What STAAR Tests Are Required For 10th Grade?

Gaining knowledge during high school is imperative. But do you know what else is paramount? The need to be superlative in examinations! The demand for soaring scores is startling for the 10th graders. To ease this out, the State of Texas introduced State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness or STAAR to evaluate and make students career-ready. These tests have become an imperative part of a student’s life. To start with, you would need to know what tests are required so that you can start impregnable preparation.

For a high schooler, especially for a 10th-grade learner, STAAR conducts five tests pertaining to their syllabus for that grade. These tests are English 1, Algebra 1, U.S. History, English II, and Biology. You have to spare four hours to finish each test.

STAAR Tests For 10th Graders

Let us look into each subject in detail: 

STAAR English I

STAAR tests English in three levels: English I, English II, and English III. You will be tested in areas of reading and writing just like younger students, that is, on a grade basis. 

English 1 is all about learning various forms of literature with grammar. The literature phase consists of poetry, prose fiction, and non-fictional prose sections. The grammar phase includes sections like vocabulary acquisition, punctuation, spelling, and analyzing texts. 


You need to clear the End Of Course examinations for Algebra I. These assessments will test understanding of algebraic topics. The 10th-grade STAAR mathematics syllabus includes algebraic concepts like polynomials, sequences, square roots, math expressions, coordinate graphs, linear equations, and exponential functions. 

U.S. History

This End Of Course examination covers the same categories as that of 8th grade. However, the difficulty level of the questions will be increased. This STAAR test on U.S.History ensures the grade 10 students have a grip on all critical historical events. Thus, the syllabus includes sections about founding fathers, wars, migrations and immigration, and foreign policy. This test also includes civic topics like population, changing role of government, and government accountability.

English II

We consider this test to be the next level of English I. Thus the sections and syllabus remain almost the same as English 1. These include poetry, drama, fiction, sensory language, and media literacy. The grammar-related sections include vocabulary, writing process, parts of speech, punctuation, and spelling.  


The End Of Course test of Biology covers all biological, chemical, and physical concepts. The biological section includes cell biology, plant biology, physiology of humans—various systems, animal biology—reproduction and genes, and origin of the earth. The Chemistry section includes the introduction of organic chemistry. 

Passing score

While scoring high can be the objective of a few; the others might be just looking to clear this exam. Like most tests in the country, the STAAR Tests too have a minimum of 25% to 35% to pass the exams. The exam passing percentile of each subject varies. The students mostly receive a report card that tells their performance throughout the year, and this also states the scores of the students in the exam.

Summing Up,

Ideally, the STAAR Tests aim to assess the student’s intellect in English, Science, Math, and Social Studies. These tests are considered to be much more organized and easier than other examinations which are held in the states. From history to math to English, these tests grade the student on the basis of their knowledge and what they have learned throughout the year. 

The STAAR system is specially curated to improve the test results of the students and prepare them for the career ahead by giving a pragmatic and futuristic approach to each of the tests.

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