide feedback on their networking skills.

4. “Leadership” Challenge

"Leadership" Challenge

Ready to be a changemaker in your school or community? You’ll work with your mentor to identify a problem and develop a plan to solve it. With guidance on leadership and project management, you’ll gain the skills to make a real difference.

The “Leadership” Challenge, much like a leadership activity is an opportunity for high schoolers to develop leadership skills and make a positive impact in their school or community. The mentor can guide the mentee through the process of identifying a problem and developing a plan to solve it. For instance, the mentor can help the mentee research the issue, identify stakeholders, and develop a project plan.

Throughout the project, the mentor can provide guidance on leadership skills such as communication, delegation, and conflict resolution. The mentor can also provide feedback on the mentee’s progress and help them stay accountable to their goals. At the end of the project, the mentor can help the mentee reflect on their experience and identify areas for improvement.

This can also be clubbed with a leadership quiz, to make the game more exciting. 

5. “Real World” Scavenger Hunt

"Real World" Scavenger Hunt

 Are you ready to put your street smarts to the test? We’ll challenge you to complete a list of tasks in the real world, from navigating public transportation to buying groceries. You’ll be accompanied by your mentor, who will provide guidance and support along the way.

A “real world” scavenger hunt can be a fun and educational activity for high schoolers. To get started, the mentor should prepare a list of tasks for the students to complete. These tasks can include things like navigating public transportation, buying groceries, asking for directions, and other real-world skills.

The mentor should accompany the students on the scavenger hunt and provide guidance and support as needed. They can give tips on how to navigate public transportation or ask for directions. After completing each task, the mentor can debrief with the students and discuss what they learned.

6. “Community Service” Project

"Community Service" Project

Want to make a difference in your community? You’ll work with your mentor to plan and execute a community service project, from organizing a food drive to fundraising for a local charity. Together, we can make a positive impact on our world.

A community service project is a great way for high schoolers to give back to their community and learn valuable skills. The mentor should work with the students to plan and execute the project. This can include things like organizing a food drive or fundraising event for a local charity. The project can also be done with some community service ideas for high schoolers, for some added benefits. 

The mentor should help the students identify a need in their community and develop a plan to address it. They can also provide guidance on how to promote the project and recruit volunteers. Throughout the project, the mentor should check in with the students and provide support as needed.

7. “College Application” Boot Camp

"College Application" Boot Camp

College applications can be overwhelming but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You’ll work with your mentor to research and apply to colleges, with guidance on selecting schools, writing essays, and preparing for interviews.

The mentor should work with the students to research and apply to colleges. This can include things like selecting schools, writing essays, and preparing for interviews.

The mentor should help the students identify schools that are a good fit for their interests and abilities. They can also provide guidance on how to write a compelling essay and prepare for college interviews. Throughout the process, the mentor should be available to answer questions and provide feedback on the student’s work.

8. “Mindfulness” Practice

"Mindfulness" Practice

In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, mindfulness can be a powerful tool for managing stress and improving well-being. To start the “Mindfulness” Practice activity, the mentor can explain the concept of mindfulness and its benefits. They can give examples of mindfulness techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and body scans, and explain how they can help calm the mind and reduce stress.

Next, the mentor can guide the students through a mindfulness exercise, such as a guided meditation or a breathing exercise. They can encourage the students to focus on the present moment and observe their thoughts and feelings without judgment. They can also give tips for practicing mindfulness in daily life, such as taking mindful breaks during the day.


Mentoring activities are an excellent way for high school students to gain valuable experience and guidance in various fields of interest. These activities not only offer a unique learning experience but also help students develop crucial skills, networks, and knowledge that can serve them throughout their academic and professional journeys.

By participating in mentoring activities, students can explore new interests, enhance their knowledge, and build relationships with mentors who can provide valuable advice and support. Therefore, I highly encourage all high school students to seek out mentoring opportunities and take advantage of the vast benefits they offer. With the right mentor and attitude, the sky’s the limit, and the possibilities are endless.

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