9 Summer Programs For Veterinary Aspirants In High School

In high school, a student should start exploring different fields and opportunities after schooling. If one aspires to get into veterinary, they can choose a veterinary summer course to add value. Veterinary often need long training and equipped resources to ensure precision. With that view, the learners may like traversing through the professional responsibilities and can bring about a good idea. 

Utilizing summer by joining a veterinary program can let them dive into the working environment and insights of the branch. Out top suggestions of veterinary summer programs here not only guides you to admirable options but also let you learn all the basics before entering a veterinary college. 

Veterinary Programs- Why are they good Summer Choices?

Summer programs can be an admirable use of the long vacation. For high schoolers, value addition programs can help them transit to college or jobs later. For high school aspirants, here are some edges of choosing summer veterinary programs:

  • Explore specialty and unique sights in the field. Being indulged in academics and foundational learning, high schoolers need to develop an understanding of what is taught in veterinary. Summer Programs can help them in giving insights that are otherwise arduous to achieve before college. 
  • The basic attribute of a veterinary professional is the ability to get comfortable with animals and tame them during medical procedures. With summer programs, students can get a chance to interact with animals, and understand their behavior– thereby gradually learning to tame them. 
  •  Most of the programs are guided by a veterinary professional. Thereby, students can directly observe and live the life of a veterinary professional.
  • In some summer programs, the guide takes the learners to animals, farms, and their testing labs. This way, the student gets exposed to the technical wing of medicine too. 
  • Learners Partner and learn with similar peers. Students from distinct locations may accumulate in a program. Youngsters can discuss multiple opinions about the branch. 
  • Stepping into a veterinary degree can be easy with fundamental knowledge of the basics. With these programs, students get ready to start a veterinary degree. 

Veterinary Summer Programs For High Schoolers- Our Recommendations

1. Sustainable Animal Husbandry 

This program is offered by Cornell University to enlighten pre-college students about the importance of domestic animals and related practices. This is a 3-week long training with around 2-3 hours of learning a day.

Traveling with animals, students are guided by special mentors. The learned can start attaining basic knowledge about domestic animals, and then they are gradually exposed to species, genetics, diet, and other attributes. 

This program can be a good choice for high schoolers as it offers exposure to how life with animals is. Learners can get certificates on clearing final exams- which can add to their portfolio for college. This is an online program facilitating learning with more convenience.

2. Gator Vet Camp

Offered by the University of Florida, this camp helps high schoolers to improve their understanding of the professions in veterinary medicine. This program is a five-day comprehensive training that accepts sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

Students here get a chance to traverse through the College of Veterinary medicine at the University of Florida to look at various facilities and labs. They get a chance to observe and assist in basic clinical practices done by faculty. Finally, they can accomplish some unique insights into veterinary medicine.

High schoolers can get a chance to explore the profession, work, and clinical settings, gaining practical experience before joining the college. Also, they can get in touch with staff to take suggestions on the field. 

3. VET STEP  Program

This program is offered by VET STEP (Veterinary Science Training Education and Preparation Institute) at Tuskegee University. This one-week long training is offered only to eligible learners. These criteria include:

  • Only Minority students are allowed
  • Having a cumulative CGPA of 3.0 or above.

VET STEP program focuses on educating aspirants about multiple careers in the stream of veterinary medicine. Professional teachers and staff also expose students to the life of veterinary professionals. 

For high schoolers, this can be a good choice to enroll as the academy ensures rigorous training. Suitable high schoolers with relevant CGPA are all eligible for this program. 

4. Veterinary technology 

This program is offered by the University of Massachusetts Amherst to expose high schoolers to various insights of veterinary programs and offer real-time training in animal care. This two-week program needs the learners to spend 6 hours a day grasping. 

The whole training is divided into two modules of sequential training, each extending to a week. In the first week, the staff introduces students to the various veterinary career options available. Later basics of medicine, anatomy, and behaviors are taught. In the second week, students get the details of the previous module by learning about different breeds, diseases, their prevention, and handling.

High schoolers can get a chance to learn and operate various clinical skills like radiology and microscopy- which makes this program an eminent choice. A trip to UMass farm exposes the learner’s animal care. 

5. Costa Rica Veterinary Experience 

Offered by Broadreach, this program is focused on teaching middle school and high school vet aspirants about the basics of vet medicine by giving experience with horses, cows, and native Costa Rican wildlife. It is a 20 days program and can offer three credits for the high schooler on completion.

This training starts with understanding animal anatomy and exploring various opportunities in the field of veterinary. As a next step, learners perform physical examinations and learn basic clinical practices like venipuncture on animals. Students can accomplish the program with good insights into potential opportunities and proficiency in animal care.

High schoolers aspirants of veterinary can take advantage of learning from the ecosystem and species. This offers a unique learning experience. 

6. Veterinary Camp by Mississippi State University

Offered by the Mississippi State University, this program lets students between 10 to 17 team up with veterinarians to learn insights of clinics and laboratories as an experience to enter a veterinary relevant career. This program can range from one day to 3 days of training based on age and preference. 

Starting from the basics of befriending animals, this program gradually takes the learner into the depth of veterinary practices. During this camp, they are exposed to anatomy, radiology, and other career helping attributes of animals. Also, a brief idea of various careers is also communicated. 

High schoolers looking to start with a basic program can check Veterinary Camp. This can ensure to be a cornerstone for further training and insights in my career. 

7. Pre-vet: Marine Health and Veterinary Science by  University of Connecticut

Hosted by Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, this program offers unique insights to learners about marine life.  This pre-vet course expands for 5 days and encourages students to interact with professionals in aquariums like trainers, scientists, and veterinarians.

The entire program traverses around the student’s active participation in labs and tours around them to learn the genetics, anatomy, and physiology of marine creatures. There are several discussions that can create value to create careers later in veterinary. 

High schoolers can get insights into the marine world with this program. These unique insights can add value to their portfolio as a marine is a distinctive and eminent branch of veterinary. 

8. Veterinary Medicine with Loop Abroad

In collaboration with Loop Abroad, this program highlights giving practical skills to aspirants in handling animals and paving the path to veterinary. This 40 hours training program offers certificates of completion to aspirants. 

The training is scheduled in the Texas Zoo. Here, the course starts with lectures about the fundamentals of animal behaviors. Later, students are taken to hands-on labs to teach basic clinical procedures and then are exposed to zoo work. 

As this program goes around like an internship style, the certificate is a great add-on for the student. Also, spending time in a zoo can be equally recreating and value-adding for the aspirants. 

9. Veterinary Medicine Summer program by Boston Leadership Institute

This program focuses on exposing the veterinary aspirants to medical procedures like surgeries and clinical settings. This program lasts for three weeks and is assured to be guided by professionals. 

Starting with the basics of animal behavior and first aid, this course gradually takes the students into clinical procedures. Students are encouraged to participate in mock surgeries and bone settings. Later, clinal settings like x-rays, MRI, and CT scans are explained.  

High schoolers can opt for this program to gain both practical and theoretical knowledge about veterinary settings. Also, contributions from reputed institutes like Blue Pearl Emergency Pet Hospital and Tufts school of Veterinary medicine add value to the program. 

Before we wind up…

Enrolling in a Veterinary Summer Program is important for high school aspirants. These provide timely insights about the field and ensure exposure to the profession and the lifestyles.  We here filtered out the best choices of summer programs for you to make learning easy and comfortable. These programs make summer vacation useful in adding value to the portfolio of the individuals. Check out the above choices and see which is the best option for you for this summer. 

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