10 SAT Prep Summer Programs For High School Students

Are you tired of staring down at a blank SAT answer sheet, feeling like you’re in a never-ending test-taking nightmare? Fear not, my friend! SAT prep summer programs are here to save the day and give you the tools you need to conquer the test of all tests.

Think of it like a boot camp for your brain but with less yelling and more pencils. You’ll spend your days immersed in a world of SAT strategies and practice tests, mastering the art of multiple-choice and essay writing like a true champion.

But don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play – these programs know how to have fun too! You could find yourself in a friendly competition with your fellow test-takers, or exploring the great outdoors on a group hike.

So if you’re ready to ditch the stress and gain the confidence you need to tackle the SAT like a pro, sign up for an SAT prep summer program and get ready for the ultimate test-taking adventure!

Get smart and SAT ready: SAT prep summer schools for high school students!

From PSAT to GED, a lot of tests are confused with the SATs, however, the latter stand different than all others, as they help the kids land up into the college of their choice. Hence, here are 10 SAT prep summer schools, that you can enroll yourself in to make the most of your summer break. 

1. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has the best overalls. It has something to offer for nearly every type of test-taker. It provides multiple live programs. You can choose from various options ranging from online and in-person courses, a self-paced on-demand course, intensives, and 1:1 tutoring services. All these courses have been developed over 40 years in the college prep space. 

If you want to have an intensive prep course, the Princeton Review offers a Summer Camp. The camp condenses the material covered in the Essentials course into a 2-week program. And if you have plenty of time, there’s the SAT Self-Paced course, which gives students a year’s access to over 280 lessons, 3200 practice questions, and 15 practice exams.

2. Kaplan – SAT BootCamp

Kaplan, the educational powerhouse with a knack for test prep, has got you covered when it comes to the dreaded SAT. They offer not one, but two quirky courses to help you prepare, each with their own unique twists. Kaplan’s SAT expert instructors are there for you to make your journey an easy feat.

In this course, you’ll be treated to eighteen hours of live classroom instruction, online video resources, proctored tests, additional practice tests, online quizzes, and even SAT prep books. It’s like a veritable buffet of SAT prep goodness! You can choose the session you want to attend on your own. So, whether you’re an SAT newbie or a seasoned test-taking pro, Kaplan has the best resources to become your true guide and support.

3. Applerouth

Applerouth has three SAT prep routes for you: Group Class, Private Tutoring, and Signature Small Group. The Group Class has as many as eighteen students in a group and gives you twenty hours of instruction and three practice tests. With the Private Tutoring option, you get individual lessons with an instructor for ten, twenty, or thirty hours. 

Signature Small Group courses are made up of no more than eight students and are more interactive than Group Classes. If you choose the Private Tutoring or Signature Small Group courses, you can take unlimited practice tests at Applerouth. The duration of the courses may vary according to the course.

4. Duke University

Duke University has several continuing studies programs. Their summer camps focus on various topics, including neuroscience, video production, writing, drones, leadership, and SAT prep. One among those is the Duke’s SAT Summer Boost Program. 

It focuses on everything you need to do well on the SAT: test-taking techniques, time-management skills, logical reasoning, verbal ability, and mathematical competence. Review segments include writing, critical reading, sentence completion, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and grid-ins (mathematics formats that help you develop mathematical and reasoning ability). SAT Summer Boost also includes SAT essay writing practice, and you will receive feedback from experienced, expert staff.

5. Cogito World Education

If you’re seeking admission to top American universities then this program can be your guide to achieve that. It is a residential program that prepares you for the SAT exam with its systematic practice sessions. They believe that the more you study, the more you take it, and the more you understand the exam itself, the better you’ll become.

From morning to evening, you’ll be engaged in learning and practicing. Alongside, students will be paired with Boston start-ups, research labs, and instructors to work on a project based on a global challenge according to their interests. Moreover, there will be campus visits to different universities to acquaint students with their future schools. At last, weekend trips and many fun activities are organized to mark the successful end of the program and celebrate the US independence day.

6. University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina provides students with the tools they need to prepare and sit for the SAT exam. The classes are scheduled online as well as on campus, so you can join according to your convenience. It is an intensive preparation program that includes 30 hours of direct instruction along with 10 hours of proctored practice tests.

