CHSPE vs GED: What’s the difference?


A high school diploma is the minimum requirement if you want to enter the job market or pursue higher education. However, for various reasons, not all students who enroll in school are able to complete their high school examinations and earn a degree. The status dropout rate is defined as the cumulative data of the … Read more

HiSET vs GED: What’s the difference?


The world we occupy today is increasingly competitive and a high school diploma is the bare minimum requirement for most job opportunities. Besides, if you intend to get into a good, reputable university or get a scholarship, a high school qualification is a must.  Most students complete high school the traditional way but sometimes, life … Read more

Major Differences You Will Experience Between Freshman And Senior High School Year

Freshman vs senior high school

Starting high school can be a daunting experience, especially for freshman who are entering a new academic environment and transitioning from middle school. On the other hand, being a senior in high school comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities as students prepare to graduate and move on to the next phase of … Read more

ELI5 The Difference Between PSAT And SAT

ELI5 The Difference Between PSAT And SAT

If you’re a high school student, chances are that you’ve heard of the PSAT and the SAT. In fact, the possibility is high that the two are on most children’s bucket lists. It’s often called the pre-SAT test and is typically taken by juniors in their junior year of high school. The PSAT scores are … Read more

GED vs SAT: ELI5 The Difference

GED vs SAT: ELI5 The Difference

GED and SAT are standardized assessments conducted throughout the US and Canada. These assessments gauge the extent to which a person understands the high school coursework and where they stand academically. If you want to take up further studies and wish to join college, you may have to take either one or both tests depending … Read more