10 Short Thank You Letter Samples For Teachers

Teachers contribute immensely to the growth and overall development of a child. They leave a lasting impact and their teachings and values take students far ahead in life. School is considered the second home of a student and teachers as the second mother. They guide students through some of the most chaotic and unpredictable times in life. They help students reach the bright light at the end of the tunnel. 

Be it academics or life in general, the knowledge they impart helps students choose the right course of life. Schools are busy places that keep teachers busy. In a place where one teacher handles several students from various backgrounds, it may get a little difficult to express how much they mean to you. 

So, if you are a student or a parent who wants to thank a teacher because of their selfless contributions towards shaping you or your child, you could write a heartfelt gratitude note or a thank you note, which may be a small gesture, but will definitely put a smile on your teacher’s face. That being the case, listed below are a few samples of short thank you letters that can give you the ideas to express your feelings in words to your teacher. 

What exactly to write in the thank you note?

Well, if you want to write a thank you note but are confused, then here is our little cheat sheet that will help you brainstorm some ideas. 

  1. Think of the incidents or moments when your teacher did something meaningful for you. 
  2. Think of how those incidents or moments made you feel. Recollect what exactly you felt at the moment – happy, overwhelmed, emotional, excited, elated, etc. 
  3. Put those incidents or moments and the feelings associated with them into words. 
  4. Keep the note short and simple. 
  5. Voila! Your thank you note is ready. 

To also help you set your foot, we have curated some draft thank you notes that can come in handy. Modify them or use them as you want!

Thank you letter

Sample thank you note for teachers!

Here is the much-awaited section of this blog – the samples that you have been wanting to read. Go on, read them, and choose your best shot at thanking your teacher for their dedicated and selfless contributions!

Sample 1: Thank you note to your teacher for the awesome memories

Dear Teacher, 

This year would have been impossible without your guidance. You have taught us some of the greatest lessons this session – the ones that helped us grow in academics and in life. I still remember our first interaction when you were so welcoming and greeted us all with a smile. Personally, you have helped me discover my newfound love – spoken arts. You have helped me decide that I may want to pursue a career in it and I am immensely grateful to you for the same. Thank you for being the amazing being that you are. 



Sample 2: Thank you note to your teacher for pushing you the extra mile

Dear Teacher,

Thank you so much for all your contributions in helping me sail through this academic session. It has been a little rough for me, but I am so glad you got my back throughout. Thank you for always standing by my side, and for being my guiding light. I will never forget how hard you have worked to help me put my best foot forward. I am extremely grateful to you for giving me your valuable time and being so resourceful for me. 



Sample 3: Thank you note to your teacher because you admire their lovely soul

Dear Teacher, 

I truly admire how you endlessly clear our doubts and ensure that we excel in our academics. I also admire how you teach us with such innovative activities and lesson plans. Your creativity and innovation in teaching help us memorize our lessons in a much better and more effective way. The college readiness activities you conduct once a week are also extremely insightful. We are extremely lucky to have you. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart,

Yours sincerely 


Sample 4: Thank you note to your teacher for helping you reestablish your self-confidence

Dear Teacher,

I am so glad I had you as my Science teacher. Through the course of your classes, you have instilled an immense amount of self-confidence in me, which I initially lacked. You helped me realize that I have what it takes to follow my passion and my dreams. Your influence in my life is not just limited to academics but has also touched my life in more than one way. I will never forget how you have tirelessly guided me throughout high school. Thank you for your relentless efforts. 



thank you note

Sample 5: Thank you note to your teacher for their contributions during your transitional years

Dear Teacher, 

Thank you for all your efforts and contributions for making me who I am today. I remember the first day I stepped into your class. I was shy, timid, and had low self-esteem. As I walk out of your class today, through your self-esteem activities, I am a confident young adult, with lots of enthusiasm and zeal. I look forward to life in a way I have never before, and the credit goes to you for giving me a whole new perspective. Thank you for helping me see the brighter side of life. 



Sample 6: Thank you note to a teacher from a backbencher

Dear Teacher, 

Firstly, you have done the unexpected by making me interested in coming to an 8 am lecture! Not just is your teaching extremely brilliant, but so is your personality. You are a gem of a human being, and I will always cherish the fun-filled moments from your class. Thank you for not only making our 8 am lectures fun and interesting but also introducing me to some very effective sleep activities to improve my sleep routine. 


Your Student 


Sample 7: Thank you note to a teacher for pushing you beyond your limit

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits and helping me in developing a habit to think out of the box. Thank you for helping me achieve things that were unimaginable and far-fetched for me. Your guidance and patience have thus brought me extremely far in this journey called life. I appreciate all your selfless sacrifices, and although nothing that I say can ever be enough, here is a thank you from my heart and soul. 



Sample 8: Thank you note to the teacher from the class’s notorious kid.

Dear Teacher, 

Both you and I are aware that I am not really the most well-behaved kid you might have come across. But I would like to thank you for never letting that come our way and for teaching me just as you would teach another well-behaved kid. I shall remember you as someone who is powerful and knows to bring out the best in students like me, often tagged as ‘backbenchers.’



Sample 9: A thank you note from a parent to a teacher 

Dear Teacher, 

We extremely appreciate your dedication and willingness in taking out extra time in helping our son/daughter (insert child name) with his/her doubts. Without you, he/she would not have been able to manage to get off his/her fear of math. She/he has grown to be much more confident than before. You have created a very positive impact in his/her life. 

Thanking you, 

Jane and Cal

Sample 10: Thank you note from a parent to a high school teacher

Dear Teacher, 

Thank you for helping Keith with Math. He has high regard for you because you have helped him see how interesting math can be. Each day when I leave behind my son at the school, I know that he will be well taken care of, and will come back liking math a little more than before. I stay assured that he is in safe hands. A lot goes into making a parent feel that way. Thank you for all your efforts and dedication. May you always keep shining. 

Best Wishes


Wrapping up!

Well, if you have managed to read through our blog post up until here, thank your teacher for helping you learn how to read! Having said that is enough to explain how teachers have been the source of knowledge for students. Teachers are noble and teaching is a noble job.

A simple thank you note coming from a student or a parent is a token of appreciation for the invaluable service they offer to society relentlessly. Small notes either given at the end of the term, the end of the academic year, or simply after the commencement of a course can give teachers the little credit that they deserve.

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