8 Effective Social Psychology Experiments & Activities For High School Students

Social psychology experiments and activities for high school students

In school, social interaction plays a crucial role and forms the core of one’s academic life. Have you ever been curious about what others are thinking? Have you ever found yourself wondering about the thoughts and opinions of others? This is something that crosses everyone’s mind. The study of social psychology gives you a peek … Read more

7 Natural Science Experiments For High School Students To Try

Natural Science Experiments for high school

Science is the answer to most students’ curiosity about how things work. Besides biology experiments, natural science experiments for high school are a perfect way for high schoolers to brush up on their concepts around science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a way that does not compromise on the fun factor.  In this article, … Read more

10 Awesome Biology Experiments Ideas For High School Aspirants

10 Awesome Biology Experiments Ideas For High School Aspirants

Science is no fun without practical experiments. Unlike middle school, where you limit your study and inquiry of science to the theoretical realm, high school has a different scene. Experiments are a major part of studying science in high school, and biology all the more so. Biology is fascinating. It makes us wonder at the … Read more