10 Worth Reading Philosophy Books for High School Students

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Do you often question the purpose of life or how humans never needed to have any purpose and live freely? Such intriguing questions are not your random thoughts. Great philosophers have contributed to the field of philosophy by addressing timeless questions.

The world of Philosophy takes you through the controversial ideas of Aristotle and in-depth questions of Socrates. Right from the thought of human existence to complexities in human relationships, philosophy is divided into various branches. However, you simply cannot learn about Stoicism or Nihilism without knowing the crux of philosophy. That’s exactly why it is important to start smartly by reading philosophy books.

Philosophy books offer a gateway to limitless learning where you can start with the basics and develop an interest in a certain field. The books also help you delve into the critical thoughts of philosophers thereby allowing you to change modern-day thinking. It is indeed important to start with the right books and take complete advantage of them. Hence, this article will take you through ten intriguing philosophy books that trigger questions, alter thoughts, and sparkle your curiosity.

Interesting philosophy books for high schoolers 

Just like interesting non-fiction books for high school students, you now have an opportunity to delve into the thoughts of famous philosophers and contributions made by renowned personalities. The below-mentioned books are a combination of thought-provoking ideas, ancient ideologies, and applications of theories in the modern world.

1. The Philosophy Book

The Philosophy Book is a helpful contribution as it explains the nuances of the subject elaborately. Written by Will Buckingham, the book offers a combination of texts and images to make it an easy read. You can find various difficult concepts of philosophy being explained in an understanding manner. 

As you keep reading, you get to discover the philosophical contributions of great philosophers and how each one excelled in different branches. A variety of logic-based arguments are drafted in the book to offer a practical learning experience. The thought-provoking ideas generate intrigue and you are certain to deeply contemplate things after reading.

2. Ikigai

Ikigai, written by Héctor García and Heather Cleary throws light on the Japanese way of living and finding profound happiness. Being an easy read, the book covers the Japanese culture and unveils the secrets used by ancient people. It helps you find your Ikigai (happiness) and how you can embrace it completely. Subtle language and easy examples make it a fun reading time.

The book also has many questions that trigger you to question your being, discover yourself over again, and find your true potential. It also talks about aging, making friends, contributing to society, and so on. Moreover, you can find many practices and traditional ways of living a fulfilling life that is full of passion, love, and purpose.

3. Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil written by Friedrich Nietzsche is an excellent book that is controversial to many other philosophical thoughts. The book challenges the critical thinking capacities of past philosophers. It allows you to delve into a world of new thinking with a newer version of human life every day. 

While most people claim that a good man is the opposite of a bad man, this book shares eye-opening findings that prove otherwise. You are certain to come across various questions that help you think critically and arrive at viable solutions. Additionally, this is a challenging read and you must first know the basics of philosophy to understand it.

4. Philosophy 101

Philosophy 101 is just the right book for beginners willing to understand the subject matter. As the name suggests, it is more like an introductory book that helps you discover the branches and aspects of Philosophy. The book also plays a significant role in introducing the key philosophers and their contributions to the field.

It is not just a simple read, you can find many intriguing puzzles and artwork defining the essence of philosophy. The book presents various ideas about human life, its existence, and philosophical tidbits. Whether you want to learn about Aristotle or decode the mystery and thought of existentialism, it has everything for a philosophy enthusiast. You are certain to immerse yourself in creative writing topics to understand the subtle language in this book.

5. The Philosophy of Aristotle 

The Philosophy of Aristotle is one of the classic books to add to your reading list if you are interested in Philosophy. The book is all about the findings of Aristotle along with interesting musings. Being the father of Philosophy, he has sharply shared his wisdom through words.

Since the book is a heavy read, you can take the help of teachers or educators to decode some of Aristotle’s contributions. It focuses on the thoughts of Aristotle about life and everyday life. Moreover, you can find introductory essays by other philosophers that add to the fun of reading them. You can also take a look at must-read books that cover various educational aspects for high schoolers.

6. The Art of Living a Meaningless Existence 

The Art of Living a Meaningless Existence is a collection of various essays that help you explore various aspects of philosophy. Robert Pantano is the author of the book and has smartly incorporated ideas from Stoicism, Nihilism, Taoism, and so on. Moreover, he has presented the ideas of great philosophers in an understanding manner.

Unlike other self-help books, this book takes a more direct approach to teaching you the way of living. Classic examples and modern-day philosophy strike a balance in decoding the purpose of essays. The writer makes it certain to embrace meaninglessness in a positive way thereby changing your outlook towards it. 

7. What We Owe The Future

Written by William MacAskill, this book is your perfect partner to learn about modern-day philosophy and connect it with history as well as the future. It is more of a thought-provoking book filled with triggering questions. Well-written ideas and thoughts delve into a world of possibilities where morals and ethics play an important role.

The book considers various possibilities for the future and ensures how you can build a good today for a better tomorrow. Based on the long term, the book covers various aspects of math, science, technological advancements, and so on. Overall, you get an excellent idea about securing future generations and why. Additionally, you can discover the words of words through literary essay topics and practice writing too.

8. Being and Nothingness

As the name suggests, Being and Nothingness is a philosophical book that questions human existence and its purpose. Jean-Paul Sartre, a French existentialist philosopher, has smartly introduced ideas of existentialism, ontology, and phenomenology in this book. It helps readers discover the responsibility and burden that comes to humans even after being born free.

Through the usage of attractive phrases and thought-provoking ideas, Sartre talks about the impact of actions that shape human life and its purpose. The book smartly explains how sometimes it is about awareness of being and sometimes it is not. You can get a great understanding of human relationships, the complexities of making choices, and consciousness.

9. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse 

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse is a heartwarming tale of wisdom and ways of living. Written by Charlie Mackesy, the book talks about the philosophy of life, courage, and self-discovery. It covers the story of different characters, their behavior, and perspectives towards life. It is more like a profound introspection into living life and acquiring wisdom.

With this book, you get an opportunity to balance critical situations and navigate through challenges in life. Mackesy has used musings and his artwork to display the philosophy of living. Readers are certain to find helpful ways and advice that are actionable. It also teaches the significance of compassion and empathy.

10. The Practicing Stoic

The Practicing Stoic drafted by Ward Farnsworth is a helpful book for high schoolers willing to explore the philosophy of Stoicism. The book is filled with insights and intellectual statements defining the essence of Stoicism. It offers a blend of ancient practices and the modern world where you can find various practices to balance complexities.

The book is not simply about philosophical talk; it takes you through practices of wisdom and actionable advice. It highlights many modern problems and the philosophy to get through them. The book also empowers readers to practice self-discipline and understand themselves deeply. It allows you to pause and reflect to better understand life.

Wrapping Up

The branch of Philosophy is wide and it is nearly difficult for students to explore it completely. That’s when the above-mentioned philosophy books help high school students realize their interests and potential. These books help students understand literary works and view life from different perspectives.

It encourages them to channel their morals, values, and ethics after analyzing its impact. As books help students enter into a world of endless possibilities, they also help enhance critical thinking abilities, imagination, and reading skills.

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