6 Engaging Zoom Games And Activities For High School Students

Refreshment is as crucial as the fuel for the divine fire. Be it, young learners or adults, all of us usually get exhausted after a long meet, class, or an oration. Getting recreated rejuvenates the energy back into us, like a battery being recharged. In some cases, these can end the day well. While in some other cases, they can reboost vigor amid tough grinding sessions. 

We have a bunch of astounding offline recreation activities and games, but not many are well informed that online choices can be equally thrilling. We see Zoom being a favored platform for online interactions— for high schoolers, But did you know that you can use this application for playing games and activities too? 

We will thus look at the significance and then our picks for best zoom games and activities for high schoolers. Probe into them to see if they work for you.

Zoom Games And Activities- Do we really need it?

Zoom, being an uncomplicated application, is used widely to host meetings, seminars, online classes, and even interviews. But, individuals who like to think a step ahead like to indulge in some games and activities on zoom. These activities are especially great for high schoolers, who are otherwise not able to meet their peers. 

Let us ponder into them:

  • The education system has been digitizing rapidly. As a result, high school students started attending their classes online via video telephoning applications like Zoom. Thus, they easily get familiar with features. 
  • The covid-19 pandemic has confined everyone to their homes. After this, the online interactions and thus games gained pace.
  • High school students often expect a refreshing activity or a classroom game after a long hectic lecture, the same is the case with online classes too. Zoom makes a befitting platform for recreation as well.
  • It makes users creative. Zoom has no inbuilt games in it; you need to be playable enough for this. Creative users find a lot of options to play games on zoom. 
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Fun Zoom Games and Activities for High School Students

The global pandemic has taught us to shift our world virtually, and thus, games and activities have also found a new home on zoom. You can see and hear your mates in zoom; you can make use of these two senses to design the activity and game. Accordingly, we have come up with the best zoom games and activities for you: 

  1. The Creative Champ

This game will bring out the creative champ in you. Start with choosing one of the members as host. The teacher can also be the host of the students. They would be responsible for conducting the game smoothly. After drawing a random line on a piece of paper, the host shows it to other members. Other members need to mimic the same line on their piece of paper. All the players need to make a meaningful image out of the given line. Everyone is given a couple of minutes to make out a meaningful image.

After the time is up, everyone needs to show their art to the host. The best piece of art will be the winner. This can also be done using the whiteboard feature of the Zoom App.

  1. The Questionnaire 

This game is a general knowledge-based game. Here, the teacher or the host has to get ready with a set of interesting questions for the players. When a question is asked, the members who know the answer can raise their hand virtually, through the option given on zoom to raise the hand.

The one who raises their hand first will be given a chance to answer the question. If the member answers correctly, they will be awarded one point. After all the questions are covered, the member with the highest point wins. 

  1. The Zoomdog Millionaire

This game is similar to the questionnaire, and every question has four options. It needs prior homework for the host. To start with, the host selects a set of questions with four options for each with one correct answer. The host creates a slide for each question and option using PowerPoint, just like a slumdog millionaire question. During the meet, the host shares the screen to display questions to all the members. Those who know the answer can raise their hand. The person who raises his hand first will be given a chance to answer.

If the answer is correct, they will be awarded one point. But if they fail to answer correctly, the person who raised their hand in second place will get a chance to answer. If the second person answers correctly, they will get one point. After all the questions are finished, points gained by each member are counted. The one who gets the most points is the winner. 

  1. Bingo Pro

This game is also known as tambola in some regions; virtually this game ensures the same experience as actual Bingo. First, the host needs to offer one ticket to each player before the game starts. Each ticket will have a certain set of numbers between 1 to 100. The host picks a random number using coins or software and announces it to participants in the meet.

Players having the announced number in their ticket can strike them off. As numbers are spelled out, the numbers in tickets get striked off one by one. The one who successfully strikes off all numbers in the ticket is declared the winner. 

  1. Make a Story

Being a story-making game, Make a Story tests the spontaneity of every student. To start, the teacher or the host chooses a set of topics that are of the same difficulty level for all the students. One student is selected and given a topic on which they have to tell a story. The player is given a minute to prepare a story. After one player ends the story, the other is given a topic and a minute to prepare.

This process continues until every student is addressed. The host marks each student’s performance out of 10 during the game. The student who scores the best is the winner of this activity.

  1. Robotism

This invigorating teamwork activity best fits corporate workers, which can be selfsame for High schoolers. First, the host asks the members or the students to open paint on their computers.

In the next step, the host gives a set of instructions one by one orally about each stroke that needs to be applied. The players need to follow all the instructions carefully to finish their art. Once the host gives all the instructions, every student has to take a screenshot of the completed art and share it with the host. They can also share screens to show the masterpiece they have created. The best art is the winner.

Summing Up

These games and activities stipulate that instead of having only monotonous classes, high schoolers can also have a lot of fun online with the presence of online Zoom games. The list of interesting games do not end here. There are many creative games that will be an exercise for your brain. For instance, a math teacher may conduct a game or activity related to numbers to make students love math. Rock, Paper, Scissors is also a good idea virtually. 

Zoom is often perceived as a helpful yet boring televideo phoning medium. But, it is also a base for many virtual games and interactions. By now, you must be aware of the plethora of entertaining games available online. So, dive into the world of online Zoom games and share your experience with us. Which of these zoom games shared by us is your personal favorite? Do comment in the box below. You can definitely give it a try and have an entertaining experience.

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