10 Short Thank You Letter Samples For Teachers

Short thank you letter samples for teachers

Teachers contribute immensely to the growth and overall development of a child. They leave a lasting impact and their teachings and values take students far ahead in life. School is considered the second home of a student and teachers as the second mother. They guide students through some of the most chaotic and unpredictable times … Read more

First Day Of School Checklist For Teachers [PDF Included]

First Day School Checklist For Teachers

Be it the first day at school after a long vacation, say a summer break or a winter break, or the first day of a new academic session, both are a mixed bag of emotions for teachers and students. Holidays can provide an enthralling experience and usually come as a much-needed break after term examinations … Read more

8 Gratitude Activities Ideas For High School Students

8 Gratitude Activities Ideas For High School Students

Teachers are the architects of the future of a country. They guide, reprimand, and sometimes, correct the students so that the latter builds a better value system. It is for their unique way of touching the lives that the students feel like showing gratitude. Expressing this emotion can be done in a unique manner. How … Read more