Senior Year Of High School Complete Checklist [PDF Included]

The senior year is the last and essential phase of the high school career. Apart from academics, the student in this grade needs to be ready with all the essential attributes to step out of the school. Be it getting good grades or applying to a  favorite college/job, there are multiple factors and areas that the youngster should be aware of and able to take care of.

Our comprehensive checklist can help senior high schoolers get organized in their academics as well as hang on to the other requirements. Get along with this article to traverse through all the relevant insights.  

Senior year- An eminent phase of High School

The senior year is the final one among the four years of high school life. Being in touch with requirements like SAT, and other extracurricular activities in previous years, learners may need to get strong enough to manage all of these as seniors. Another reason why this phase is so important is that the decision taken here can have an impact on the rest of life too. 

With a few tips, senior year can get organized and easy to dive into. Here are our suggestions:

  • Mostly, students at this age come to a rough idea about what their further elective would be. It may be a good college or independent life. In this year, the individual should figure out what exactly they want to do.
  • They should have or create a folder with all the important documents, collections, and lists to refer to at one place. These may include academic plans, course details, Brochures of aspiring colleges and jobs, counselor suggestions, and much more.
  • Master the art of personal finances by getting a proper idea of the managing expenses around them 
  • Have an active role in extra-curricular activities to improve mental health and  rejuvenate learning academics 
  • It is important to understand that it is never too late. Even if a student is not ready with any essentials, they can start creating one by taking assistance from mentors and counselors. 

Having a checklist in hand and regularly evaluating it can make a student get ready in all the above areas.

Need of the High school Checklist

Holding a comprehensive checklist, a senior student can get benefited in the following ways :

  • In the first place, a proper checklist can expose the learner to the complete set of objectives and goals–  all encompassed in one place. 
  • They can be able to organize all the needed tasks systematically; also they can make timely records of the updates effortlessly.
  • The aspirant can make timely evaluation of their progress with respect to the goals set at the start of the year.
  • The learner’s skills prepared reports and other essentials can be documented for later reference.
  • To communicate the progress of the aspirant to parents and teachers. These mentors can also give anecdotal comments if needed as feedback.

Senior Year Of High School Complete Checklist [PDF Included]

Senior Year Of High School Checklist

Reaching the senior year of high school is a milestone in itself, but there are more objectives yet to be covered this year to bring about an unmatched value to the high schooling phase. Accordingly, more than in sophomore and junior years, the senior year students have a better need for a checklist to tick off every addressed objective. Here is a list for you:

Stepping into Senior Year, the student 

  • Has detailed course details for the year
  • Meets With the counselor to take suggestions about the academic year
  • Chooses appropriate electives after discussion with parents and teacher
  • Stay motivated to address the final year of School

Academically, the student

  • Gets good grades in the school tests
  • Submits assignments on time
  • Is the major project chosen related to the aspiring field?
  • Retakes SAT if needed
  • Is Able to write college essays
  • Make a list of concepts, tips, and techniques that can come in handy in college. 
  • Gets into summer training or internships 

Considering Personal Finance, the learner 

  • Is Able to understand the fee structure of school and pay on time.
  • Understands the importance of saving and investing
  • Creates  a bank account to transact online 
  • Enrolls in a summer/ part time job to add to their experience to college applications.
  • Find at least five fitting scholarships and apply to them
  • Mastering Executive functions like planning tasks in day

While Stepping out of School, student 

  • Applies  for the aspiring colleges 
  • Reviews what financial aid and accommodations the chosen college offers
  • Procures  reference books and other essential for college and later life
  • Visits the colleges before accepting 
  • Ensures pre-interview preparation
  • Checks and gains letters of recommendation from school and other areas.
  • Builds Business Ethics (if the student aspires to start business)

Before we wind up…

For every high schooler, having a checklist is important. For senior year students, its importance can be a step above as there are multiple factors that they need to take care of- academics and after school too. Our checklist can be fitting for most of the senior schoolers. Note that there is always a scope of the amendment to make it appropriate for a learner. With that idea, check out the above list and see if this can be opted even with minor changes. 

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