High School Junior Year Complete Checklist [PDF Included]

Promoted to junior year of high school? This implies that you need to get ready for the responsibilities and academics while getting ready to think about later college life too. Getting upgraded from middle school can be an enticing part of academics for students, but understanding what it takes to be successful this year is important.

A definitive checklist can assist you in making sure the new grade is being properly adhered to. Check out the list of points we came up here to make an admirable checklist for your junior year of high school.

Junior year- What is it like?

Junior year is the third year that precedes senior year in the journey of high schooling.  While they may have traversed through multiple elementary and high school concepts, stepping into the high school curriculum needs them to focus on a few more things. Here are a few grounds where junior students should start focusing on:

  • Choice of electives: The concept of electives starts in middle school. Choosing one among fun electives in previous years was to see which of these were fighting for the student. In a high school career, electives play an important role.
  • Introduction to higher-order concepts. Till the previous schooling, most of the academic concepts are often fundamental. These focus on building up a concrete base for higher concepts later. Getting into high school, the aspirant should get ready to traverse through higher-order concepts to get ready for college or a profession later.
  • Aspiring and planning for a stream. Soon after school, the student should choose between college or a career. This decision is important; learners need time to come to a proper decision. Accordingly, right from the starting high school life, one should plan to choose the appropriate streams to step into

To ensure all of such newly appearing areas, a junior high schooler can employ a checklist. This can be in front of an easy handbook or cover page of their reference books. 

High School Junior Year Complete Checklist

Checklist for Junior Year Of High School

For junior candidates, there can be multiple areas to be covered in their checklist. Starting from general questions, they may need to check attributes like scholarships, exams, projects, syllabus, and much more. We ensured that all of these areas are pondered in our checklist. Have a view of the same here:

General :

  1. Is the candidate working hard to achieve good Grades?
  2. Is the student disciplined to reach school on time?
  3. Does the learner clearly know the syllabus of each subject?
  4. Is the candidate making the right decision regarding electives?
  5. Take advice of parents and mentors about electives and career
  6. Is the student aware of the fees and other pays of the school

School And other staff:

  1. Did the candidate meet the career counselor?
  2. Did the student take preliminary guidance about the academics from the counselor?
  3. Did the aspirant make a list of important points to adhere to in school?
  4. Is the student clear about the entrance exams that they can apply for?
  5. Is the candidate appearing on the ACT  and SAT exams?
  6. Check if they have appeared for PSAT and other scholarship programs


  1. Is the candidate having gripping knowledge of the previous year’s concepts?
  2. Is the learner aligning to the projects/assignments and their deadlines?
  3. Is the student able to understand all higher-order concepts?
  4. Make summer plans such as
    • Getting into a summer camp
    • Make a visit aspiring colleges
    • Volunteer to serve community
    • Take leadership roles 
  5. Start attending college fairs. 
  6. Preparing checklist for the senior year

Professional preparation:

  1. Learn to create a resume and get a professional email ID
  2. Get a part-time job to add experience in college application
  3. Learn to write college application essays
  4. Make an official folder to place all certificates, prizes, and other important documents together.

Using the Checklist…

Traversing through the above checklist should be accompanied with knowledge of proper implementation of it. Checklists are not made to refer not just once, but multiple times throughout the determined time span. Accordingly, here are a few approaches for your reference:

  • At the start of the year, the student should list out all the points. First, they check if all the relevant points are covered. Second, with this reference they make a plan of action to achieve them. Some points for meeting the counselor are ensured at this point. 
  • Monthly Evaluation is done at the end of every month to checkpoints of improvement in grades, assignments submitted, and review of any skill learned. 
  • Mentor intervention: Parents and teachers can intervene to make sure all the objectives are achieved. For instance, parents may teach students about the fee structure of school thereby checking one point. 

Scope of Amendments 

Checklists that are made at the start of an academic year may not be the final draft for all students. While checklists are initially crafted in the general view, a few other subjective attributes are added to it to make it appropriate for every child at that moment.  But, the objectives of the students can vary later. Based on these factors, the checklist can be modified in the presence of parents, teachers, and other important stakes. At last, creating the best checklist is the motive. 

Before we wind up…

It is important for every junior high school child to prepare a checklist and adhere to it.  Also, it is equally important to make sure that the checklist is appropriate with all attributes encompassed in it. With the insights above, check out our suggested checklist. Also, make sure to evaluate yourself based on the criteria given above to make sure you are on the right path to reach the yearly goal.

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