There will be weekly online office hours in which students can get individualized help with specific questions or concerns. To enroll in the program, students need to have a high-speed internet connection with a speaker or headphones and download Adobe Connect to access the classes. After the live classes, learners can also get the recordings of the expert instructors to use and learn whenever they feel so.

7. Florida Education Fund

FEF in collaboration with The College Board provides an intensive SAT prep summer program for middle and high school students. In this program, students have the opportunity to sharpen mathematical skills, critical reading, and writing. They closely work with certified teachers and FEF Ph.D. fellows. 

Along with learning test-taking strategies, there are college planning workshops where students can get guidance from counselors and college and university admission representatives where they have the chance to interact with them in career planning sessions. This preparation camp is been conducted in more than 10 counties, so go and check if you can be part of this wholesome SAT prep summer program.

8. Into Prep Summer Camp

If you’ve set a goal of scoring certain scores on your SAT, then Into Prep Summer Camp can help you achieve that. It is a residential program that guarantees a certain score if you enroll in the program. This 25-day camp focuses on teaching and familiarizing students with every strategy that applies to the different concepts so that on test day, there are no surprises. 

Expert educators will be your guide throughout. You’ll be fully equipped with lessons. numerous practice tests, and feedback at every step which will help you reach your full potential and achieve your goal. With daily online homework and reviews, you’ll be able to ace your practice sessions and so does the exam.

9. Kent Prep

From expert instructors to daily practice sessions, this residential program has got everything that is required for intensive SAT preparation. It also offers small group tutoring options with residential teachers adding to your practice and learning sessions. 

Along with this, this program focuses on CAP – Character, Aptitude, and Passion which helps students learn crucial social networking skills and make friends all over the world. It also proves consultation services where students can get expert guidance on choosing the best school for themselves and get their profile evaluated and receive constructive feedback to improve the same. 

10. Education Unlimited College Admission Prep Camp

Education Unlimited offers a College Admission Prep Camp (CAPC) which focuses on preparing students for college admissions. Among this, SAT being the important factor, there are about 5 different courses available from which students can choose as per their convenience. As a record, their past students have scored average increases of nearly 200 points which is great in terms of getting qualified for the best school. 

Moreover, it offers intensive training sessions of 35 hours which aim to familiarize students with all the essential skills and strategies required for the success of the exam. They purchase SAT exams directly from the test makers to equip students with distinct style formats and the nuance of real SAT questions.

Summer schools: Just more than SAT

By enrolling in an SAT prep course, you can gain valuable test-taking skills and prepare for the exam in a fun and relaxed environment. Here are some reasons why you should enroll in an SAT summer prep program for high schoolers:

  1. SAT summer prep programs help students remain focused on preparing for a crucial exam while not attending school during the summer months. Summer is often a time when students have more free time to do things they enjoy, like hanging out with friends or going on vacation. However, it can also be a great opportunity to catch up on studying for an important college entrance exam like the SAT.
  1. SAT preparation courses focus on the skills and techniques needed to succeed on the test. The most effective courses teach you how to approach each section of the SAT easily and confidently. So you don’t need to waste valuable time reading over questions you already know how to answer. In addition, some prep courses will give students access to a dedicated tutor who can help them work through any problems they might encounter.
  1. SAT prep courses include proven tips for time management and pacing strategies, which are important for doing well when taking the test. Time management tips include:
  • Reading through all answer choices before making an educated guess or moving on to another question
  • Marking questions as answered when you’re done with them so that you don’t revisit them later
  1. Working with other students who have similar goals helps students develop their support network. If you have ever been in a class, you know how important it is to have a friend you can talk to about the material and ask questions without feeling like you’re bothering anyone. This type of support system is especially helpful when preparing for the SAT because most people don’t want to feel like they’re struggling alone.


SAT prep summer programs are a great way for high school students to get a head start on their academic goals. Whether you’re looking for an immersive in-person experience or a flexible online program, there are plenty of quirky and engaging options to choose from.

From live classroom instruction and one-on-one coaching to personalized practice recommendations and full-length practice tests, these programs offer everything you need to ace the SAT and take your academic journey to the next level. At the same time, other tools like websites and games can also help high schoolers. So, if you’re a high school student ready to take on the SAT, consider enrolling in a summer program and get ready to reach new heights!

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