10 Important Tips For Parents Of High School Freshman

High School, as daunting as the words might sound, the phase is nerve-wracking yet exciting similar for both the teens and the parents. Being the official start and a transition to adulthood, the kids might feel overburdened with work, responsibilities, and the pressure to carve their future in these years of high school. However, with some support of the parents, kids can shine bright, and be much more at ease during their journey.

While some parents might be silent observers, others like to keep up with what’s going on in the school and the lives of the kids. But, in either case, immense support and intervention can make a lot of difference in the lives of these to-be adults. Hence, in this blog, we will navigate through the various tips for high school freshman parents, so that their kid can have an amazing high school, and the parents can be as stress-free as possible. 

Helpful Tips for Parents of High School Freshman

Many quotes and sayings rightly describe the feelings and life of a student after high school. However, the road to college comes with plenty of ups and downs. However, with the constant support of parents and teachers, kids can come out of it shining, and oh-so-happy! Hence, here are a few tips for parents who have their kids in high school freshman year.

1. Always be your child’s cheerleader:

Some easy words like “I love you, You are amazing. That’s such an achievement” can boost the morale of the kids like no other. Parents must always appreciate the kids for their little achievements so that they are motivated to hop on for the bigger ones. Parents must be generous with their compliments and praises; unknowingly, this can contribute in increasing the motivation and confidence in the younger lot.

2. Be the safe haven for your child:

Having an adult at home with whom kids can share each and everything acts as a blessing for the high schoolers. Whenever you notice any behavioral changes in the child, promptly ask them what’s been bothering. This can make the child stress-free and can create an image of someone being there for them no matter what. Being the child’s confidant would also help you understand what’s going on in the life of the child.

3. Listen more. Lecture less:

High school can be a tough time for kids. Getting good grades, preparing for the SATs, applying for internships, excelling in sports can overburden the kids. Imagine the parent now creating unnecessary burden on the student. Moreover, the students also want to be heard and what to know that their parents “get them.” Hence, parents must sit down and have these difficult conversation with these young adults to soothe them, and let them know, that parents are always there for the child. 

4. Go to every event:

PTMs, sports day, graduation ceremony, etc – Parents must willingly attend every function in the school simply because kids need your support in high school, more than ever. While they might not say it, they actually love to see the parents around. Moreover, it can be a proud moment for the parents as well, seeing their budding learner nurture and flourish. 

5. Push them out of their comfort zone:

While school can be a mere survival for some, for others, it can be the opportunity to learn and grow. Hence, with the support of the parents, kids can flourish and achieve their dreams. While most kids like to play it safe, it becomes the job of the parent to encourage the kids to keep trying something new, always! Parents can also indulge in some great career exploration activities that can motivate the kids to think clearer about their life after high school, and what they can pursue as a profession. 

6. Spend one-to-one time as often as possible:

High school is the time when new bonds are made. Hence, parents can also use this time to make a wonderful bond with their kid, one that will be forever. This is due to the fact that when the kid is in late teens, they are mature enough to have real conversations. Moreover, this is also the time after which the kid will move away for college. Hence, parents should utilize this time to make an everlasting bond with their young ones. 

7. Talk about the hard stuff

High school is the time when the kids are exposed to a lot of new things like life, good and bad, both. From drugs to peer groups to much more in life that can make the child intrigued about the world outside school. This is the time when the teen is now in the world where they are seeing new thing. Hence, being a parent with morale and values, it becomes the job of the parent to inculcate the values and principles in the child, so that they always choose the right when they are older. Parents and carers can also ask some crucial questions to the high schoolers which can give them insights about their life. 

8. Build relationships with teachers and staff

Developing relationships with teachers and other staff can be great for parents as they can know the insights as to how the student is performing in school. At the same time, keep the doors of communication with teachers and supporting staff open as it can come in super handy when your kid is in high school. 

9. Turn failures and poor decisions into learning opportunities

As a grown up, it becomes the job of the parents and guardians to keep the kids motivated. At the same time, parents must realize that mistakes are inevitable and are bound to happen. However, seeing the positive in those failures and mistakes and learning from them can turn the table for the little one. 

10. Help your teen find their passion

While most of the kids today know their likings, and from a young age, nurture their passion. Yet, it becomes the job of the parents to see what their kids love, and then push them more in doing that particular thing. High school can be a great time to explore career possibilities, and often times, kids, with the right support can convert their passion into their career. 

Parent support for high schoolers: crucial to their success 

It is often said that parents are the first friends of the students. However, many times, this friendship diminishes with time as parents start acting way too strict, which makes the kid act a little aloof from the parents. However, when parents encourage the kid in keeping a friendly bond, and creating a space where the kids can discuss each and everything, the bond grows and it positively impacts the students. 

Furthermore, involving themselves in child’s school activities and keeping in touch with what is going on in the student’s school is also important for the child’s development. A child always wants to make their parents proud. Hence, when the parent shows love and pride, the self-confidence in the child grows and reaches another level. Moreover, the influence and support of a parent or carer can help the child grow personally and educationally. 

Summing up,

High school can be a stressful time for the kids, however, families can help the kids be ready for what lies ahead of them. One should always remember when there is good communication between parents and students, performance improves and confidence increases. Moreover, a supportive parent can create students who are more confident, have a vision, and knows the difference between right and wrong. Moreover, it is crucial that this bond is created in high school because this is the age when the students are more mature and ready to have real conversations. 

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